Summary Key Points:


  • I guess you can say that this episode was centered around Yuri and Kotetsu’s story’s
  • Barnaby breaks Mr. Legends old score and gains the highest mid-season points
  • Kotetsu can keep his powers activated for only 3minutes 45 seconds now
  • Special dinner/event held in Barnaby’s honor where he notices that Kotetsu is acting a tad off
  • Maverick used to be childhood friends(?) with the Brooks
  • Yuri’s dad….WAS MR. LEGEND. SAY WUT BRUH?!
  • Mr. Legend was a wife beater and a drunk
  • Yuri awakened his NEXT powers the first time while trying to protect his mom and subsequently, burnt his father to a crisp
  • His mother’s gone into denial and well…i just find her a pitiful character
  • Ben tells Kotetsu that it was rumored that Mr.Legend lost his powers as well (Which was true, he did)
  • Legend used to be a fine guy (who VERY ODDLY has similar tastes to Barnaby in clothing OAO red shirt, golden necklace…blonde hair…HE’S NOT MR.LEGENDS SON IS HE? AAAAAAAAH! D:) but after losing his powers, clearly he falls into despair, takes up drinking etc etc, you get the story
  • Kotetsu manages to run into the Lady Killer (non-NEXT criminal whose MO is killin ladies) and he manages to save the lady. But his powers run out and he falls from the top of an apartment building but a conveniently placed, very large, dumpster underneath so, Kotetsu’s safe. WHEW.
  • Lunatic takes the Lady Killer out telling him that he is no Hero and what he’s doing is justice and BLAM, headshot. bitch.


Score: A+/A+

Remember when Tiger & Bunny used to be a light, happy, comedic, slice-of-life type, buddy cop show? . . . kiss it good bye cause HOLY REVELATIONS BATMAN *runs around like a chicken with its head cut off* did NOT see that one coming! NOT NOT NOT. Never in my wildest dreams or speculations did I EVER think that this could happen. I mean, there were (and are) the more crackier theories regarding Mr. Maverick and him possibly being evil (Come on! Just look at him when he was younger! Those eyebrows, those eyes, that nose, that mole! It SCREAMS suspicious dont it?!) Anyways…this episode had me reeling. Both on Yuri’s past as well the development on Kotetsu’s powers. Just…holy crap man.

Just…Yuri. I never thought that he’d had a past like that. I mean, first off I NEVER thought he’d be guilty of patricide OTL and then him being Mr. Legends kid? HOLY MOLLY WHO IS WRITING THIS?! A basket of Internets to you sir or madam! That was a brilliant twist yes it was! And made even more brilliant that Mr. Legend used to be a stand up guy but then he lost his powers and he fell into despair and started drinking more and more and his wife just tried to be accommodating but that just pissed Legend off more and he started beating her to vent off his frustrations and then his kids watching it and thinking that “This is the man who used to be so awesome?” and “I gotta stop him from hurting mom!” and then when he goes to stop his dad he awakens his NEXT powers and winds up burning his dad to death. HOLY SHIT SON, THAT IS AN AWESOME BACKSTORY. Like, FAWK.

Lunatic, much more interesting character than I previously gave him credit for. I mean….He gets branded on his face when his dad puts his burning hand on his face. And Lunatic’s mask has a right hand on it….oh you wear the brand of your sin out on the open there. I wonder if you regret that though Yuri. I wonder if you feel guilty about that. I guess you do if you’re still haunted by the ghost of your father. BUT FAWK SUNRISE *falls back on her chair* MR. FUCKING. LEGEND. FUCK. Thats an EPIC level curveball right there.

And his mother….i guess folks are gonna hate her but I just see her as….pitiful. I mean, I think she was a regular sweet kinda wife. Docile, submissive, loved her husband when he was nice. But when he took to drinking, she took all his abuse cause she was too meek to fight back…maybe at some level she thought it’d be being a good wife to just take his abuse cause it’ll help him vent his stress out or something…*scratches chin* And then going into denial about Mr. Legend dying before her eyes and blaming Yuri for that….yeah I kinda get why shes like that. And i just find myself pitying her. Shes just a sad, sad little character.

Also. Kudos to Sunrise for not balking on that domestic violence thing. Just kudos. Its supposed to make you feel uncomfortable and by gar it did.

Okay so I’m DAMN sure that this show is based AU now. I mean, LOOK at that Christmas tree in the flashback. December 24…1957. WHICH (coinkidinkly) matches up with that medal we see in the first ED which said 1978. The years match up. This is an AU verse where humanity developed at a much faster pace than our world….or they started their calendar like 30 odd years after our calendar XD

And Kotetsu…oh my poor poor Kotetsu. SUNRISE, Y U DO THIS TO US MAN?!

That poor poor man! I mean, being a Hero is just EVERYTHING to him and to take that away, possibly for GOOD its just….MY HEART. IT BREAKS. In 11 days, he activated his power like 6 times and in those 6 times, he lost at least 11 seconds from the total time (i say at least 11 seconds cause I cant see the time on the entry for the 26/11.  That means he’s losing an average of 2 seconds per activation so he can only activate his powers roughly another 112 times. And WHY do I have the BAD feeling that this rate will just INCREASE as Kotetsu uses his powers? Like, as time passes as he uses more of his powers, the rate will jump to 3 seconds per activation and then 4…AAAAAAAAAAAH NOT KOOL SUNRISE!

…but wait…what if he’s losing his 100 powers only to gain some new ones? Like this is the beginning of his secondary abilities? I don’t think it was a lark when Sunrise gave Jake those 2 powers. They wouldn’t have added that in without SOME purpose….or am I just reaching? OTL Lets see eh?

It was just HORRIBLE seeing him fighting against Lady Killer on his own and then his powers going “POOF” and hes just falling like that. And then he sees Barnaby just….at the height of his career and im there “orz SUNRISE, THIS comparison was NOT necessary. Y’ know what they call? Rubbing salt into ones wounds! DONT DO THAT. Kotetsu is too nice of a character to have that done to him! STOP IT.” And then he passes out…in a dumpster…and wakes up to find out that Lunatics taken care of the whole Lady Killer situation. AUGH! Screw having a MID-LIFE crisis, the man’s having an epic level EXISTENTIAL crisis OTL . . . wait is there much of a difference between the two come to think of?! XDD;;

On a lighter note, Barnaby has noted that something is off with Kotetsu. That look he gives him? Totes like a worried waifu look to her distressed husbando who is holding a sekrit. And Kotetsu REALLY? I mean, its your partner’s special event thing and EVERY Hero is standing with him yet you….are at the buffet table stuffing your face…and not even using a place. T_T <- MY FACE LADIES AND GENTS at that scene. No seriously Ko-chan. WHAT was that? Kinda crass dont you think? And dare I say, i think that was something that the old Barnaby mighta done actually.

But their little moment on the balcony was adorable. Simply ADORABLE. OH YOU TWO *hugs them both* Kotetsu, your dream was positively DARLING. And I mean just DARLING. I want my little chibi to say that I’m cool. UNF. My heart just swelled in love for this adorable man. And then Barnaby teasing/scoffing/trolling him for such a small dream. Don’t make like a prissy waifu there Barnaby XD Don’t be like that waifu-chan~ Also another ADORABLE moment which really made my heart swell and also just ACHE for Kotetsu, when he turns on that video of Mr. Legend. Oh that beautiful look on his face. He was like a little boy! On Christmas morning! Waking up to find a giant pile of presents all for him! UNF. Just wanted to hug him and never let him go.

Apparently Barnaby goes to the hair stylist twice a month. . . . my dearest boy…WHAT FOR AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh that’s just hilarious XD

Next week is gonna be amazing. Kotetsu going back home ( I DO HOPE THAT YOU TOLD BARNABY WHERE YOU’RE GOING T_T Though something tells me that he didnt. Or well he’s brush it off like Barnaby’ll ask him “eh? you took the week off? is everything alright?” Kotetsu will laugh it off and go “I’m an old man and i need some time off for these old bones” or something BUT i think I’m being hopeful in THAT scenario. Cause its more likely that Barnaby comes to work and no Kotetsu there and he asks someone “Hey, hasnt Kotetsu come in yet?” and the lady goes “Ara~? You didnt you? Kotetsu has taken the day off? I thought he must have told you about that :O” And Barnaby hurt and confused and thinking ‘Why didnt he tell me?’….wow I just digressed a SHIT load XD) and WOW HIS FAMILY BUSINESS IS A LIQUOR STORE? XD I LOVE that! I really do! Kinda explains his choice of drink too dun it? 😀 And we’ll finally see big brother Kaburagi ne? 😀 AND HO MAI GOOOOSH TOMOE *clings to her screen* TOMOE TOMOE TOMOE ;A; I LOVE FLASHBACKS. I LOVE CHARACTER HISTORIES. I LOVE ANGST. GIMME IT SUNRISE GIMME GIMME GIMME.


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