Natsume runs into a bully from his past who has a favour to ask of him.


This was a pretty good episode that initially put Natsume into a tough position. Moving somewhere new has allowed him to separate himself from his painful childhood. The days when he openly admitted to seeing terrifying things and yet no one believed him. Instead of being comforted or helped he was called a liar and rejected. Meeting someone from his past made it hard for Natsume to react. He has gotten worse at lying since he’s met people like Tanuma who know about what he sees. Still he has friends that he is scared to tell the truth to. Not that Nishimura or Kitamoto are bad guys, but Natsume is just scared.

In the end Natsume managed to at least settle some of his past though it was only one person. Even though being called a liar was painful for him he’s grown strong enough to do what he feels is necessary. Though he had little reason to help out Shibata if he was in danger, he just can’t leave those who are in trouble alone. Whether they are youkai or humans he just can’t turn a blind eye and forget he saw anything. I’m glad at least Shibata understands that what Natsume saw was real and gave out an apology.

Another case of a human/youkai romance ending bittersweet. Both of them clearly cared about the other, but Murasaki just didn’t have any time left. I think even trying to eat a human wouldn’t have bought her much time anyways. At least they spent time together and had the ability to say goodbye. It doesn’t make it less sad, but at the same time it could have ended worse. Just too bad that things always seem to turn out like that.

It’s good to have episodes where Natsume isn’t really in much danger. I mean sure Murasaki intended to eat him at first, but Nyanko didn’t even have to get serious to stop her. This was more emotional danger for Natsume since at the start of the first season this kind of situation would have been really hard for him to handle.

A bit of a scary episode for Natsume at times. Still it was a good episode for him in terms of gaining a new friend out of a former ‘enemy’. Just another great episode.
Score: A

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