A little something special this week~! We’re having a joint review for the 7th episode, so lets give it up for this weeks guest reviewer, the fabulous dildo wielding Crii!

What do you get when you mix two Fujoshis and a review?….A Fujoshi review!Did you laugh? No?….Ok…then… 🙁


In which Ritsu’s first proposal gets horribly rejected by Takano for not being up to the mark but is then later helped by Takano to put together a better proposal. But then he gets cornered (not literally) by Yokozawa. And then dun dun dun~~~ he gets a declaration of WAAAAAR (LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR!) by Yokozawa who says in no uncertain terms that Takano……is his! Ritsu is completely confused by this new information that Yokozawa and Takano are supposedly dating then? All in all, its been a prettttty sucky day.

Ritsu pumps Tori for some background information on Yokozawa and Takano’s history but is still pretty wound up around Takano. To the point that he runs out of the elevator when they reach their floor. Takano was NOOOT happy. Ritsu meets up an old friend and editor when hes out buying some manga and they go out eating drinking and GUESS WHO sees them together? THAAAAAAAAATS right. Takano. WHO IS IN THE SAME PLACE WITH A PRETTY LADY?! D: You three timing bastard! *gets glared at* Gomenasai m(_ _)m On the way back, Ritsu muses on what his friend told him (that Takano has a reputation for being one of the best editors in the industry and also a bit of a playboy) and he thinks that thats one impression he never had of Takano before…but maybe there’s some truth behind the rumors? So maybe he was just screwing around with Ritsu? Ritsu decides to shake those thoughts off thinking that hes the one who got the worst end of the deal cause now he cant bring himself to fall in love with anyone else out of fear of opening up to someone completely.

He comes home to find his stalker Takano waiting outside with an ambush! Takano tells him to focus on his work rather than being all “icha-icha” with some girl. Ritsu returns his words to him and they exchange QUITE a few words which ends up explaining why Takano was out with that lady. She was Erica-san, one of their authors. Ritsu gets embarrassed and wants to leave and he blurts out that Takano should be with Yokozawa. Takano immediately denies being anymore than friends with Yokozawa and asks Ritsu if he’s in love with him and demands Ritsu to answer him. Reaffirming his love for the younger boy, Takano kisses Ritsu.

Half resisting, Takano and Ritsu err…do some heavy petting and kissing against the door which ends when Takano gets a phone call…from Yokozawa. Takano is not pleased with Yokozawa’s butting in and asks him to quit it. But Yokozawa reminds him of how he was the last time Ritsu left him so its better for him to not mix private and business matters. Takano quietly hangs up as Ritsu wallows in self hatred cause his heart is going all “doki doki” around Takano.

The next day! A VERY nervous Ritsu is headed for his first proposal meeting…WITHOUT his proposal. As kindly reminded by Takano. As they are on their way up, they meet up with Isaka who praises Ritsu’s proposal which really makes Ritsu feel nervous. Takano tells him that he’s got Ritsu’s back….which is when Isaka suddenly remembers who Onodera is and pops his head out of the office and goes “Guys like us who are always accused of riding on our parents/other people’s coat tails need to stick together” MUCH to Ritsu (and everyone else’s) shock…but to Takano’s amusement. Ritsu is pissed that this happens to be Takano’s idea of having his back and screams that this is NOT love!

Score: A/A+

Crii´s Opinion on this ep:

I liked it when Takano licked Ritsu´s neck.  8DD  Anybody else here with me?  -refrains herself from panting heavily-Oh and, what’s up with Ritsu and his transparent umbrellas? D:  Me no likey.  o3o  Anyway, moving on!   Follow me on this magical trip to Fujoshi Mountain!
Now my beloved Fujoshis, if you look to the right you can see Ritsu blushing, crying and stammering.  This specie is called: Uke Tsundearus.  It comes from the family of Uke Totalus and is a rare specie found in the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Natural Habitat.  The Uke Tsundearus is a bit of a shy speciemen and a bit of an in denail one.
If you turn left, you can see Takano being jealous, sexy and cranky.  This specie is called: Seme Dominantis.  It comes from the family of Seme Totalus and is a fine specie found in the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Natural Habitat.  Its hobbies include chasing after the Uke Tsundearus.
Now up ahead is Yokozawa trying to make Ritsu back off.  This specie is called: Third Wheel Fail-alus.  It comes from the family of Fail-alus Totalus.    A specie found in the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Natural Habitat which hobbies include trying to scare the Uke Tsundearus and get the attention of Seme Dominantis…to no avail.

Moving on! /o/  Follow me now!  Don’t step out of line Fujoshis!  At an arms distance please!  Ah!  Here we have the Yukina Seme-lus up ahead, but that will have to wait for the next episode.

Off to mah funny, witty screen caps yoh!

Ritsu: “U-u-uke Tsundearus?! Nani, sore?!”

ICHINOSE ERIKA [Making Uke´s misunderstand since episode 6]

“Hey there sonny, wanna get into my apartment to dry yourself off?”

Ritsu:  “Hey there sonny.  Want Uncle to warm your wet body up?”

Takano: “Shut up Onodera, you’re still an Uke Tsundearus no matter what.”

Ritsu: “Ugh…”

Takano: “I can sooo make a puppy face too!  Look!”

Takano: “Quick Onodera!  Let’s run off into the sunset while laughing happily!  It’s a good chance to score some Fujoshi points!”

Ritsu: “WTF Takano-san…?!”

Ritsu: “…Its small…”

Takano: “Hey!  It´s cold!”

Ritsu: “Its not THAT cold…”

Takano: “Never make fun of my penis size ever again or I’ll castrate you.”

Ritsu: “Yes sir, I understand.  Please forgive this lost soul´s rudeness. (°n°)|||”

Takano: “Good, so now that you understand, let this Oji-san take you back home tonight.”

Ritsu: “…..”

And that’s that folks, us Crii and Sweety are going to keep on spying the SIH universe and tell you all about our undercover discoveries. We won’t get caught, we are masters!

Crii: Oh crap!  He’s on to us!  RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!

Sweety’s Thoughts

And the love aspect just got complicated with that declaration of war from Yokozawa! Poor Ritsu is thrown into a pit of confusion with Yokozawa clearly saying that Takano is his. Like thats what he needed after having his first proposal rejected by Takano…its like one bad thing after another from Ritsu’s perspective.

So we’re told a bit about Yokozawa and Takano’s history – more of an over view really. But it does add to the whole confusion does it not~? So they used to study together and Yokozawa was the one who brought Tanako into the industry. Still doesnt explain the whole thing do it? NO IT DOESNT. I’d claw at the screen if I hadnt read the manga XD

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the way Ritsu and Takano interact in the office? XD They get along a lot like a pair of angry cats -all claws and hissing and spitting and fighting XD Its so amusing to see Takano being stood up by Ritsu – it ALWAYS gets me grinning. Mostly cause I know that Ritsu’s gonna get twisted around faster than a twist tie XD Plus then Ritsu always being so stubborn on wanting to do a good job on his own *pulls his cheeks* Yer shoooo cute being all stubborn and strong headed~~~ but really you should know when to ask help and when to give up on yer pride~ But his serious work face…SOOOOOOOOO attractive~ *hugs Ritsu* I can see why Takano wants to pounce you EHEHEHEH~~

But realllllly you silly boy *taps his head* You askin about Takano behind his back from Tori and then getting all jealous of Erica-sensei. MAN you are SO deep into Denial that yer like at the bottom of the DAMN NILE you silly boy! Or he’s like fossil’s buried underneath The Nile T_T That silly boy! I mean, if yer feelin that frustrated after seeing someone you (dont) like with another lady…IT MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS BABY CAKES. Silly idjit that he is…I’ve never seen any character who SO actively suppresses his own feelings. I’d toss a brick at his head but hes just cute so i’ll just hold my head and scream in frustration XD

But you GOTTA love Takano just going for the jugular by clearly saying/implying that he didnt like seeing Ritsu with another woman. Though he did use work as an excuse….tch tch. But poor Ritsu that his jealously was shown so clearly *pats his head* urgh yer so cute when you blush you silly boy~ The one thing that you gotta admire about Takano (other than his perseverance and tenacity I mean) is how straight forwardly he deals with the ‘Ritsu issue’ (if I may call it that). He’s pretty open with Ritsu about everything I mean, he didnt make any excuses and straight up tells him what its like. Course Ritsu’s the silly idiot who tends to take things the wrong way ( IM LOOKIN AT YOU YOKOZAWA. DONT whistle and look away you sneaky wolf!)

More of ole Sour Face and his aggressive “RAWR STAY AWAY FROM TAKANO~” this week. Well he’s lookin out for Takano so I dont REALLY dislike him. Even when hes being all “in your face” with Ritsu. But HOLY SHEEEEEEEZ~ This means WAAAAR *breaks out the war weaponry* He’s YOURS you say?! D: Then how do you explain Takano’s actions then EH EH EH *all up in Yokozawa’s  fa…err…chest* damn you for being so tall. DAMN YOU.

Oh stalker Ritsu why so cute? Show of hands who want to tackle that cute boy down? And perhaps do other things to him? HUR HUR HUR~ LOTS OF THINGS HE HE HE HE~~ But seriously, him actively fighting against the whole love process…tis kinda painful to see. That someone would fight that hard against falling in love with someone….really painful to see.

HHHHHHHHEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIII *arms windmilling at maximum speed* BL BL WE CAN HAS BL~ “Touch me too” YES I NEARLY HAD A HEART ATTACK OF JOY AT THAT! But it was that little neck lick that had me going *_* DAMN that idiotic phone call! DAMN you for your timing Yokozawa! *shakes fist at the sky* CUUUUUUUUUUUUURSES! And he’s acting all high and might and stuff that he’s lookin out for Takano *shakes Yokozawa!* I KNOW yer worried about the man and that he was in a bad way when Ritsu first broke up with him but JESUS man! THIS AINT THE WAY TO GO ABOUT IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!

A nervous Ritsu is adorable y/y? We all want to take a nervous Ritsu home with us and raise him and love him y/y? Takano would be the one to take him home first? y/y? XD

O HAI THERE YUKINA!~~~ HAI THAR ISAKA *frantic arm waving* I was WAITING for that “nanahikari” comment *rolls around in her chair laughing her head off* And Takano just LOVING it XDDDD THATS my idea of having someone’s back I SWEAR XD


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