Go figure that the one episode I was so looking forward to….I can’t review it well cause of a bad mood. So this is gonna be short.


The third couple of the series – Kisa and Yukina. Kisa’s another editor over at the Emerald department and is a guy who picks his…bed partners on the basis of their looks. It’s a problem, in a small nut shell. He’s fallen for a guy who works at a book store who looks a lot like a Prince (and acts like a Host). The guy naturally doesn’t know anything bout Kisa or his stalking habits. At work, Kisa is having the career equivalent of a mid-life crisis and wonders if what he’s doing is really worthwhile or not. He wants to be in-charge of a big project but he’s no genius like Takano so fat chance of that happening right? One day (while he’s skulking around the shop), he runs into Yokozawa who wants to introduce Kisa to the store manager. Cause the books he’s incharge of happen to sell exceedingly well in this shop. And thats how Kisa finally meets Yukina but…to his (odd) disappointment, Yukina doesn’t make any sign that he noticed Kisa before.

In another encounter in the book store, Kisa meets one of his ex-lovers (good looks, sucky personality) who is almost violent with him in public. But its Prince Yukina to the rescue and Kisa beats a hasty retreat to a nearby secluded cafe. Where he meets up with Yukina. The two talk for a bit where Yukina finds out that Kisa is actually 30 (essence of men at work dear readers. Yes, I DO mean THAT essence. Remember Nip/Tuck?) and Kisa getting more and more flustered that he’s falling in love with Yukina. Yukina proposes to make a display that can help sell more manga but suddenly notices that Kisa is blushing and suddenly leans in to kiss Kisa!

Score: A/A+

Well SOMEONE took their DAMN SWEET time getting to Yukina & Kisa *pokes DEEN* Eight weeks to get to these two? LORD, you made me think that you’d never get to them! But glad yah did! And even more glad that next week is gonna be more Yukina/Kisa HUZZAH~ *confetti tossing*

Kisa…oh Kisa Kisa Kisa *pats his back* I dont care what no one says but I kinda like you. His inherently negative minded thinking…I get that. I understand where he comes from and makes me relate deeply with him. The poor guy’s got an inferiority complex the size of Texas and it makes me wanna hug the guy. And then rattle him for being so damned baby face. Its a love/hate relationship really XD But while I was watching this episode…I kinda got why people dont like Kisa all that much. I mean, he’s a guy whose been sleeping around with other guys just on the basis of their looks. In a word, SHALLOW. But hey just cause he’s shallow doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a shot at love right? … right?! But yeah, I get why folks dont like him but whatevs, i dig the guy 🙂

Speaking of diggin guys…Yukina~ Oh my sweet sweet baby~ *clings to his legs* HOW I have waited for you~ Though you didnt sound exactly how I wanted you too, you still sounded great! The over all essence that I wanted from your voice…I totally got that! You sounded young and bright and….host like. *sweats slightly* Cement my standing as a Yukina fan please~ *signs up for the Eternal Yukina FanClub* And it was kinda strange to see that particular color palette for Yukina cause … i dunno….i always thought that his hair color’d be a tad more darker. And his design seems a SMIDGEN off at some parts but hey  screw that, I was too damn distracted by his pretty.

*blinded  by the sparkles and flowers* Yes you DO dazzle me babe!

MARIMO BOOKS AHAHAHAHAH *Rolls around laughing* LOVE that naming sense! XDAnd OH MY GOD! *rolls around laughing her head off till tears come outta her eyes* WHO was the GENIUS who suggested putting that dry  rimshot when Kisa reveals his age to Yukina?! GOLD BABY. GOLD. And then of course Yukina’s reaction ahahahah SHO CUTE XD

The animation….*blows kisses at Deen* Lovin the way yer doin it guys. Its not often that I find myself flailing over the little animation scenes like…Kisa sliding Yukina’s card off the table. Oh my lord that was just lovely <3 Really it was~ *fawns over the scene* smooth as silk~ You show em how its done babe~ And OH MY GOD! I did NOT know that the Marukawa mascot HAD HER OWN NAME <3 Tinkle ILU!

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