Summary Key Points:


  • After looking closely, Earthland Natsu and co realize that they have actually arrived at the royal city
  • Natsu’s bids farewell to his Edolas self, and heads into the city with Lucy, Happy, Carla and Wendy
  • The sight in the capital city is much different from what the heroes were expecting
  • The Royal City is actually quite prosperous and its citizens happy
  • Natsu and co head to big gathering of people, only to find the Big Lacrima that they have been searching for
  • The King, Faust, addresses his people and promises to get them even more magic power
  • As the King knocks down a peice of the Lacrima, Natsu’s blood boils, and he is about to act but is stopped by Lucy
  • Later, in a hotel, Carla makes a plan to get them into the palace from a secret escape tunnel that she remembered
  • As they head into the tunnel, they are ambushed by none other than Erza Knightwalker
  • As Erza bows down to Happy and Carla, Carla realizes in horror that she may have unknowingly led her friends into a trap


Opinions: (A)

Right on the heels of episode 81, episode 82 opens up with the confrontation between Natsu and his Edolas self. The interesting thing is that Edolas Natsu has actually already taken them to the Royal city, and so Natsu and co actually head on down.

Now, given what we’ve seen of Edolas, I, along with Natsu and the rest, was expecting the Royal City to be some dark, oppressed place. It was infact, quite a prosperous place, with its citizens quite happy. I’m sure that must’ve been frustrating for Natsu and the rest, along with Gajeel to see. Even if the people are happy, its kind of digusting that they’re so happy on stealing another world’s magic, and not only that, but pretty much killing the citizens of another world’s city to get their power. I liked Gajeel’s comment on how Faust was manipulating his citizens with a speech like the on e he gave. Faust is definitely pretty twisted, but he’s more of a maniplating clever king, than the old tyrannical old coot I imagined him for. I guess Natsu and the rest have their work cut out for them, as Faust obviously has Charisma and probably has the undying loyalty of people like this world’s Erza.

And That Kids, is how you light a fire with sticks!

I feel really bad for Natsu in this arc. Earlier questions of whether Natsu could use magic by eating fire were answered, as Natsu apparently can’t, This results in a rather hilarious sequence where Natsu and Lucy end up trying to light a fire for their torches by rubbing sticks. Natsu, of course, fails miserably XD But thanks to Lucy, they are able to enter the tunnel.

Speaking of the tunnel, I had expected that Natsu and co would get captured in the tunnel, but what I wasn’t expecting was that said ambush had been planned waaay in advance. It seems that the knowledge that Carla had of the tunnel was actually implanted in her for just such a trap. Unfortunately for her, she had no idea that she was leading her friends into a trap, or so it seems. I’m not sure if Happy and Carla can use their Exceed status to do something about this situation, but if not, than Earthland Natsu, Wendy and Lucy are kind screwed. XD

Happy: Carla, there’s no fish!!!! Carla: WHAAAT?!?!?!?!

In many ways, not a lot really happened this episode, beyond just the Earthland Fairy tail guys realizing what exactly was happening and getting captured. I’m wondering if there is actually going to be even some fighting this arc, and the idea of there not being any is kind of interesting. Either way, pretty decent if a bit slow moving episode. There was obviously tons of filler padding this episode out a bit.



Seems like we’ll actually learn more about the Exceeds next week! See ya all next time!

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