Summary Key Points:


  • Wendy is given her first real job, gets into a fight with Charla and sent with Freed and Happy
  • The Train isn’t running, so Wendy decides to walk all the way, much to Happy’s “unhappiness”
  • The others are worried about Wendy, so Lucy, Erza and Charla head out after her
  • Natsu is also worried and hurries after them, but is actually able to get on the train
  • Everyone arrives at the job, which is actually by the same slave driver director
  • The job is actually cancelled, but the collapsed Fairy Tail wizards are hurting business, so The director asks Wendy to take care of them, and that he’ll pay her good money for it
  • Wendy’s first job ends up having to take care of her unconscious comrades


Opinions: (B+)

A funny little episode this time. Nothing to write home about of course, but I gotta say the idea of pairing up Wendy with Freed and having Happy come along for the ride was a rather interesting idea.

We got to see more of Freed, who we honestly don’t know much about. It was interesting to see his weird personality quirk, he’s so serious and concerned for rules it puts Erza to shame. Without the brash and domineering Laxus to keep em in line, Freed really is kind of lost. This is a man that really is a soldier, one that follows orders without question and isn’t really very good at making decisions for himself XD

Freed’s inner turmoil throughout the episode was pretty hilarious, and seeing Happy go through hell because of his two weird partners was funny as well. I also found it interesting how all of Fairy Tail’s strongest wizards were so useless and totally lost because of their weird personality quirks.

Erza was too excited to be in a play, and nearly got herself killed. Natsu was the ONLY one who got on the Train, and thus ended up going around and around on it for ages. Lucy… well Lucy was her usual self, hanging around odd people and getting dragged into weird stuff as a result.

At the end, it pretty much was Wendy caring for everyone, and Charla giving her approval. A odd little twist, but hey, It DOES make sense XD

I think I’m just about ready for these fillers to end, and start the new arc, don’t you agree? XD


Fairy Tail really loves its events doesn’t it? 24 Hour Endurance Race is coming up next. See ya next week! =D

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