Whoops, I totally forgot bout doing this last week! So lets get ChiakiTori and RitsuTakano get reviewed together this week!

Episode 10 Summary:

This is the episode where we all collectively scream in agony, head desk repeatedly and beat down the urge to choke the HELL outta Chiaki for possibly being the MOST oblivious guy EVER.

Chiaki’s hands in his manuscript (late. again) and is being all physical-buddy-buddy-COMPLETELY flirty with Yuu (AFTER the assistants leave).  ‘Promise to let me draw you nude next time and I’ll let you go?’ Yeah, thats not flirty at all. And my natural skin pigmentation is grape purple.  Naaaturally thats when Tori walks in and sees them being all flirty. After a split second, Tori walks out. Yuu recommends to send an apology email (for missing his deadline. AGAIN.) but Chiaki opts to go over to Tori’s place. Chiaki apologizes but Tori says that happens all the time so he’s not mad at that. He’s mad because of the way Yuu was hugging him. He doesn’t want anyone other man to be touching Chiaki like that, ESPECIALLY not Yuu. Chiaki however, defends his actions saying that what he was doing was nothing but normal skinship between friends (NO, BABY. NO!) Tori is not pleased by that answer and drags Chiaki to bed! Buuuut nothing really happens cause Chiaki’s completely powered out cause of pulling an all nighter. And he falls asleep in Tori’s bed.

During a delicious home made breakfast (made with LOVE~),  Chiaki informs Tori that he’ll be going to an onsen on Wednesday and Thursday. with Yuu. While Chiaki chatters on, Tori quietly asks if Chiaki remembers the importance of the two days. But of course Bubble Head doesn’t remember and his head is up in the work clouds. Tori curtly tells Chiaki to eat and get out. Completely irritated, Chiaki leaves but as he walks away, he reflects that he had wanted to apologize but wound up having a new fight…. Confused and irritated, Chiaki goes to the onsen without having resolved his fight with Tori. Chiaki’s in a down mood even as he tries to convince himself not to think too much about Tori. and hey guess what’s the importance of the days? It’s Chiaki’s birthday! As Chiaki stares at the birthday cake, he wonders if maybe this is why Tori was angry with him. Yuu asks if maybe Chiaki is a bit bored without Tori around? Chiaki flaps that off (i mean flaps) and Yuu starts on the champagne (do you see where this is going?) while Chiaki works on the cake.

Yuu asks if he can draw Chiaki in the nude! Chiaki refuses. Yuu uses a puppy dog face! Plus a “you could do something for me sometimes you know” attack! ITS VERY EFFECTIVE! Chiaki shows off his chest! Fangirls squee at the revealed skin! Yuu draws and winds up confessing that he loves Chiaki! Chiaki is struck dumb and attempts to run away! Yuu cuts off the escape route! ITS THE HALF WAY BREAK! Kiss is avoided by a convenient call from Tori! Chiaki escapes! (Can’t catch em all eh Yuu?)

Chiaki and Tori shop talk a bit before Tori apologizes and hangs up after wishing Chiaki a happy birthday and Chiaki decides to go back home. He apologizes to Yuu before rushing over to Tori’s place. After an awkward (but semi-sweet) conversation at the front door (“I just really wanted to see your face….”), Tori gives Chiaki his birthday present. A box full of manuscript paper (much to Chiaki’s irritation who complains that Tori should have given him a more romantic present! NOT work related!) At his complaints, Tori kisses Chiaki’s fingers and says that he’ll give himself as a gift. Chiaki is clearly embarrassed by the cheesiness of that line but still accepts Tori’s present. But half way Chiaki lets out that he got into a public bath with Yuu which leads Tori to heatedly admitting his possessiveness for Chiaki. He tells Chiaki that he doesn’t want Chiaki to go alone with Yuu ever again and asks him to please understand that he’s jealous. Boy, for a guy who writes romance…HE IS THICKER THAN A BRICK.

But Chiaki gets it and agrees. They have sex but course we don’t see that! The next day, Chiaki has pitched an idea to his team but they are just lolling themselves silly. Tori comes in and asks whats so funny? Chiaki asked if the main character asks the love interest (on their birthday) if they could give themselves as a gift. (“Even if its a shoujo manga, there are limits!” “Come on! Who would ever say something like that!”) Chiaki ATTEMPTS to dig himself out of the ditch he just fell into but Tori’s eyes only promise retribution and punishment. LOTS of it.

Score: A-/A+

Alright, get in line and no pushing. We’ll all get our chance to strangle the hell outta this idiotically thick uke. Chiaki totally takes obliviousness to a new level. Or he’s just NOT capable of thinking that its possible for another guy to be interested in him? But come on. When your friend asks you to pose nude for you…THAT SHOULD RING A BELL OR TEN IN YOUR HEAD! But noooo, its normal skin ship *smacks Chiaki with a harisen* NOT. How can a guy be capable of writing romance and yet not see it in their own life? Its stranger than the horseback sex scene I found yesterday! (HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK?!)

We’re shown yet again just how great a guy Tori is. He can cook, he can clean, he can find rare manga and manuscripts for his love and then pass it off as a minor thing *cries and pats Tori on the back* MAN you deserve a better lover! Chiaki, get yer damn act together! Well Yuu doesn’t really deserve what he got either. I mean, he confessed to Chiaki and got a “I’m sorry, I owe you one.”? That….aaaaah…..insensitive much? Poor Yuu as well *pats his head* Both of these semes are just so patient. Makes me wonder if they’re half M for falling for an oblivious guy like Chiaki. I swear, half the times he’s thinking of all the wrong things…like work.

Though I honestly do NOT understand one point (and its not just in SiH but in any manga). When characters forget their own birthdays. Its your birthday man! HOW can you forget the day of your birth? :O Don’t you start getting excited about it like a week in advance? Or a month even? “Wow…30 more days till I’m a year older” “Only a week left” “Oh its tomorrow! I wonder who’ll wish me first! I hope I get some nice gifts. I hope there’ll be cake.”? Someone did comment that birthdays arn’t that big of a deal in the South East Asia side but…still….birth day….*whibbles*

Does anyone get the impression that Chiaki’s still clearly….dealing with Tori as they are still in the friends zone? I mean, most of the time you don’t get the feel at all that they’re going out. Chiaki’s mind still needs some fine tuning and adjustments ne? Or well the other half of the times Chiaki nad Tori act like editor and mangaka so….i guess its hard to mark the boundaries between work and love for the two of em. I guess it must be really frustrating from Tori’s perspective *pats his head* Poor guy!

Oh man that cake! I was admiring those sugar coated strawberries for a good minute! I SWEAR. I paused the ep and just stared at them. They looked uber tasty. And pretty darn real. Hnnnng want that cake. I bet it’d be tasty!I t’d be tastier ON Chiaki KEKEKE. AND EVEN MORE on Tori AND Chiaki muwahahahaha~Ahem. That birthday present. HILARIOUS. I doubled over laughing at it. I think half of the comedic effect came from that silly trumpet announcement sfx. EPIC XD And then everyone’s reaction to Chiaki’s idea. EPICLY hilarious XD POOR TORI XD

Okay so it seems like that alley (non) kiss that Chiaki saw between Yuu and Tori has turned into an official Big Lipped Alligator moment doesn’t it? *screams* COME ON! Why haven’t you asked about that Chiaki?! Or do you have a bad memory and have forgotten about it? AUGH. *flips a table over* If it was me, it’d be driving me crazy! “the guy who says that he likes me….I saw him kissing one of my best friends. So why were they kissing when he said that he likes ME? WHATS going on?!” Bubble head that he is….

Episode 11 Summary:

And back to Ritsu and Takano!

Ritsu wakes up in the genkan…and then remembers he’s gotta be at a planning meeting. He rushes over to work (thinking that his life style at present REALLY sucks) and BARELY makes it in time (well he’s arrived after his bosses). Thankfully Isaka-san was late as well. So they start the planning meeting to decide how many copies of a manga is gonna be printed out. And its….INTERESTING. *snorts into her hand* If I was sitting in that meeting instead of Ritsu, I’d be trying not to lol! Aw come on everyone~ Y SO SRS~ though Isaka-san…be a bit more serious….

Ritsu meets an author he used to work with before and they talk for a bit. Bout Ritsu and how he’s working on shoujo manga (and that he’s the heir to the Onedera Publishing company). Takano is introduced as well and the comment is made how Ritsu is better suited for literature. After the author leaves, Ritsu asks the author’s current editor to not spread it around that he’s an heir. They talk a bit more before heading to their own departments (bout Ritsu and Takano as an editor). Ritsu fanboi’s over the author’s new book and thinks that he really likes literature…and it rudely pushed outta his day dream by a bop to the head (thanks Takano :P).

The pair argues like an old married couple for a bit before the editor comes to the department with more books for Ritsu (which hes already got XD). Hasegawa asks Ritsu out for a drink but Takano tells him not to bother his employees (especially not the one who cant do his work right. Oh please boy, just SAY that yer jealous~). Hasegawa reminds Ritsu that he CAN ask for a transfer to the literature department if he wants. Ritsu wonders if maybe he should request for a transfer….That night, Ritsu grabs some dinner from a conbi and heads to the library to drop some books off.

He ponders about Takano but hey guess who he meets? Thaaaats right. Fellow bookworm Takano Masamune who is also dropping some books off. Before Ritsu can leave, Takano tells him that he doesnt want Ritsu to get too chummy with people from other departments cause it annoys him. Ritsu asks him why can’t he friendly with other people in the company and that Takano is just being jealous right? Course Ritsu was joking when he said it….it was spot on. Completely flustered, Ritsu beats a hasty retreat but winds up slipping on some leaves and falling down the stairs.

But its Superman Takano to the rescue who manages to grab Ritsu fore he can hit the stairs. Takano holds him tightly and doesn’t let Ritsu up even as Ritsu asks him to let him go. Takano quietly asks Ritsu how much he remembers from 10 years ago…and that he hasn’t forgotten that Ritsu confessed his feelings right? or the time they went home together? or that first time when Ritsu slept over at his house? Or the fact that Takano knew who Ritsu was BEFORE Ritsu confessed?

Ritsu is taken aback by this revelation and manages to get away from Takano (read, slaps him) and slips AGAIN on some leaves and falls face first on the ground. (As graceful as a duck XD) Ritsu heads up to his apartment thinking that he doesnt really remember stuff from 10 years ago too well and hes got no idea what Takano’s been up to in the 10 years that passed. Ritsu catches sight of a cat coming outta Takano’s apartment and then Yokozawa follows.

Yokozawa acts like an angry ex-girlfriend and goes all “What are YOU doing here? Following Takano around? Tch how pathetic! Stay AWAY from MY man aite? You’re a nuisance to him!” But Ritsus all “Hey, HE is the pain in MY ass aite? Get OFF my case!  We JUST work together alright?! Don’t blame me for HIS issues!” Yokozawa asks if he really means the last part? Some nerve he’s got, causing problems for people and just forgetting that. Ritsu’c confused by this accusation.

Yokozawa finally spills some beans about his and Takano’s relationship. They used to be in college together and he used to be a bit of a negative guy anyways cause of his family problems. But then he just fell apart.Yokozawa asks why Takano got to be that way? The guy who Takano had been gone out with in highschool had kicked him out and went away without any explanation. And just when Takano thought he was over it….Takano found out that while he was dating that guy…his boyfriend had a fiance. and Takano was asked if he was being two timed. Ritsu yells that the fiance thing was a complete misunderstanding. Yokozawa loses his kool and grabs Ritsu, telling him that it doesnt matter cause HE was the one who hurt Takano. Ritsu can only stare in shock.

Score: A-/A+

The episode this week was lovely as always. With a balance between humor, drama, romance and a hint of seriousness, its just a good episode! Another solid episode by DEEN. Way to go guys! And the weeks episode ends with a good cliff hanger as well! Ritsu is pondering to change departments and at the same time he learns that not only was Takano aware of who he was PRIOR to his confession but ALSO that Ritsu was potentially the reason behind Takano loosing it during college!Dun dun dun DDDUUUUUUUN! DRAAAAMA!

Lets go in order…or try to XD

The planning meeting. OH LAWDY THAT was hilarious XD Poor Ritsu just sitting there with his jaw to the floor going “But why is everyone so antagonistic towards each other?!” It was so funny to see just how…MEAN and cutting Takano was being to everyone else XD And that ATTITUDE! “MY INTUITION tells me that we need to print 300,000 copies!” “INTUITION? WHAT glue have YOU been sniffing you CRACK head!” “PFT PLEASE, Bitch. I dont wanna hear any back talk from someone who doesnt even HAVE intuition!” Yes, I was on the floor laughing my stomach out.And of course Isaka being all “fuck this shit imma chill yo” during the whole meeting XD What the hell, be more serious there you!

It was also interesting to see just how flustered and how possessive Takano is when it comes to Ritsu. Doesn’t want to give him up to another department or get along with other people in the company. I bet if you gave him the chance he’d totally lock Ritsu up in a room where only he could look after Ritsu. Its kinda cute and it also shows an interesting side of Takano. That he gets that ruffled over Ritsu~ Its kinda cute *gets bopped on the head by Takano* OUCH!

The music for the library scene. That soft orgel. WOW. I want that track immediately! It was so soft and ethereal! I want it immediately!

I dont think I’ve really mentioned this properly but I’m ADORING the SFX they use in the serious XD They are AWESOME XD

Pet peeves # 34 : when the protagonist is falling down stairs or well..just falling down…the love interest manages to get under them and catch them and or cushion their fall. EVEN WHEN THEY’RE STANDING 15 FEET AWAY. the HELL? Are they like Quicksilver that they can ZIP away to save their love before they fall? *headsmack from hell*

Takano is clearly worried about letting Ritsu outta his sight..which i suppose is a natural thing. I guess that Ritsu just up and disappearing on him during highschool is now a bit of a trauma. “I let him outta my sight once and he ran away for 10 years. I dont want to let him outta my eyes now. No matter what, I dont want to let go of him now.” Its understandable. But whoaaaa! The kicker! HE KNEW bout Ritsu BEFORE he confessed :O ho ho~ *flutters her fan* the plot thickens~ Clearly he said that just to keep Ritsu by his side longer…y’ know what i mean? “I want him to think about me more than transferring to another place where I cant be there with him”Oh Takano…why did you make that face as you watched Ritsu run away *whibbles* you looked so great! Like hug worthy great! Like, JUMP worthy great!

Yokozawa…THIS episode is the reason why I REALLY dont like this guy. He completely across like that girl in a shoujo manga who is still pining over her ex-boyfriend who is now interested in another girl! And the ex-girlfriend is now in the friends zone but wants to be the girlfriend again but then uses harsh words and a bit of a back handed approach in order to push the new girl away. ESPECIALLY by using the girl’s trauma against her or by bringing up information that is not known by the new girl and or saying shit like “Stay away from him. You’re a nuisance to him alright?” or makes a vague statement that can totally be taken the wrong way! ASOIDHASPODA YOKOZAWA. BE A MAN. YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO PROVE IT RIGHT?! *flips a table over*

And I REALLY don’t like that hes being THAT aggressive towards Ritsu cause of what happened with Takano in college. I mean…if TAKANO isn’t having an issue with it, where the HELL does he come off being all “in your face” with Ritsu eh? Thats just acting like the most nagging and nosy wife in history! RAAAAAAWR *hisses and spits at Yokozawa* GET OUTTA MY FACE YOU! Stop bullying Ritsu when you dont even know his side of the story! YOU are the nuisance here pal! MOVE ON AITE?  *more hissing and spitting like a cat*

So next week…the end eh? ;_; LE SIGH.

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