Kyuubey realizes that Homura is indeed a time traveller. Also reveals that the reason why Madoka has such great potential for being a Puella Magi is BECAUSE of Homura going back again and AGAIN and AGAIN AND AGAIN to relive the past month. Every ‘time line’ was connected to Madoka as was the despair created which added to Madoka’s potential. So in a nutshell…its Homura’s fault that Madoka’s got the potential to a. be the biggest Puella Magi badass out there and b. eventually turn into the biggest mofo witch EVER.

Sayaka’s body is found and a funeral is held. Madoka’s mother suspects her daughter of hiding something. Kyuubey meets with Madoka and reveals that his kind have been in contact and contracting with girls since prehistoric times. Along with the point that the ‘bad endings’ that the girls come to is more or less a direct consequence of the wish they make. The bigger and more…i suppose you can say, the more impossible the wish, the more screwed up the outcome.

Madoka’s mom goes to her class teacher in the hopes of getting more information. We find out that the police are looking for Mami but they also plan to close Sayaka’s case soon (on lack of evidence). Mom despairs that she can’t read her own daughter and that she’d rather stay in her room than talk it out.

Madoka goes to visit Homura and they talk about Walpurgis Night. Before Madoka can offer to help, Homura insists that she can handle it on her own…but Madoka doesn’t believe her. Homura finally breaks down and reveals that she’s from a different time line. And that she’s seen Madoka die countless times as she searched for a way to save her. Madoka is thrown for a complete loop as this reveal as Homura despairs that the more she repeated the timeline, the further away she was getting from Madoka. In the end, she begs Madoka to let her protect her (Madoka).

In other news, the weather is going bad shit crazy aka shit crazy storm approaching. Its the first sign of the badass Walpurgis Night witch comin to town. Madoka and her family (along with others) are camped out in a giant stadium as Homura gets ready to fight. The crazy circus comes to town – no, I kid you not on that. and Homura breaks out the big guns. Again, no, I kid you not.  Rocket launchers, grenades, bombs, FUEL TRUCK, and holy…shit…did she get her hands on a submarine?! AND DAMN AT THOSE EXPLOSIVES O____O


Madoka meets up with Kyuubey and its pretty much clear that Homura can’t handle Walpurgis Night on her own. And also that Homura won’t EVER give up on her quest to save Madoka. But the MINUTE Homura realizes that she can’t save Madoka…is the minute she’ll turn into a witch. So she can’t stop either. Madoka grieves over Homura’s situation before deciding that she’ll go help…only to be stopped by her mom.

Her mother tries to stop Madoka but Madoka states that she has to do something to protect the ones she loves. Her mother doesn’t like it but lets her go. Homura’s getting her ass handed to her on a platter and she wonders why she can’t beat Walpurgis Night and is about to turn back time….when she realizes that if she goes back again, she’ll be adding to Madoka’s despair. Her Soul Gem slowly begins to turn black….but Madoka shows up just in time! But much to Homura’s despair…it looks like Madoka’s struck a deal.

She’ll become a Puella Magi – She’s finally found a wish she wants fulfilled. Homura cries and asks then for what purpose has she done what shes done. Madoka comforts her and asks Homura to believe in her. Kyuubey asks what is her wish. Madoka wishes….to erase every witch before they were born – from the past and future, with her own hands. Kyuubey is taken aback because this will seriously FUCK things up for the space time continuum! Madoka says that she doesn’t care if she becomes a God or breaks rules or whatever, she simply wants to save the girls who gave up their lives.

Madoka demands Kyuubey to fulfill her wish and is engulfed in a pillar of light.

Elsewhere…Mami questions Madoka about her choice to fight the witches in the past and future. But Madoka’s set in her resolve. Oh Kyoko’s there too <3 Kyoko tells her to keep her will to fight and to go for it. Mami returns Madoka’s notebook and tells her that she’s become hope for everyone.

Puella Magi Madoka uses her magic bow to fire a single shot into the sky…and it scatters into many shards of light that race across the sky. Each ‘arrow’ falls onto a girl whose Soul Gem has almost turned black. She takes away the Soul Gem ‘away’ from the girls who were about to become witches and effectively, saves them.  All across the world, Madoka races to save the girls , saying that she’ll take their misfortune upon herself. Walpurgis Night also gets destroyed in a big old fashioned flashy way. Homura gets taken away into a….a different pocket of time and space. Her magic transcended time and Kyuubey asks if she’d like to find out how Madoka … ended.

He shows her this giant….meteor thing which is a representative of the amount of despair that she’s carrying as a result of her wish. The amount of hope created by her (enough to make a universe)  will ultimately equal the amount of despair (Law of Equivalency Exchange anyone?) to ending a universe. And its one BIG ASS “THE END” for the world. Homura watches as Earth pretty much gets consumed by witch! Madoka. Homura is shocked at what she’s seeing but Madoka interrupts. Saying that her wish was for every witch in the world to die, so she has no reason to feel any despair.

Her form transforms into a more…celestial type (shall we say) and she shoots at the…illusion (can I call it that?), blowing it away (Homura along with it). As everything turns white, Kyuubey tells Madoka that her life no longer has a start or end…all traces of her existence have been removed from the world. No one will ever interact with her again…Homura is shocked that this is the end that Madoka wished for. Madoka comforts her, saying that not as bad as Homura thinks it might be.  She can see into the past, the future, the worlds could be….all of them…so she gets how much Homura has suffered for her sake.

Madoka is amazed that she had such an amazing friend the whole time and thanks her for being her her best friend. Homura tearfully asks if she’s alright with being stuck in a place like this forever. Madoka smiles and says that with the way she is now, she’ll be every where…with everyone even if they cant see her. She tells Homura to keep hope because there’s a chance that Homura won’t forget her even when she returns. Madoka gives her ribbons to Homura and asks her to believe in her…and in true miracles. Madoka apologizes and says that she has to believe but they will meet again soon.

Back on Earth…Kyosuke is on the stage and performing for some judges. Sayaka and Madoka sit and watch from the far back – Sayaka apologizing for the trouble she caused. Madoka apologizes for having to erase her. Sayaka is simply happy to hear Kyosuke perform once more….shes just feelin a bit bad that Hitomi’s the one with Kyosuke…and the pair leaves. Kyosuke performs in front of a huge audience and is surprised for a moment and thinks “Sayaka…?”

Kyoko, Mami and Homura are also back! Kyoko angrily wondering whats the point of Sayaka giving up her life for the sake of the guy she liked…Homura is holding the ribbons that Madoka gave her and cries out her name. Mami and Kyoko asks who Madoka is. In the park, Tatsuya is drawing Madoka in the sand. Homura smiles even as Tatsuya reaches to grab the ribbon shes wearing. She meets Madoka’s family and she talks a bit with Madoka’s mom.

Later, Homura and Kyuubey talk where Kyuubey finds it hard to believe that the rules of the universe have been changed…cause how the HELL do you prove THAT.  If Homura’s the only one who remembers it, its just all in her head. Though they ARE curious why exhausted Soul Gem’s keep going ‘poof’ but the witches idea sounds like a good way to gather energy and all.

Homura keeps feeding Kyuubey…something connecting with her Soul Gem. Homura explains that even though there arn’t any witches, but still people’s dark feelings come together and create demons and curses that they now fight. But it looks like the relationship between Kyuubey and Homura has improved. As Homura pulls out a bow similar to what Madoka uses, she determinedly thinks that she’ll keep on fighting.

And she does. Fighting on demons, developing…strange wings which look A LOT like the barrier space that witches had..and she hears Madoka’s voice softly urging her on.

End. And thats a wrap.

Score: A+/A+

Well….that wasn’t what I was expecting at all. While I did say to nagicakes a few days back that “What if Madoka wishes something like ‘I wish we had never met you’ to Kyuubey…would that be possible?” I suppose I had been on the right track but still far away from the final destination. This wasn’t the amazing end that I had been looking forward to…but its still pretty gosh darn good. I mean, it went above my expectations and just…got me this damn close to bawling at some points. And over all….it was pretty….amazing.

I think I need to sit down and rewatch this show again and then once more for good measure to get the full dose. Cause this was…wow. I’ m left slightly dazed to be completely honest. My head is just TOTALLY. BLANK. That might be a side effect of doin a lotta work and a review before I got to watching Puella’s finale or it could be hunger idk tbh….But that was a strange ending weren’t it? I mean….I’d have liked to have seen a bit more of a happier epilogue. And to be completely honest, those ‘wings’ that Homura sprouts…they kinda scared me. Because I thought “Wait, that looks too much how the witch’s barriers would look, all black and with the funky stuff inbetween….she wont become a witch would she?!”  Maybe I was just worrying too much over it I suppose.

Madoka’s wish…isn’t it kinda amazing that ultimately, everyone had to go through A LOT of shit before they got to this ending? Madoka had to die all those many times, Homura had to go through all those time loops…and if they never had done it, they wouldnt have this new world. I wouldnt say that its better or worse but….its a new world, atleast the girl’s arnt dying in that God awful way like before.

That interaction between Madoka and her mom…oh hell, JUST the bits with her mother…they were a great addition.I can hear some fans out there going “Aw come on, they werent necessary” Maybe not to the plot…but I think they add some GREAT depth to the over all finale. A bit of a “Meanwhile, on the side, here’s what was happening. The people closest to Madoka are being affected and they want to help but they can’t. And they dont like it one bit. Because the time’s coming that they gotta let go of their girl’s hand….and no parents wants to do that really.”

I was THIS close to ranting my head off at Kyuubey for thinking of humans as being equal to cattle but then I realized…hey, hes a shit head and he aint worth it. Though it was one HELL of a revelation that they’ve been doing this shit since PREHISTORIC TIMES O_O And hollllly sheeeet was that Cleopatra and JOAN OF ARC? I LIKES ME THEM NODS AT HISTORY!

Oh oh the whole part where Kyuubey explains about Madoka’s potential. OH HOLY MOTHER OF-! DDDD8 THAT just BLEW MY MIND. THAT is more despair than what one girl ought to bear seriously! To find out that YOU are the reason why your best friend’s life is royally fucked up to the point of no return? OH MAAAN. I got chills at that part! And then I just wanted to cry for poor Homura. ESPECIALLY when we’re told that the MINUTE Homura stops fighting, she’ll turn into a witch. And of course at the end of ep 11…I was sitting up in my seat all but yelling “NO! NO NO NO NO NO DONT DONT DONT- MADOKA! NICE TIMING (;A;)/ I SWEAR. THAT was horrible for my heart!

On Homura….boy did SOMEONE break the BIGGEST FUCKING GUNS in the HISTORY of “Break out the Big Guns” Man O_O HOW the HELL did she manage to …. wait I’m better off not knowing. Thats half the fun of that scene. Part of me thought “aw thats so sweet” that Homura would be so worried bout Madoka…the other half of me was just “…thats a bit too clingy dont you think?” But Madoka was her first real friend and all so yeah….

Seeing Madoka just…blaze across the world and save all those girls…beautiful. Just beautiful. I was in tears. And then when she turns into…super mode with the white dress and longer hair and says “I wont give into despair” and BLAM, blows away Kyuubey’s ‘illussion’…again, tearing up. And of course the whole conversation that Madoka and Homura have (where my brain was screaming “LES YAY! LES YAY! LES YAY!” over and fucking OVER again. I was tempted to smack myself in the head. HARD.)

Sayaka….she got a nice farewell this time. Which was so….touching. That all she wanted was seeing Kyosuke perform again…and I found it a nice little touch that she said that it kinda sucked that Hitomi was with Kyosuke but…its all good in the end. And then Kyosuke suddenly getting a faint sense of remembrance. Oh frak it maaan *bawls in her hanky* Mami was still alive as well as Kyoko…and Homura indeed remembering Madoka after everything thats happened….it was….sweet. Bittersweet.

I think all things considered, we got us a great ending. The world is safe, the girls dont have to give up their lives like they did before, they still have to fight demons sure…but its better than becoming witches. Given how the show went, I think we got ourselves a smashing ending. I know I’ll be coming back to rewatch this a few times to just get more understanding of stuff thats happened. Get a more coherent idea of all the threads and everything. I’m sad to let this one go….Reluctant even.

But all good things gotta come to an end right? And there’ll be season 2 as well…More slice of life but…it’s still the same girls. So…until them.


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