I don’t think I’ve ever loved an anime as much as I love this one. Why? Because of the amazingly, glorious and stupidly cute relationship that goes on between Sion and Nezumi. And because the plot is getting GOOD. Like, really, really good.

Episode 6 Summary: Safu goes back to No. 6 after her grandmother passes away. She notices something is strange and decides to try and locate Sion. Of course, Sion’s information have been completely erased from the No. 6 database. Safu then runs to Sion’s mother to ask her where Sion is. Karan informs her that Sion is out at the west block, much after persuasion from Safu and her confessing that she is in love with Sion. Safu runs off to escape to the West Block so that she can be with Sion but gets kidnapped on her way. On the other hand, Sion, Inukashi and Rikiga are off burying one of Inukashi’s dogs. Nezumi insults Inukashi and then stalks off. Later that day, Nezumi and Sion get into an argument about No.6 since Sion wants to save it while Nezumi wants to destroy it. Sion tries to convince Nezumi that there must be a third option. However, Nezumi only makes fun of him and Sion stalks off. Later, Nezumi receives a note from Karan telling them that Safu was kidnapped and to please save her. Just as Nezumi is thinking about giving the note to Sion, he sees how much Sion has blended into his life and decides to keep quiet about the note.




Episode 7 Summary:  Episode starts out with Sion finally getting the hang of his dog-washing job and working for Inukashi. Nezumi pays a visit to Inukashi in private and makes a deal with her. He pays her a golden coin and asks her to investigate for any information about the correctional facility. Inukashi refuses at first, saying that its way too dangerous and that she is not willing to run that risk for Nezumi. Nezumi gets up to leave and threatens Inukashi that this will be the last time that they cross paths. That no matter how much pain she’s in, he will not come to her rescue and we learn that more than anything, Inukashi is afraid of death. Inukashi then gives in and accepts the job offer after Nezumi promises her that he will always come to her rescue no matter what and where she is. Inukashi is a bit suspicious that Nezumi does not want Sion to find out about this job.

Afterwards, Sion and Rikiga are seen walking around the West Block market as Rikiga is apologizing that he wasn’t able to find the tools Sion needs to make a serum to save No. 6. Afterwards, Rikiga takes Sion to shop for new clothes and this is where Sion discovers Safu’s coat. Inukashi sneaks up on Nezumi and tells him that Sion already knows about Safu being kidnapped and that he plans to leave to rescue her without telling anything to Nezumi. Nezumi says he doesn’t care and Inukashi angrily yells after him that he should protect those whom he cares about.

Back at Nezumi and Sion’s room, Sion has prepared pie and a good dinner for them both. The two of them sit down to chat and the topic of Sion being able to go back to No. 6 one day comes up. Sion looks sad as they discuss this topic and says that thanks to Nezumi and all the time that they spent together, he was able to find out that he was capable of expressing many emotions. He then stands up and says, “I’m glad to have met you Nezumi” and bends down to place a soft kiss on Nezumi’s lips. Nezumi then asks him if it was a kiss of gratitude to which Sion responds that it was just a goodnight kiss. After Sion leaves the roo to wash the cups, Nezumi says that he is a liar, fully aware that it was actually a goodbye kiss since Sion was planning to leave.

The next morning Sion tries to leave unnoticed but Nezumi catches him. The two get into a fight in which Sion tells Nezumi that he is sick of his patronizing. Nezumi punches Sion and tells him not to look down on him and exposes Sion’s lying act of the night before. He then gives the note from Karan to Sion and proceeds to tell Sion that he’s already asked Inukashi for information so that they can rescue Safu from the facility.

Sion gets up and punches Nezumi and tells him that keeping this a secret was wrong. Nezumi bursts out an angry retort that he did that because he was worried about Sion and that he knew that Sion would just run off and get himself killed. This only makes Sion angrier as he yells back that he doesn’t want Nezumi to baby him or protect him. He wants to stand as Nezumi’s equal. We get shown a flashback about what happened 4 years ago and how Sion helped Nezumi live. Nezumi tells Sion that its thanks to him that he is who he is today. The two make up and promise each other that they will keep no more secret nor tell any lies. Sion thanks Nezumi and the two head off to start planning for Safu’s rescue.



Impressions: I. FREAKING. LOVE. NO. 6! Oh yes I dooooo. 😀 I love my beloved thursday oh so much. Anyway, I was extremely impressed when BONES decided on keeping the kiss. Oh yeeees, I was so happy. Pfft, I’m a fujoshi, deal with it guys. xD;;  Anyway, so the plot finally going somewhere was interesting enough. I could’ve done with a bit less Safu but alas. I guess they’re giving her more screentime so that here “role in the future” becomes more relevant. Heh, I already know what happens so I guess I don’t really mind. xD

I’m just out here wondering how many guys dropped the show after the kiss between Nezumi and Sion. xD Anyway, was it just me or was episode 7 awesome, leaving the kiss aside? I mean, the interactions, the pacing, the plot moving, the flashback! Everything just tied together so nicely this episode.

So with only 4 episodes of No. 6 left, we’ll finally be infiltrating the correctional facilities next week. Any opinions, thoughts, comments, suspicions?!


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