We see a little bit of last episode’s client but he quickly leaves because of Himeko’s liver-flavored lollipop. Luckily, the gang get another client: a samurai… not really. He’s actually the captain of the kendo club. The only thing samurai about him is his look and his speech that he picked up from his father’s acting career. The introduction of the samurai had everyone overeacting! I am pretty sure that there was much more yelling and mayhem this time around. We had our samurai try to commit suicide and more of Himeko and Bossun’s screams. Himeko’s response to the samurai’s suicidal feelings was hilarious XD She was more concerned about having to clean up the mess he would leave behind than anything else!

Sket-dan’s objective: Find out what is impeding the display of the samurai’s true strength. Each of the members try a different technique. Himeko used the classic approach of waterfall training but that failed and only gave him a cold. Switch made an automatic training cast but that failed and only gave him immense muscle fatigue. Bossun gave his goggles but that failed and only got him disqualified. The only method that would succeed proved to be the energy mints Friske.  The demonstration that the samurai gave of his family history and Friske was the scene that made me laugh the most.  At first I thought that it was maybe Friske that was causing him to lose his matches and that the best way was to get rid of those mints. But as Bossun began to think about those mints, I ended up coming to the same conclusion as he did. Just like an energy drink, Friske lifts you to an energy-high and drops you to a energy-low. The mints work for only a short amount of time; by the time the samurai’s round is up, it’s already too late. Amazingly, Bossun threw a Friske mint, that Switch happened to have, into his mouth giving the team a victory. But Switch’s Friske was the “super hard mint” flavor causing our samurai to pass out quickly after. XD

I was quite surprised to see that the episode was split into 2 parts. The second half had Bossun and Himeko running around the place for a monkey. We see the advisor for the Sket-dan and not only is he just an advisor on paper but he is the cause of the trouble! The monkey is at fault too; he took the bomb the advisor created and decided it was best to run around the school with it. His target happened to be girls prompting Himeko to dress up as a cheerleader.

Highlights? Definitely all the English words XD Having those words on screen in large font and colorful added to the hilarity of it all XD Switch’s face being used for censoring (for girls but also for the samurai and Bossun XD) and the phrase “No looksies!” was the best! And seeing the softball club advisor throw the bomb like a girl was great as well! XD This part of the episode definitely made me laugh more than the first half of the episode did.

The ending played and I actually enjoyed it a lot. It has a soft and relaxing sound to it and it is a nice way to finish off a rough and crazy episode XD As for the opening, the more I listen to it the more I like it.  : )

Score: A- / A+




I was quite surprised to see that this episode was not split into two parts like the previous episode. The structure of future episodes is left unknown then. Anyways, Himeko is definitely the manpower of Sket-dan. Not only that, she gets her power-ups from those weird lollipops. Blue-cheese-flavor must be absolutely disgusting and I commend Bossun for attempting to eat a salted-fish-guts-flavored lollipop (I would have puked also XD). Going back to Himeko, she does the Sket-dan’s job of subbing in for the softball team. It was really funny to see the advisor again XD He got upset, with good reason, over Himeko’s “Cyclone” and demanded she used a bat. Cyclone is like Himeko’s best friend, sorta XD The bullys that show up this episode switch out her hockey stick with a magical girl wand which bears a resemblance to Cardcaptor Sakura’s, doesn’t it? 

Not having her Cyclone puts Himeko into trouble. From the first episode we know that Himeko is Onihime so it should have been obvious that Momoka was a fake. Not only that, she had a fake cigarette XD This girl was more fit to be a model rather a yankee. Himeko’s strange ringtone breaks up the conversation between the girls and also lightens up the mood. Bossun calls and immediately talks to the bullys. What he kept telling the gang was great XD He would insult the lackeys and sweet-talk Momoka XD And just from that phone call he is able to tell where the girls had Himeko. This incident really made me feel that Bossun is actually smarter than he appears to be (although it may be pretty late to think that, since it is already the 3rd episode and all). And he usually appears to just be an idiot XD So, to Momoka and the gang’s surprise but not ours, Himeko is the real Onihime… super scary, I took a screenshot (center pic below). It scared the gang tremendously and they ran but they came back the next day to become Himeko’s followers.

On a sorta side note, Bossun’s family consists of his mother and his sister. Both of them have light hair so I never would have connected the two to Bossun even though they are present in the opening. Bossun turns out to be an average cook… I would not mind having him cook dinner for me <3 

Score: A- / A+


( My finals are over!!! 😀 )

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