Riko’s training continues for both Aria and Kinji. She explains her plan to sneak into a villa owned by Vlad using Aria and Kinji infiltrating as maid and butler. Kinji’s training involves his Hysteria Mode triggering and a surprise attack by a wolf. Teaming with Reki they chase after the intruder and manage to deal with the threat. But in the end Kinji must explain his presence to an angry Aria.


Don’t think I’ve ever seen Hysteria Mode Kinji as nervous as he was when Reki just opened that locker with him inside. I suppose even someone like him doesn’t like the odds of surviving so many angry women especially with Aria in there too. Plus it’s likely tough to be very suave when you have just been caught in a position that screams peeking. Who would have guessed that a wolf jumping into the room could ever be considered lucky?

But really I didn’t expect this episode to actually be useful in building up the relationship between Kinji and Aria. There wasn’t a lot of interaction with just the two of them, but there was still interesting progress. Kinji couldn’t avoid the realization that it was Aria who so quickly pushed him into Hysteria Mode. One could argue it’s odd that he managed to avoid slipping into that mode before she even got there, but it was important so I guess reality was stretched a bit. Really though he couldn’t avoid focusing on her and the second that skirt went down it was over. Riko didn’t miss this development either. Think she realized right there that his feelings for Aria are building. Of course that was her intention in the first arc so if she is regretful it’s a bit too late. She did push them together after all. Though I think Riko isn’t so attached that she’ll be bothered by this. On another note I do wish they wouldn’t keep using those white beams of light to hide things. Reki was riding around like that so it’s not about censoring, but keeping things hidden so people will buy the series.

Was funny though to have Kinji blurt out to Aria that it wasn’t Riko that got him excited but her. Now I’m sure on some level she was actually happy, but Aria is easily embarrassed so that just sent her over the limit. There were some cute Aria moments in this episode like with putting on the maid apron. Was kind of scary to have her go zombie after finally getting that line down by the next day. Riko had way too much fun teasing her there. Riko’s VA is pretty busy in this series going with English, French, and Japanese at different times.

A real surprise though was meeting Jeanne. It appears they are giving out plea bargains to anyone these days :D. Though seriously it’s interesting to have her come back into the series. At the moment her role in this arc doesn’t appear to be more than giving background information on Riko and talking about Vlad. Don’t think she’ll really be a harem member, but a girl who gets more involved as time goes on. At least doesn’t seem like she’s going to go after Kinji or Aria in regards to her capture. She is different from Riko though since I think she’s fine with slipping back into that school while Jeanne was never a student there. I suppose this is actually more useful for the government to have someone with her talent fighting criminals rather than sitting in a cell. If she happens to get killed on the job or something they just lost a former criminal. Still makes you wonder how incompetent the police are in this world. Aria’s mom has been hit with a stupid amount of crimes, some of which probably happened at nearly the same time making it impossible for her to be involved. Now you have criminals like Riko and Jeanne not getting any jail time at all. Weird stuff really. On a lighter note, wow Jeanne can’t draw to save her soul. It was kind of predictable when she started the sketch, but I still ended up laughing.

Maybe the most serious part of the episode was Riko’s past. What a tragic history she has behind her. No wonder she was so desperate to get Kinji and Aria together so she could fight them. I thought her reasons for fighting were somewhat weak since fighting the same battles as her ancestor is just helping in comparing them as Lupins and not making her own name as Riko. But the fact that Vlad put her up to this helps explain why she did it all. Riko couldn’t be free until she did what Vlad wanted. Seems strange in some ways that he just gave up on that and simply remained satisfied with taking a precious possession from Riko. Maybe her suffering is all he wants no matter in what form. Makes you wonder if his pride was hurt during that fight against Riko’s ancestor and the twin’s from Jeanne’s family. A possible theory is that he wants to go after Kinji and Aria and is using Riko for that purpose. Wouldn’t be impossible to demand that she do this and in exchange he will leave her alone. But for now want to trust that Riko is doing this just to get the Rosario her mother gave her back.

What can I say about Reki the wolf tamer? That was an amazing shot and I think they pretty much got the chant that was cut off a bit earlier in the series. She managed so easily to tame the wolf and now he’ll be her butei hound. Have to say a creature that could put Hysteria Mode Kinji on his heels definitely will be useful. Plus he balances her sniping in keeping the enemy busy up close while she snipes from a distance.

Things are setting up nicely for the big crisis of this arc. They are going to go infiltrating and no chance it will go well. I’d bet on that teacher that’s gotten focus in the last two episodes is Vlad. That guy had a dark look in his eyes at one moment and even in the first episode he looked suspicious. Looking forward to possibly the first main male villain of the series. Also looking forward to the rest of Shirayuki’s prophecy. We have the wolf, the demon should be Vlad, and the ghost might be Kinji’s brother. Can’t see the series ending without that main guy at least appearing.
Score: A

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