Meet Chiaki. He’s one of Emerald’s leading mangakas and he’s a guy. He meets up with Tori, his editor and they discuss some storyboards before Chiaki invites him over to his house. Tori being free, winds up coming over to cater to Chiaki’s wish for having a home cooked meal. In between eating, Chiaki inquires about Toki’s relationship status and he admits to having someone he likes but it looks like a hopeless situation. Confused, Chiaki does not delve further into the subject. The meal gets interrupted by their mutual friend (and Chiaki’s manga’s assistant), Yuu who has brought over a copy of The Kan (OH LOL I’m LOVING the references man!).

Chiaki wonders over the strange tension present between Tori and Yuu but forgets about it as Tori leaves. Yuu points out that Chiaki is too dependent on Tori before he leaves as well. Chiaki tries to work on the name but can’t focus…we picks up the new The Kan but even that can’t distract him enough from thinking about Tori and how important he is to him. Later, Chiaki has dropped some stuff off at the office and is heading back home when….he stumbles across Yuu and Tori talking. Before he can interrupt them, he sees Tori grab Yuu and drag him close for a kiss!

Completely taken aback by what he has witnessed, Chiaki has trouble focusing on his work. He can’t even meet Yuu’s eyes, much less answer his questions if Tori told him anything or said anything. Chiaki keeps thinking that Yuu and Tori are going out and that they are finding it awkward to tell him that. But just as he starts working again…he gets a call from Tori. Tori tells him to work hard on the manuscript before asking if something was wrong with him. Because Yuu had called him and told him that Chiaki was acting all weird. As he hangs up on Tori, Chiaki thinks that Tori and Yuu’s love isn’t one-sided at all. After taking a bath, Chiaki takes a nap on his soft as he wonders why he’s feeling so irritated.

He dreams of the time when he was in college with Tori. Tori tells him to seriously pursue drawing manga and that should anything happen to Chiaki, he’ll look after him. Chiaki wakes up from his dream… find himself being kissed by Tori! Shocked and stunned, Chiaki calls out Tori’s name in confusion before he is pushed down. Some days later, Chiaki is out in bed thanks to a cold (but after finishing his manuscript) and hes pretty much got nothing to do except think.

He recalls how Tori pushed him down and wonders why would Tori do that to him if he was already going out with Yuu. So why would he do something like that? Was he being used as a substitute? Is that all he means to Tori? He wonders what is it about Tori that Yuu doesn’t like when Tori is pretty much one of the best guys out there. Tearfully he thinks that why should he have to get pulled in between their problems…and that its a shame that Tori isn’t interested in him. Which results in the poor boy rolling around in embarrassment in his bed wondering where the HECK that thought came from. He gets a message from Tori, asking if he wants to go the firework’s festival as he wanted to before.

Chiaki meets Tori before they head out to a good place to watch the fireworks. After they arrive at a river bank (hey if its THAT good of spot…why isn’t anyone else there? . . . right, i’m thinking too much again. gotcha) and after a beat, Tori tells him that Chiaki will be assigned a different editor. He also confesses to Chiaki that he loves him. Chiaki however is having trouble believing it (his logic train…i can’t keep up with it. That man’s been making shoujo manga for too long XD) and asks that doesn’t Tori like Yuu? Tori shoots that idea down faster than you’d shoot down Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’. Tori further admits to only getting into the business to be closer to Chiaki….and that he’s been in love with him for over 25 years.

Chiaki however is surprised to realize that he doesn’t feel disgusted by Tori’s feelings and that he loves Tori as well. Tori gently corrects him that thats just as a childhood friend right? Chiaki stubbornly maintains that he doesn’t want to be away from Tori. Tori tells him that he’ll be fine with someone else, he’ll get over it soon. But Chiaki thinks that no one could replace Tori. Before he can walk away, Chiaki stops him – telling him to kiss him and to check again if they really can’t work this out. Chiaki keeps thinking that he doesnt want Tori to leave and the other man caves and kisses Chiaki.

They wind up back at Chiaki’s apartment and hnnnnnnn that whole scene. Pardon me while I just turn to mush as Tori asks Chiaki to use his first name. HNNNNNNN *ded of a heartattack* Some time later…its back to square one with Chiaki being scolded at his submitted name. Only this time he gets punished with a kiss (nice one Tori XD) and Chiaki can only scream in surprise at this new punishment policy XD

Score: A+/A+

Beyond happy. Thats what I was when this episode finished. I was just beyond happy! This was far better than my expectations! I had been ready for a further slight decline in animation quality but lo! I was completely wrong on that account! This week’s story was about Chiaki and Tori, which hasn’t been covered in the manga but rather, has its own light novels. So a lotta people didn’t know what their story was. Unless they’ve read the light novel or heard the drama cd’s, this weeks episode is gonna be some fresh material for the fans. I had already heard the drama cd’s so I pretty much knew what was coming. Not that THAT stopped me from whibbling at two points, almost crying at one of em and then laughing my GUT out at the ending!

Frak me….My OTP just got some serious competition. Sorry Takano and Ritsu, I think you guys just got bumped down to third place XD Yukina and Kisa, when you guys get your episodes, i hope that you give a just as strong impression. YukinaxKisa, FIGHTO! Cause ChiakixTori was just HNASODJAPOSDJA LOVE LOVE LOVE. It was simply faaaaaaaabulous dah-ling~ Though I think thats partly cause Nakamura Yuuichi was one of the seiyuu and Chiaki’s thinking pattern was kinda ape shit crazy. He’s clearly been drawing too much shoujo manga that one XD

DEEN! *glomps the studio and noogies it* YOU SNEAKY LITTLE DEVILS YOU~ you had me totally worried that y’all were going lax on the animation but darn tootin, you proved me wrong! And by GAR i’ve never been happier at being wrong! Not ONE flaw in this ep. NOT A ONE. Instead I was enthralled at the animation. I mean, for FRAKS SAKE, I was admiring the scene where Tori was washing the pot. HE WAS WASHING A POT AND I WAS GOING “OOOO SHINY!” Yes, feel free to face palm.But so many scenes to admire~ I nearly forgot to pay attention to the dialogue at some points cause the animation was just….wow.

Bell rolling gif. RIGHT NOW FANDOM. RIGHT. THIS. INSTANT. Though….why does a guy of Chiaki’s size….need a bed THAT DAMNED BIG? I am confused….you could probably fit three guys in that bed. The more space to share with Tori? Who knows~ But its fun to think that its that last one innit? XD

Chiaki…oh Chiaki Chiaki CHIAKI> *knocks on his head* The way your brain works. Its a regular otome’s brain you got there XD But a LOT of points I was trying to play catch up with your logic. I mean buzzah?! Seriously? When a guy you’ve known for THAT long suddenly pushes you down…you dont think even ONCE that maybe the guy likes YOU and NOT the other guy? Urgh….*pats his head* the road is long for this one folks XD ESPECIALLY when he was just thinking the stuff that he really shoulda been SAYING. Communication problems, I can see em coming XD

But him in bed…crying like that… Oh DEAR GOD I nearly cried myself ;___; that was just too sad. And it hits a bit too close to home for me. I just wanted to hug him till he turned purple ;__; DONT CRY CHIAKI. HATORI! *picks up a bat* You made him cry. You shall pay! *gets held back by Chiaki* Let me go! He needs to cry tears of blood for making you cry like that! A sweetheart like you getting forced/pushed down like that and then crying like that is a near crime in my books! HE NEEDS TO PAY? Eh ? say what? I should forgive him cause you did? But…I…. God damn it, you know I can’t resist the puppy dog eyes Chiaki…fine *kicks a pebble before tossing away the baseball base* I’m such a sucker…

Tori’s confession. That just might be one of the more smoother confession scenes. Though traditionally I’ve really been much of a fan of the whole “But I dont want you leave me!” angle after a confession, but this works. It works VERY WELL. It kinda flowed very well. . . . TOO WELL >>;; I mean, Chiaki just so smoothly accepted it all. I did find it a TAD strange that Tori was being so calm and just lying there on the ground after confessing to Chiaki. But at the same time it was kinda refreshing. It was different and it was done well.Chiaki yelling that he didn’t want to let go to Tori was both childish and endearing. That he’s just that attached to the guy to the point of just NOT letting go…it was endearing <3

And WHAT did we learn this weeks boys and girls? Takano CAN be polite when he wants too. HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL. He was SO polite to Chiaki that i was THIS close to going “Hey are you sick or something?” XD

OH DEAR GOD. TORI SMILING. *is DED* Him suddenly saying “Chiaki” and then asking Chiaki to say his first name. HNNNNNNNNNN *double dead* NEXT WEEK! MORE CHIAKI AND TORI. YESSSSSS m/ Untill then, lets all collective cuss and curse at the accursed censoring. GOD DAMN IT, I WANT MY BL.

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