NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I DONT WANT THIS SHOW TO FINISH ;_; I dont wanna give up my Fujoshi Fridays! *clings to the show’s legs* DONT GO! PLEASE!


Okay im more in control now.


So the finale episode…in a nut shell. Yokozawa acts MORE like a snarky jealous ex-girlfriend and verbally attacks Ritsu. Takano comes in after Yokozawa has confronted Ritsu and our cute uke makes a quick get away to his apartment. As he eyes his highly messy apartment (now THATS more like it!), Ritsu wonders just what he’s doing by working in the manga department. Takano bursts in later with some paperwork which Ritsu dropped in the hallway and after a short (but terse) exchange, Ritsu gets a mail from the company informing him that Mutou sensei’s manuscript has been returned to the mangaka. Ritsu calls the mangaka to tell her and during the conversation, Mutou mentions that she initially thought that having Ritus as her editor was a bad thing. But in the end, he turned out to be a good editor and she was glad that he got assigned to her. Ritsu’s very pleasantly surprised to hear that and gets the positive boost that he needed.

He goes back to Takano and spills that Mutou admitted to being glad bout having Ritus as her editor. Takano points out that THAT is the best possible praise an editor can get. They talk a bit more where Takano points out that Ritsu’s bleeding from the knee (from the fall in the last episode). Though Ritsu initially brushes off Takano’s offer to disinfect the wound…Ritsu gives in and goes over to Takano’s place for some medical treatment. MAAAAAAAAAAN I can make SO many damn jokes on that one line. SO. MANY.

So Ritsu get his injury bandaged up all nicely while Takano explains that he got into Marukawa thanks to Yokozawa. And that he can depend on the man if he’s having any problems. But Ritsu’s thoughts are going along a different pattern (like why does Yokozawa has a key to Takano’s apartment? did Takano really get hurt that badly cause of him? etc etc~) Takano goes on the offensive! He goes in for the kill! Ritsu blushes! He half fights back! He gives into his urges~~ they make our on the floor of the apartment~


Mutou-sensei. BAD TIMING. She wants to discuss some things about the name and Takano’s pretty pissed but he still gives Ritsu a REALLY sweet kiss on the cheek. I can practically SEE Ritsu’s brain MELTING into a puddle of GOOP inside that skull of his. So the next day, Ritsu’s back to work with a renewed sense of purpose towards his job! The others are pretty much “aaaah we remember having those useless thoughts~” and Takanos like “Dude, dont waste your time thinking about such shit. Get back to work!” Ritsu’s like “One day i’ll become a better editor than you aite?! I’ll take over your job!” Guess who over hears him~? Thats RIGHT~ ISAKA~ and the show ends with Ritsu declaring YET again that this REALLY, SERIOUSLY, is NOT love.

Score: A-/A+
The series ended right where I thought it would actually. It was the best point to end it really all things considered. Though of course some stuff was left up in the air but majority of the points have been covered. We didn’t get to see a proper conclusion reached between Yuu and Chiaki…or that Big Lipped Alligator moment where Yuu and Tori kiss. We didn’t see Ritsu’s fiance or what that whole deal was. We didn’t really see Ritsu reaching a proper conclusion with what Yokozawa said to him either….but still, i think we ended at a good point. Feel free to disagree with me :3

The HELL was up with that 2 minute recap though? Oo I mean…was that REALLY necessary? A shorter recap woulda been fine, like we got in previous episodes! And hey, Takano, when you walk outta that elevator, Yokozawa had his hands on Ritsu’s scarf. And you didn’t even ask WHY Yokozawa had Ritsu against the wall like that in such an aggressive gesture? orz forever!

Seeing Ritsu seriously question whether he should stay within the shoujo manga field was…kinda nice to see y’ know? That the story wasn’t just about Ritsu and his love problems but it went a tad beyond that. I think thats one thing that I’ve always kinda liked about this show. It wasnt JUST about the romance (though thats pretty much the main part of the whole series XD) but a lotta times, the character worries were linked with their jobs. Then again their jobs are pretty tough so….it was a given that was shown? Anyways, I loved that Ritsu was questioning his abilities and then he gets a nice little pep talk <3 And Takano was serious with him when he praised him. That was nice~

Takano…oh Takano Takano Takano…if you werent so damn aggressive in your approach, we’d never see any damn progress would we XD and btw, GQMF! You make that purple shirt look so hot! I WANNA RIP THAT SHIRT OFF~ And then dance around while whipping that shirt around….and then jump you. Hope Ritsu won’t mind sharing~ KE KE KE~

One thing I dont get….okay so you could get hurt badly with the way Ritsu fell but…em….that much blood trickling down the leg of yours pants? You should be able to feel that bro (unless he’s shaved his legs~~~~) and em….the wound didn’t hurt whenever he was walking around? And that disinfection didn’t hurt?! *throws her hands up in the air in defeat* I need to stop trying to apply real life logic to shows and stories sometimes and just GO with it dont i? XD

So em…we didnt get anything explicit in this episode (le sigh, i half hoped we would) but we did that uber sweet moment where Takano and Ritsu have that eskimo kiss. That was kinda cute <3 and the cheek brushing and the smooching and pushing Ritsu down~ That was NICE~ And then the cockblock of course. HASIOHDAPSDA *flips over three tables in her rage* MUTOU-SENSEI! ASHDOAHSDA! RITSU! *shakes the boy* Turn the off or on silent or something when Takano’s around! NO COCKBLOCKS D:

OH OH OH Takano saying Ritsu HNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH *holds her chest and holds out a hand weakly for support* That…so….call an ambulance! I might swoon here! XD And that cheek kiss <3 Best moment in the show~ Ritsu blushing SO SO SO cutely like that? Yeah…his brain DID turn to mush at that point! Well…mind woulda too <3 THEN AGAIN~ My brain would pretty much turn to mush the minute i lay my eyes on Takano HNNNN THAT FINE FINE MAN~

Over all impressions

So we got a DAMN good show 🙂 Deen did NOT disappoint! Not only did they meet my expectations but they kinda went over with them! I wanted a good show, they gave me a great show! Great cast, good pacing (they covered a good part of the manga without really leaving stuff out), good animation throughout – I have nothing but praise for them for this show. Well….I would complain a little bit about the pacing of Chiaki and Tori’s episodes…those felt a bit too “WHOOSH!” in terms of pacing while the other stories were a lot more “lazy and languid” in their speed. And THAT REMINDS ME *slams hands down on table* I…am NOT pleased that Yukina and Kisa only got two eps T_T NOT KOOL MAN. I was hoping to see atleast 3 eps. NOT HAPPY ;___;

Ahem but other than that…I’m very very pleased 🙂 The image song for Ritsu has also been very cute, the OP and ED fullsized versions are complete love (especially the ED) and I look VERY much forward to the complete soundtrack. I want that orgel style track that played during the library scene! And also that tense type music that would come up right before the mid-show breaks :3 Its gonna be a good soundtrack yes it will~ 😀

Heres to a season 2 fellow SiH fangirls! Lets keep our fingers crossed for that news!

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