Summary Key Points:


  1. Kotetsu takes some time off from the office and heads back home
  2. Barnaby has no issues with Kotetsu’s taking some time off to see his daughter
  3. We meet Muramasa Kaburagi, Kotetsu’s older brother (who runs Liquors Kaburagi)
  4. Kaede goes into Kaede’s room (with her not there), finds some pictures of Barnaby and Kaede gets mad at him for coming into her room without her permission. Barnaby’s signed magazine does not make her any less mad either
  5. Kotetsu tells him brother about how he’s losing his powers and they talk a bit
  6. While drinking, Kotetsu recalls how Tomoe died (he was called out on a job and then he got a call that Tomoe passed away while he was doing his Hero job)
  7. Kotetsu’s mom tells Kotetsu that maybe the reason Kaede is acting up is because she feels that if something was to happen to her grandmother, she’d be all alone (because Kotetsu doesnt come home that often)
  8. Kaede goes to pray for her grandmother at a shrine but it starts raining cats and dogs…and thunder
  9. Kaede gets trapped inside the shrine (hey look at that, NO SIGNALS ON THE PHONE.) and Kotetsu is running around looking for her (with Muramasa)
  10. Kotetsu activates his Hundred Powers and uses super hearing to track Kaede down
  11. Kotetsu saves Kaede and takes her home <3
  12. Declaring himself as ‘vintage’, Kotetsu decides that he’s gonna stay with Kaede now
  13. Kotetsu’s going back home on the train and Kaede starts running beside the train



With the episode title of ‘Blood is thicker than water’, I had been ready for a family themed episode and given the last episode, I had been ready for a LOT more creys. Well, I was ready for creys after I found out the summary for the episode on the official site. That just made me go “oh NO, My body is NOT ready for this. This doesn’t sound good or happy at all. Must keep some tissues close by.” There were still some points where I had to reach for the tissues and try not to whibble. But it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. I still need some minutes to take it all in though.

Okay…so….God I dunno where to start with this episode.

Kotetsu’s older brother. . . I was expecting someone just as good looking but okay wow, wasn’t expecting that. And he was….again not the kinda older brother I was expecting. He was….different. Kinda reserved and cool but at the same time, very perceptive I’d say. And clearly cares a lot bout his family. BUT probably cares more about his business given that he told Kotetsu to pay up for the drink. PFT, really Muramasa? XD But him telling him that back home he wasn’t Wild Tiger but just simply Kaburagi Kotetsu…that…I…*grabs a tissue*

We got to see a lot of different sides of Kotetsu this week. His insecurities and his more serious side. I loved it. And i loved him in a different set of civies. HO BOY~ he makes them clothes look GUUUUUD~ Ahem, I digress. Him coming to the realization that … he doesnt really know anything about Kaede and all was….heart breaking and sad. And a revelation that was a long way coming. Though, THANK YOU SUNRISE for letting the two meet. Here I was thinking that the two would probably never get to meet onscreen. And then also the realization that she depends so much on her grandmother that she got so upset when she just threw her back out like that….poor kid. Poor Kotetsu *pats his back*

Kaede. Lord I am NOT looking forward to any hate that’s gonna come her way. And by gar I’m not gonna like it either. Shes fucking 10 for crying out loud, who HASNT done that when they were 10? I mean, who WOULDNT hate it when their parent comes into their room and goes through their drawer full of stuff? And if you say “No I wouldnt hate it”, pardon me while I dance around you going “Liar liar pants on fire”. Plus their whole relationship is pretty awkward and shes at that age and all I just…can’t dislike the kid. Mostly cause I can relate with her a bit cause…yeah, i’ve also done stupid things like that when I was a kid.

But her being a NEXT. BUWAHA WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT! Jumping jefebususus! Wasn’t expecting that one AT ALL. And aha! So NEXT powers are hereditary?! Its in the genes after all?! HO HO interesting. long has she had her powers? Does she have full control over em? Me thinks not…i wonder if she can voluntarily control em if she focuses…i wonder if that the first time she …. na THAT can’t be. Her grandmother…does SHE know about this? augh questions questions so many questions.

TOMOE. OH TOMOE. *cries* It wasn’t wholly unexpected that she passed away while Wild Tiger was off saving people. But GOD DAMMIT that didn’t stop me from crying. It was…SO tragic. And poor Kotetsu feeling guilty that he couldnt keep his promise to his wife ;_; I…feel SO depressed right now. Just…SO depressed.I don’t think I can really do a more decent review today.

Barnaby’s seemingly getting on fine without Kotetsu by his side just really didn’t help Kotetsu either eh? And my dear man *hugs Kotetsu* you arn’t vintage D: please dont resign! Please please reconsider that! I completely understand that you wanna spend more time with Kaede and you’d rather just be her hero but….oh God. How the HELL are you gonna explain this to Barnaby? Or Lloyd? or the other heroes? ARE YOU EVEN GONNA TELL the other Heroes why you’re quitting?! The next episode preview shows Kotetsu packing his stuff up and getting ready to move back home and all…are you even gonna tell Anotonio? TELL ME you’re gonna tell SOMEONE Ko-chan!

I just….I can’t….

I’m gonna snag something that  a fellow fan posted on tumblr, cause…well I second it very hard.


My thoughts on Kaede in this episode:

Alright, I was hoping for a “oh my gosh Daddy I missed you so much” and all that shit from Kaede ”Oh, hi Dad.” /polite gesture to show how much she’s been maturing …

BUT NOPE, she’s acting like a typical teenager even if she’s only ten

To be honest, I already had some sort of weird hatred for her in the middle of the series, though I sorta already threw that thought away since Kotetsu was never with her as a father.

I felt like she was unreasonable at first, (for being bitter to her dad) but of course, with my ignorant skills, SHE OBVIOUSLY HAD A LEGIT REASON.

  • Kotetsu was never there for her.
  • Kotetsu was exploring through all her stuff.
  • Kotetsu wanted to take a bath with her.

At the age of ten, I would be friggin pissed too, and at this point I felt bad for her.


  • Kaede did not want to lose her grandmother because she was the only family she has left.

I was like:

“Well that’s sorta bullshit, you have Kotets-“


Kotetsu was never with her as a father.

  • Kotetsu was never there for her.

Especially when her mother died when he was on the fucking job. 🙁

Shit son, I was frowning intensely at this point.

Pretty much sums it up don’t it. Thus me feeling completely bummed out for Kaede AND for Kotetsu.

This show is gonna drive me to drinking I swear….

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