Summary Key Points:


  • Kotetsu is still on the run!
  • He calls Agnes wondering if maybe this was some HeroTV event but then gets confronted by SkyHigh!
  • Kaede believes that her father couldnt never be a murderer
  • Grandma tells Kaede about Kotetsu being a Hero (Wild Tiger)
  • Yuri tries digging some information up on Kotetsu but its like he’s been completely wiped outta the Sternbild system
  • Kotetsu gets cornered by Origami Cyclone, Dragon Kid and Rock Bison!
  • After seeing that the other Heroes don’t remember him (and want to take him in) Kotetsu retreats (the sewer approach)
  • Kaede breaks open her piggy bank and runs away (guess here!)
  • Karina is the next person to go against Kotetsu (and he tries to convince her that he’s Wild Tiger but she doesn’t believe him)
  • Kotetsu reminds her of the time he got her that towel and Karina falters….AND GETS INTERRUPTED!
  • Is that..BARNABY?!
  • Kotetsu fights against the pink Wild Tiger…who is joined by Fire Emblem and Blue Rose
  • Kotetsu is shocked as he finally realized that no one really remembers him
  • Lunatic shows up right before Pink Tiger takes Kotetsu in and helps him escape!
  • Kotetsu disguises himself as a begger/hobo and as he overhears some news, he realizes that something is wrong
  • Kotetsu manages to run into Ben and his taxi and thinks that he’s been saved…
  • Thinking that maybe Ben has forgotten him as well, Kotetsu tries to stop Ben but no! Ben is still on his side!
  • Ben gives Kotetsu his old costume and warns him to be careful of showing up on TV
  • Clad in his old suit, Kotetsu faces off the other Heroes!
  • Barnaby meanwhile, is ready to kick some ASS! In his new suit! D: NANTO!


Score: A+/A+

Oh GOD WHAT a ride this week! Easily the best episode of the season if you were to ask me! It was filled with SUCH tension and just…TENSION. There were points where I found myself biting down on my nails! Though my mind is still kinda full of fuck after watching it. Just…OH MY GOD. THAT was brilliant! I was ready to see Kotetsu manage to find some way out of his predicament but we didn’t REALLY get it. I DO like that they spend some good time for Kotetsu to realize that “Holy…hell…wait, you ALL don’t remember me? D: What the hell is going on?!” Well done! IS IT NEXT SATURDAY ALREADY?! Dear GOD I need to invest time and money into a time machine!

Where to start from!? Lets start with Kaede. AWESOME that she now knows her father’s real job and identity. I expect to see a great deal of change in her behavior towards Kotetsu and I also expect her to perhaps apologize to Kotetsu for being so hard on him all the times that she was. It wasnt really a surprise to see that she ran off to Sternbild (though I am completely confused what she exactly was aiming for by doing that). And dear GOD my heart all but jumped outta my chest when she met Maverick. Just….MAJOR shock and spazzing ensued. And screams of “RUN AWAY KAEDE RUN AWAY!” and then the BIGGEST sigh of relief when he just let her go away. Bad move touching her head like that Maverick! SHES GOT YOUR POWERS NOA MUWAHAHAHAHAHA. I hope you get mind fucked with your own powers *cackles in delight* THAT i look forward to!

Yuri! SMART on you to first try to look up information on Kotetsu. Its only natural to be confused and curious when you cant find ANY information on a certain person when you are the Judge. And then ‘access denied’? Yeah, that ALWAYS stinks. Good on him for helping Kotetsu get away like that. And DAMN good timing too *whew* I was really worried that that evil new pink Tiger robot might pound him some more after catching him. NICE timing Lunatic! Though…I’m a bit confused…In the beginning episodes, didn’t Lunatic do some search on Kotets/Wild Tigeru and Barnaby? I seem to remember a shot where Lunatic had their information on his computer screen….

The new Wild Tiger. OH MY THATS A ROBOT ISNT IT? It HAS to be. Which makes me wonder how the FUCK did Maverick manage that? I mean…in ONE night? Does that mean he had that robot already made and just ready to go? THIS IS VERY SUSPICIOUS. HOW did Maverick manage that…JUST HOW. And none of the other heroes seem to have a problem with having a robot on the team. And speaking of the others, how come Kotetsu just didn’t say their names? Wouldnt that prove that hes legit? Or maybe he thought that because they are on Hero TV it wasnt done to just say their names out like that….yeah thats gotta be it. But he coulda tried to say something to imply that though…..then again, they just didnt seem ready to believe anything that Kotetsu says. Which makes sens, they do think that Kotetsu is a simple murderer that they need to take in. Good on Kotetsu for trying to find allies and I KNEW that he’d trust on Ben to save his ass! Also saw that old suit thing coming. Though now I’m just gonna wonder what the HELL Kotetsu is gonna do in order to convince the others that he’s legit.

ORIGAMI POPPING OUT OF THE POSTER LIKE THAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! So that means Origami can turn into inanimate objects or he be a chameleon? Either ways, he made me yelp in such a bad way. I mean DAMN boy. You can has ninja skillz!

AND HO BOY DOES BARNABY LOOK PIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEDDDD. And holy HELLS that new suit? BITCHING. Where’d he get it from anyways? Maybe its a suit that was in development or something? Anyways, he looks ready to kick some SERIOUS ASS. But that face on his new suit? OH MY its just positively evil isnt it? I CANNOT I CANNOT *runs around screaming in delight* this is shaping up to be ONE HELL of a match up! I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

*clears throat* Next week! Bad luck often brings good luck. Eh? Whats that supposed to mean? That Kotetsu is gonna be in a situation that would be bad but then it turns to his favor? Could it be that during his fight with Barnaby he’s about to be hit with the ending blow but then Kotetsu says something which allows Barnaby’s memories to come back and that turns the fight to his favor?!?!? I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK *shakes her monitor* IS IT NEXT SATURDAY ALREADY GOD DAMMIT?!

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