Kenta Shinohara‘s violent characters come alive in this spring anime! The way the episode turned out seems to be that it will be this season’s Gosick. But much less serious and with a profusion of hilarity.

The episode itself begins with a transfer student who runs into (or rather, the other way around) the main characters, the Academy Activity Support Club, or Sket-dan for short. They are very violent and very odd. So odd that they performed a weird skit focusing on a hoodlum, causing them to not get any lunch. The club consists of 2 boys and 1 girl, but the girl is so violent that it is more like there are 3 boys in the club.

The Sket-dan members: Hime Onizuka – a.k.a Himeko. She used to also be a delinquent but those tendencies have stuck along with the name Onihime (Demon Princess). Kazuyoshi Usui – a.k.a Switch. We don’t get a chance to hear what his voice sounds like. He uses a speeck syntethizer program to speak instead. Maybe his voice sounds really embarrassing? Yuusuke Fujisaki – a.k.a Bossun.  He is the leader of the pack. The three are so aggressive and seem as if they were once members of a gang! They even broke up a couple!… Well, that was more Switch’s fault XD It looks as if he has a ton of information on everyone stored in his laptop. You don’t want to make him your enemy XD These three really are a perfect match.

The purpose of Sket-dan reminds me a lot of the club in Ookami-san. They mostly do odd jobs like repairs (especially for storages they destroyed) because, unfortunately, they have an awful reputation therefore not getting any clients. This is a stark contrast to Ookami-san‘s club. XD The transfer student was actually scouted to become a member but he feared them and began to avoid them. Nevertheless, he ends up coming back to give the Sket-dan a job. XD

So this series is turning out to be extremely hilarious! Switch’s texts were definitely a highlight XD “Shake-shake!” His mention of Bleach‘s Kensei (Visored) was a delight too! Bossun’s concetration scene was funny as well, but I’m not sure if that was supposed to be serious. Did anyone else laugh? Oh, and that very same scene made me think of Victorique (from Gosick) when she “pieces together the chaos.”

I think that this episode’s downfall was that the job ultimately dealt with a bully. As a first episode it should have used something a little more original than something used often. This will most likely turn into a job-of-the-week which shouldn’t be too bad as long as they spice things up a little here and there. Other things such as animation and background sound were pretty good. The opening sounded pretty average the first time I heard it but the more I listen it gets much better. 

Score: B / A+


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