Episode 05 – Carnival of Corpses – Summary

Tamaki explains that taking part and winning in the Carnival or Corpses means winning candy and lots of cast but if he loses, end game. But he’ll still be useful as a lab specimen. Makina isn’t allowed to meet the Director who is bed ridden and hooked to a shit load of machines. Yoh is still with Shiro and she wants to getĀ  back to Ganta and surprisingly, he decides to help her. Crow and Woodpecker start fighting and though Ganta manages to use his powers to shoot projectiles at Crow. But Ganta realizes that there’s repercussions to using his powers the way he does – he’s using too much of his blood by firing off projectiles than by forming a weapon (like Senji does) and is suffering from anemia.

Apparently Tamaki had the scientists look into the red crystal inside Ganta’s chest and it seems to be a significant thing (its the same red crystal type which showed up where the Red Hole swallowed up or something). Just when Ganta thinks that its the end he recalls the time when he was a kid and he seemingly got into a pretty bad fight with a younger Shiro and got his ass beat. Shiro mocks him for being weak but an older lady explains thats to be expected as he’s a normal boy. Senji walks away from Ganta thinking that the younger boy is done for but Ganta grabs his leg before standing up and saying that he won’t go down without a fight. He fires a shot up at the announcer machine at the top of the stag. Senji slices it into pieces before it can fall – which provides ample distraction time for Ganta to run forward towards Senji and slam a shot at the older man’s chest at point blank.Its Ganta’s win.

Yoh manages to get information for a girl that he’s looking for (who happens to be in G block) and he plans to use Shiro as a distraction while he sneaks into G block. Ganta wakes up alone in a room with his wounds all patched up and takes a fresh candy piece. Ganta reflects that while Senji while be scary, he turned out to be a nice enough guy. A show starts on the nearby television where Senji is strapped down to a table. A slot machine is rolled in front of him as part of the penalty game and its got different body parts on it. Round and round go the pictures and it comes out to stop at…the right eye. Ganta watches in confusion and then growing horror as the bespectacled professor gleefully removes Senji’s right eye (THAT was the part when I was biting down on the palm of my left hand). Ganta throws up and reminds him mentally that this is his reality, this is the true Deadman Wonderland.

Shiro sneaks into the guard room and attacks the guards while Yoh takes out a guard and uses his errr what you call it…wireless radio(?) to send a emssage to HQ that there’s a riot going on (courtesy of a girl with white hair) and the power to the entire block should be cut. When the entire power is cut, the power to some mysterious red cubes is also cut off and Shiro cryptically says that the lullaby has stopped. More guards show up to deal with Shiro. She slowly turns around to face them as Yoh gets ready to sneak into G block but she just goes NUCLEAR on their ass. Yoh stares up at the destroyed watch tower in horror as blood and body parts rain around him. He stares up in shock at Shiro, a strange glow coming from her as she slowly turns to look at Yoh before giving him a smile reminiscent of the Red Man.

Score: A/A+

Every week I try to prepare myself for what this show’ll throw at me and every week I find myself woefully under prepared for the sheer madness that comes with. I mean, JUST when I thought “Okay I thinkĀ  I can handle whatever crazy that comes my way.” , I watch this weeks episode and wind up going “Fuck, I give up preparing for this every week. I’m just gonna roll with the punches now”

While it was pretty much a given that Ganta was gonna win, I hadnt expected that exact manner of events to occur. It was kool to find out that yep, using too much blood will lead the user to develop anemia but I wonder if Ganta’ll change his ‘weapon’ strategy now cause of it. Clearly he’s more used to using projectiles but thats just…dangerous and limiting in terms of weapons. He should consider getting something like Crow’s arm err…blades. Hmmm now I’m wonderin what the other Deadman’s have for weapons….

While on the subject of the other Deadman….Yoh is looking for one of em? A girl? :O Is it the girl with the braided hair? Why o why my dear sir, WHY O WHY? That little static flashback scene was veeeeeeeeeeeery interesting. Was that Yoh on the right, naked and on knees? And the braided hair girl standing? Who was that guy who was killed? That little flashback kinda makes sense with Yoh’s attitude towards Ganta now – he’s seen it before and knows what it can do so hes all “MONSTER!” But damn, I think Yoh NEVER expected that Shiro’d go all Braveheart in that watch tower. I mean, holy fucking shiiiiiiiiit. THAT WAS SICK.

Shiro though….clearly not human. Or well, not a normal human girl. INTERESTING~ Is she related to the Director in some manner too? Ganta knew her from before? HMMMM I wonder how THAT happened. Met her at a playground? Was visiting his parents work place when he ran off to explore and met her? Options options, there are so many options. And her going all badass? HO MAMA O_________________O imma jes gonna be under his bed here….hiding….cause that lady opened the worst can of kick ass on anyone i’ve EVER seen. It was like Hellsing level can of kick ass.

Senji getting his eyeball ripped out…OW OW OW OWADOSHADASOHASDOJAOJD A*runs repeatedly into a wall* I kept expecting to see Ganta fire a shot that’d take out his eyeball but NEVER…I just didnt…ANSODHNASD WHO COULDA SEEN THAT ONE COMING O_________O And then that scientist lookin like shes two shakes away from creaming her panties while taking out Senji’s eyeball..asiuohgdopahsda. And anesthesia?! THERE WAS NONE RIGHT?! *freaking out* I was THIS close to throwing up myself. . . . . BY GOD THE UNCENSORED RELEASE IS GONNA BE THE FUCKING SHIT! 8Db

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