Ristu’s happy happy dream gets invaded by Takano-san and his delightful surprise kissing habit chuu~ chuu~~. Ristu wakes up wondering just what the hell was up with that dream. Ritsu is clearly worn out cause its the hellish week but he’s still in better shape than the others. I’d pat their backs buuuuut they’re starting to smell y’all >>;;; Takano drags Ritsu off with him to visit a mangaka who is behind her deadline. COMPLETELY ignoring Ritsu’s weak protests that maybe he’s not the best man to be on the job. Guess who shoots him down faster than an Olymic shooting chap shoots down a target?

Ritsu wonders what the hell is up with the people in the manga industry that they tend to let themselves go when a deadline is due (Its a wonder their life span doesnt reduce by some years maaaan~) Ritsu can only watch in bewilderment as Takano and the mangaka scream and yell at each other (before getting yelled at by the assistants). At the end however, the mangaka is clearly feeling the pressure and Ritsu softly asks Takano that maybe he should have dealt with the maganka more gently. Takano simple tells him to start working.

The mangaka wonders out loud if her work is really worth being read and good enough. Takano is his usual gentile self (read: He’s bout as blunt as a brick to the head…thrice…in the same spot. Say it with me, OUCH!) In an effort to cheer the mangaka up and pep her spirits up, Ritsu tells her that he’s bought her works and really liked her works even though hes a guy. To the point that he bought the manga’s out of his own pay. The DEAR lady asks why didn’t he get it from the company? Ritsu thinks that he can pay the mangaka back better by buying the manga. To which Takano dryly points out that he’s just giving his money back to the compay…a point which Ritsu realizes. Ain’t he the smartest tool in the shed? XD *ruffles Ritsu’s hair* KONO KO~ XD As the poor boy flails and attempts to cover his goof-up, he laments that he couldnt cheer the mangaka up more.

Takano reassures the lady that if a rookie says something like that then she should have no doubts. Takano also reveals that he’s gotten an extension from the printers till the next morning, saying that he knew she wouldn’t be able to finish the manuscript in time. With a more positive spirit, the mangaka gets back to finishing the manuscript. The groups throughout the night in order to complete the manuscript in time for the printing deadline. And everyone pretty much three steps away from DYING of exhaustion. Note to self: Seriously dont ever get into the manga industry.

After submitting the completed work to the very very scary printers, Ritsu tiredly makes his way back to the office as Takano  grabs some coffee from a vending machine. For himself and Ritsu. He sits down next to Ritsu (who is internally wondering is the morning light was always so harsh [Some mornings, it SO is Ritsu baby…]) and they talk a bit about the mangaka panicking and how Ritsu did help to calm her down. The two drink their coffee and Ritsu wonders just why is his heart going doki doki.And thinks that he may have to reconsider his opinion of Takano because he’s clearly a very talented editor.

Ritsu mentally berates himself for getting nervous around the larger man and reminds himself that he swore never to fall in love again. (NEVER say never!) Takano interrupts his mental flailings by softly commenting that he really hasn’t changed. Ritsu however is confused and Takano asks if he really doesnt remember him. Ritsu insists that this is the first time he’s met Takano. Slightly irate, Takano pushes Ritsu down and firmly kisses him. Ritsu yells at him to stop joking and to let him up. Takano gets off him saying that everything was a joke to Ritsu from the start and that he hasn’t changed his direct ways from before…and he once told him that he (Ritsu) loved him (Takano). Ritsu is just confused with a side of bewildered with a tall glass of “EH???”

Takano goes off to the printers, telling Ritsu to try and remember. He then reveals that his parents divorced in highschool. And his previous last name was. . . . . drumroll please and if you didn’t see this one coming, I would recommend either a crash course in “Obvious points in romance stories 101” or going to get your eyesight checked post HASTE…his previous name was SAGA Masamune. AND CUE THE BELLS OF NOTRE DAME RECOGNITION IN RITSU’S HEAD! Cue the flashbacks, complete with those pretty sakura petals. Ritsu asking Saga if they really are going out (Obviously after sexing HUR HUR HUR~~~~) and if Saga/Takano feels anything for him…AND THE MAN LAUGHS. Not “HAHA!” laugh or “MUWHAHAHA” (that one would be just fucking stupid) or “Ha ha-ha! ha-ha-ha!” (I’ll give you brownies if you tell which character laughed like that! Hint: Not an anime character. But still animated character). More of a “pft” kinda thing. Yes yes say it with you. YOU FUCKING ARSE *upturns the table in rage*

Ritsu’s head is spinning as he frantically tried to process the information he just got! How could this happen?! How’d he wind up with his first love as his mean sadistic T-ruler-throwing yelling-at-everyone semi-sexual-harassing boss?! Ritsu angrily chases after Takano and demands him to apologize for the hurt that Takano caused him. (For the laughing thing…) But Takano says that Ritsu’s the one who needs to apologize. Y’ know for what? A ROUND HOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD. Ritsu….by any chance….is CHUCK NORRIS YOUR HERO?! XD Ahem, and also for just up and leaving the very next day. Guess who doesn’t remember the roundhouse kick? XD Ritsu insists that Takano was the one who threw him away but Takano says that a. he doesnt remember that and b. he was just a brat back in highschool. So he probably laughed to hide his embarrassment.And Ritsu gets called an idiot for holding a silly grudge for 10 years. Sorry babe, you kinda had that one coming *pats Ritsu’s shoulder in sympathy*

So with THAT mystery solved, Takano declares his intent to pursue Ritsu. Because even after 10 years, he couldn’t forget about Ritsu. So he WILL make the younger boy say “I love you” again. Ritsu can only yell that no such thing will happen. After Takano leaves, Ritsu tries to calm down and wonders that in the end, everything was just a misunderstand on his part? The fact that a nervous laughter was responsible for the complete warping of his personality has his head spinning. He wonders why he didn’t recognize Takano before but he rationalizes that its been 10 years so he was bound to forget.

But the poor boy’s heart can’t help but go doki doki as he recalls Takanos ‘declaration of war’ and wonders if the man is really serious about. And if he really had loved him back then? And still does? So can he love the older man again? Such a chance…such a rare chance is something that only happens in mangas…He has a chance to fall in love with his Senpai again and be happy.

AS IF~~~!!!!

It dont MATTER if t’was a nervous laugh! That man acted in an ambiguous way ergo its Takano’s fault! Ristu will NOT bow down and accept his explanations! AND NO THIS ISNT LOVE! WHO would fall in love with a guy like that again! There’s NO WAY IN HELL. ‘ats the spirit my boy~ *raises a cup of tea* Pip pip cheerio and all that~ such spirit o ho ho ho~ So Ritsu moves into his new apartment and is about to open some of his boxes but realizes that he doesnt know where the box cutter his. So he’ll get a new one when he’s down at the convenience store getting some food.

As he steps out of the apartment, the guy from next door also steps out. Ritsu greets him and…guess who the neighbor is? If you don’t know then well..shame on you really. XD Ritsu can only scream in surprise and wonder how the hell this happened. Brushing the whole thing off as a coincidence, Ritsu rushes back inside and thinks that he really ought to get a new apartment.

And under NO circumstances is this LOVE. NO WAY IN HELL.

Score: A/A+

Ah we’re starting to get into the swing of things! The real ‘essential plot point’ of the series hath been revealed and the love countdown HATH BEGIN. Ritsu, start marking down the days in your calendar cause its 364 days left till you fall in love! . . . AGAIN! XD Though wait…where’s that love calendar-countdown?! D: Oh come ooooon that was one of the funniest parts of the whole story *peevishly kicks a pebble into a puddle* Tch =3= I had been so lookin forward to that part!

For the most part, the animation was top notch yet again. Though there was just one bit which had me tilting my head with slightly confusion. After Takano says that he’s going to the printers and Ritsu’s all confused and wondering what the HECK Takano was talking bout…did he seem a tad off in his design?  *rewatching* hmmmmm or maybe its the shirt that he’s wearing which makes his neck look longer…oh well~ he looks so adorably confused~ *ruffles Ritsu’s hair affectionately*

The music….nnnnn I WANT THE BGM OST RIGHT THIS INSTANT! SO much better than Junjou! Who is the music director! Quick quick! I must know! *runs off to look into* And top notch job on part of the seiyuu’s yet again! They sounded good in the drama cd’s but DAYUM, they just sound fucking AMAZING in the anime! I think I’ve got happy tears in my eyes :’D

Some slight changes in the plot. You can catch en easy peasy if you’ve read the manga. But for those of you who haven’t – Ritsu moving into his new apartment. According to the manga, the boy was actually living there for over a year before he got the job at Marukawa Shouten. Yeah I know what you’re wondering “But then how come he never bumped into Takano before?” In the manga, Ritsu explained that they both had different schedules so that would account for the lack of contact between the two. Plus given that both of them initially hadn’t recognized each other when they had first met, I think they mighta met before but brushed it off as a random meeting thing. . . . . . . .

Dear fanfic writers….are you thinking what I’m thinking? A short one-shot where Ritsu and Takano bump into each other (Ritsu on his way out, Takano on his way in) one morning. They just kinda bump into each other before apologizing and moving on. Nothing over 200 words or too long but in which we get inside the heads of the characters. An introspective one-shot of the characters before the story starts! 😀 SOMEONE WRITE THAT POST HASTE! I’ll give rainbow farting unicorns if you will :3 . . . fine a basket of kittens too for those of you who don’t like rainbow farting unicorns.

Oh and the other thing different than the manga, which i found amusing. Ritsu sleeping in his bed. The boy was ACTUALLY sleeping his bed XD Can we assume that that was from the starting part of the 20 day cycle so he HADNT been completely and utterly BUSHED the night before that he actually managed to not only get into bed but also change into his pj’s? /amused amused amused

Next week! OH HAI THAR YOKOZAWA~ *flutters her hanky* Or as I like to refer to him  “Old Sourpuss face”! With some more antics around the department, lets see how Ritsu is gonna hold up against Takano’s no holds barred “Im totally gonna make you fall in love with me!” strategy! This is a VERY tired reviewer signing OUT.

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