Summary Key Points:

Episode 04:


  •  The girls wake up early to make a super deluxe bento for Ringo’s ‘date’ (bird watching date with Tabuki)
  • Shouma tags along to the Park (Kanba telling him to grab the diary from Ringo’s bag when he gets the chance)
  • Ringo gets skunked (Spectacularly!) a little after entering the park
  • Guess who crashes the ‘date’ hur hur HAI THAR BLONDIE~ You look good in that dress! And my my, shes an actress? a Prima Donna? my my~ Ringo doesnt stand a chance here!
  • Kanba has been err…fooled by the ‘Association of Romantic Victims of Takakura Kanba’ into meeting them at a family restaurant. In other words, its divine retribution tiem
  • Determined not to fail to the actress, Ringo tries to use her bento attack! But her bento gets attacked by a bunch of hungry crows. Bye bye bento, hello crazy, angry, love struck girl
  • But lets not worry! Yuri-san has also packed a FABULOUS bento~
  • In a bid to get Tabuki’s attention (and love *coughdeludedcough*), Ringo takes out a jar with a caterpillar in it and throws a fake fit….but a snake attacks Ringo, the caterpillar goes flying…on Yuri. Tabuki doubles back to help Yuri leaving Ringo in the dust. (NICE *applauds*)
  • While Tabuki has gone to get some ointment, Yuri reveals that she knows that Ringo switched the curry and that Ringo doesn’t stand a chance against Yuri
  • Shouma manages to sneak a look at the diary (reading over someone’s shoulder is ruuuuude Shou-chan) and thinks that its just a regular diary
  • Ringo’s next dramatic plan is to jump into the lake, let Tabuki save her, give her CPR/a kiss and they fall in love. (insert annoying head shaking and eye rolling here)
  • BUT she gets skunked AGAIN and she falls into the water! AND TABUKI IS NO WHERE IN SIGHT TO SAVE HER!
  • Ringo gets saved and gets her first kiss and she wakes up thinking that it was Tabuki who saved her
  • So while that little nitwit is being all happy, it was actually Shouma who had kissed her/given her CPR. And he’s not really happy about it
  • The diary holds an entry about a girl with red heels and a certain train station
  • The girl who had met Kanba at the restaurant talks with a mysterious girl over the phone (and is told that the next step is ready) …AND THEN IS PUSHED DOWN THE ESCALATOR!


Episode 05:


  •  We start with a flashback from 9 years ago when Himari was down with a bad fever while there’s a bad storm raging
  • Papa Takakura runs out with Himari and Kanba chases after but as little Kanba catches up to his father….
  • Shouma and Himari are at the hospital and the doctor gives the news that Himari is recovering well
  • Shouma asks the doctor to check the penguin hat as it is possibly the reason for Himari’s miracle recovery…
  • The doctor thinks that Shouma isn’t being serious and is greatly amused by his idea that the hat is responsible for Himari’s recovery
  • Mysterious redhead from the last episode (phone lady) visits red heels girl (whoa! THATS a lot of gifts :O who IS his red heels girl?) Natsume-san is it?
  • Red heels reveals that she doesnt really remember what happened the day of the accident..just that she met ‘him’ and Natsume brings out her gun and…
  • An uncle of theirs comes to visit and Kanba talks with him about having the other relatives take care of the siblings (i think they’re plannin to sell the house)
  • Kanba gets mad and asks how much money would it take to keep the house
  • Ringo has a lunch date with her Dad
  • On the way back, Ringo gets a Mont Blanc and plans to visit Tabuki. BUUUUUT Yuri beat her to the punch
  • Ringo’s walking home through the rain and meets Shouma and Himari
  • Back to the flashback from the start, Papa Takakura gets hurt protecting Kanba but they still run for the hospital
  • Kanba gets some money from a shady person while back home they wonder where Kanba is
  • Shouma asks Ringo about her diary/notebook but she refuses, saying that she can’t lend the book to anyone
  • Shouma points out that the notebook is more like her ambitions right? But Ringo tells that her future is written in that diary
  • Ringo asks Shouma to explain why he knows about it and why he wants it…and Shouma shows her the penguin hat. Ringo doesn’t believe him and slaps Shouma
  • Himari goes into Survival Strategy mode and realllly gives it to Ringo (who can’t believe whats going on)
  • Ringo gets mad and rips the penguin hat off Himari’s head and OUT the window!
  • Penguin hat gets hooked to the back of a van and Shouma runs after it, much to Ringo’s confusion….and she THEN notes that Himari’s fallen over
  • Kanba sees Shouma chasing after the truck and sees the hat. AND GIVES CHASE (on a bike) ! SUPER KANBA IS ON THE CASE!
  •  After a thrilling chase, Kanba manages to get the hat
  • Flashback: Himari, Papa Takakura, Kanba are all alright and Papa gives some advice to Kanba (“No storm lasts forever but you can’t protect the people you love if you just wait for it to pass.”)
  • Kanba shows up back home with the hat and Himari wakes up, wondering what happened (and the nikujaga)
  • Kanba calls his uncle and tells him that he’s deposited the money in the store account so they can stay in the house a while longer right?


Score: A/A+

Things certainly are getting more and more interesting every week. But don’t expect me to like Ringo though. Short of a major miracle, I’m not gonna be liking this girl. But her getting punkd in episode 4 was just brilliant. Every time her plans would get ruined, I’d laugh and go “now THATS fate and destiny at work right there.” Mean? I suppose so~ O WELP~

But yeah…episode 4 and 5 maintain the mystery while slowly unveiling some good story. Like, what Ringo has written is sufficiently vague enough that things can get….iffy. A bit like…what she wrote would come true but not exactly the way she thinks it. Kind of like a matter of perspective y’ know. And also, who is this Natsume? Whats she got against Kanba? Did he hit on her and then dump her and shes out against him now? And I think she was the one who pushed red heels down the escalator but…that makes you wonder why she then wiped red heels memories out. . . or well I assume thats what that funky gun thing did. And that red ball had a penguin on it. Any chance that that skunk is also linked back to her somehow? Cause….come on, that skunk was suspicious. But with excellent timing.

So Yuri…I am very pleased that she caught on that Ringo switched curry. But then again, you’d have to extraordinarily thick to miss it…yes I’m kinda lookin at you Tabuki. But yeah, I like that she threw that challenge gauntlet down. But suddenly I’m getting the feeling that she might be on the side of the bad guys. Or on her own side. A bit like Bella from Supernatural y’ know? Shes just in it for herself. Which makes me wonder what Tabuki’s importance is here….hmmmmm~ Could it be that the whole natural air head thing is just an act by Tabuki? Or maybe he’s got a hidden personality? 😀

Ringo’s plans going totally awry in episode 4 was gold. GOLD you hear me! I was laughing as every time she’d get foiled and go “Beautiful!” no really. I’m surprised I didn’t choke on some chips at the way I was laughing XD Though I did NOT find it amusing the way she was trying to blame it all on Shouma. The HELL T_T And dear GOD, thats really not a good way to make a good impression on Tabuki. Though the bento thing was a bit of a shame….all that good food ;___; Huh….I wonder if perhaps Yuri has some ability to read the future as well! Maybe thats how she’s able to like, interfere with Ringo? And maybe Natsume has too?

I wonder if the fact that Shouma took Ringo’s first kiss is gonna have some impact on Ringo’s….’missions’. I mean, Ringo’d be working on the a wrong assumption and that never leads to the RIGHT/desired results amirite?

Episode 5 was….also interesting. Kanba getting the money from that…shady looking guy. Who was he? what did he do to get that money? Though he said that it was clean but I’m still wondering here. And man, speaking of Kanba…he’s really like so hero like when it comes to Himari right? Chasing after his dad and Himari like that when he was a kid? and then the chase after the truck D: WHOA man! He is VERY hardcore! And you’d think that that truck chase would be kinda boring and cliched but I think they did it pretty damn well. I realized a little later that my heart was racing and I was genuinely like “ho shit will he be able to get it?!” in that scene. It was really well done in that way!

The funniest bit in episode 5 HAD to be Himari in penguin mode putting Ringo down like that. AND Ringo coming back out of that floor hole. That was just hilariously epic. And then Ringo just going into nuts mode and breaking the restrains and rushing up to Himari to yank the hat off her head. It was really funny XD I admit, I just loved that Himari was calling Ringo right what she was XD

I wonder if taking Ringo into confidence was the right move or not…and before that, i did NOT like that Ringo slapped Shouma like that T_T GIRL. YOU have anger management issues. Go see a shrink or something. But other than that…i wonder if taking her into confidence was really … the good thing to do or not. On one hand, they’re kinda on the same level with each other y’ know? But still I worry….

I had the thought that maybe indeed Ringo IS seeing her own future (or the future….) and shes just trying to manipulate those events to her own advantage. THAT would explain what happened in episode 4 to a good extent right? But that does make me wonder again how fabulously Yuri was able to mess the plans up right? I mean…shes GOTTA know/have prior knowledge of whats gonna happen in order to get in Ringo’s way like that…right? or am i possibly thinking too much into this?

Natsume….who are you? whats up with that gun? those bullets? what do you plan to do in regards with Kanba? I get the sense that maybe you wanna set him up with something but….what was the point of pushing red heels down like that? And then taking her memory away? Unless she DIDNT forget and she’ll give evidence that she saw Kanba on the day she fell or something? We can only speculate on what Natsume wants with Kanba. Maybe shes on a different side and they want the Penguin Drum for their own purposes? WHO KNOWS RIGHT NOW!

And OH BRAINSBASE *rolls around laughing* WHAT was up with those two girls doing that dance move from TIGER AND BUNNY? XD THAT was hilarious to see!

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