The season’s show about cute Vampire Cats. Erm… Yeah… They’re definitely cute, so if you’re a cat lover, then read on…


Nyanpire The Animation

: Gonzo


Cutsey, Children, VampiresLength: ??

Airing on: Wednesdays

Channel: Kids Station

Simulcast on: ???

Impression Meter Meter: 60%

Blog Possibility: 2% (LOW)



Sweety8587: (Impressions: Cute)

Adorable with a side of cute and a tall of drink of “CAN I TAKE IT HOME MA? CAN I KEEP ‘EM?! I PROMISE TO TAKE CARE OF ‘EM!” Augh SO damn cute! WHY was it only 5 minutes? ;_; with like… 1:30 to that…STRANGE ED Oo;; anyways…that strangeness aside, I’ve found my cute show for the season. Hnnnngh Y U SO CUTE NYANPIRE? Is this show aimed towards kids? . . . not like I really CARE. I’m just curious caused it aired on ‘Kids Station’ OwO

Hanon:(Impressions: Cute)

Kyaa~ It’s insanely cute!! I love the sound whenever it walks!! I love how cute it is! We need whole episodes of this though… 3 minutes isn’t enough~ OuO Nyanpire is so adorable!! I’m super happy he didn’t drink the Tabasco sauce… although that would have been cute too!  Hmm~ is there anything else to say besides the cuteness factor… Oh, the animation reminds me a lot of Kaitou Reinya, another short I loved… that’s it XD

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