The OAD is more of a backstory for Ritsu and Takano in which we see the two when they were in high school.

Ritsu accidentally bumps into his sempai one day when trying to grab a book from a top shelf in the school library. After that, Ritsu starts to notice the older boy when he comes to the library (to the point of doing a bit of sneaky stalking to find out his name [Saga Masamune] XD Oh Ritsu you silly cute boy).  Ritsu falls for Saga at first sight but never takes the initiative with Takano thinking that they’re both guys and its weird so Saga would never go for him. But one day as they both reach for the same book, Ritsu suddenly confesses his love (using an internal analogy that I personally love A LOT. That a person confesses to someone when their personal cup of love overflows and the liquid spills out). Much to Ritsu’s surprise, Saga asks Ritsu to out with him and that he’s fine with it.

Ritsu pretty much can’t believe it as the couple makes their way to Saga’s home (where they’ll be alone KE KE KE). Ritsu waits in Saga’s room (even jumping on the bed and hugging the pillow XD Silly silly Ritsu!) While watching a DVD, Saga asks just why Ritsu likes him given that they haven’t really had any contact. Ritsu confesses that he’s been watching Saga for a while (even when he picked up the kitten he’s currently raising). Saga leans in for a kiss but Ritsu pushes him away. Saga asks him that didn’t he want to do such things? Thats why he jumped on the bed no? Saga kisses him but them embrasseses the hell outta Ritsu by asking him to open his mouth. Ritsu’s pretty much going “what do i do what do i do” as Saga tells him to touch him too…and then asks “I want to…(do it)”.

And they do it. At the end of which, Saga quietly confesses that he likes Ritsu too but Ritsu’s so out of it/tired that he doesn’t quite catch it. He thinks that he’d be happy if Saga wound up liking him even if its just a little. Time passes and our baka couple is studying in the library. VERY awkwardly because SOMEONE cannot calm down XD And is making silly mistakes while studying *pats Ritsu on the back* Gambare Ritsu! XD And Saga asking Ritsu if his body is alright does NOT help the poor boy calm down XD Ritsu runs off to get a reference book and laments his ability to be more collected in front of Saga. Guess who sneaks up from behind and asks why Ritsu’s acting all weird.

Ritsu stammers out that he gets embarrassed around Saga and gets ready to leave. Saga however says that he will stay back until closing time, he doesn’t want to go back to an empty house. Ritsu gets flustered as hell when Saga asks him if he wants to go back with him, flailing his arms and babbling on XD. But he declares that if by going with Saga he can lessen some of his loneliness then he’d be happy to go. But then he apologizes for being annoying and is ready to leave when Saga grabs him by the hand and kisses him. Ritsu’s shocked at the sudden PDA and rooted in place as Saga quickly goes to lock the library doors, close the lights and pull the curtains close. Saga hugs him tightly as Ritsu stammers out that they’re still in school. Saga asks him why exactly Ritsu likes him and Ritsu whispers “Because you’re Senpai”, to which Saga amusedly replies that that’s not exactly an answer.

A loud voice calls out Ritsu’s name…oh mai, tis grown up Saga-senpai. HAI THAR MEGANE-SAN~ and whats this? He can’t find Onodera (Ritsu)? Guess who pops out from underneath a pile of books? Grown up Ritsu shakes the remnants of his dream out of his head and apologizes for falling asleep on the battlefield/job. While making copies, Ritsu’s appalled that he was dreaming of that time in high school…more like, WHY was he dreaming of that time? XD And he’s told that he’s got some text on his back “Ba—–ka” to be precise. Ritsu’s peeved that Takano didn’t tell him that he had that stuck on his back.

Takano comments that he doesnt have any responsibility to tell Ritsu things like that…besides, he should get cracking on checking a HUGE pile of manuscripts.  Takano flirts that he ought to stick this quote/line on Ritsu’s back “Anata ga suki…/I like you”. Ritsu is all 8I “Shit…this guy REALLY pisses me off!” He gets back to his table and laments his dream before screaming in agony and ruffling his hair as the others comment that Ritsu’s really high spirited.

Final shot where we see Ritsu returning some books in the library….and Saga/Takano coming up and picking one up and checking out the name of the last person who issued the book. (Except, ahem, the name written is not Onodera Ritsu. It was Oda Ritsu). Satisfied, Saga stands at the window of the library looking out – supposedly watching Ritsu as he leaves.

Score: A+/A+

*grabs A-1 by the ear and drags em over to SiH* See this here? THIS is how you were supposed to do it! LEARN from Studio DEEN and take notes on how to get a shounen-ai/BL story done right!

This OAD completely lived up to all of my expectations. A round of applause and a basket of kittens and hearts for Studio DEEN for doing justice to one of my more favorite BL title. Everything was what a fan could ask for! They stuck with the manga story for pretty much all of the OAD, the seiyuu’s were brilliant (Bless you Katsuyuki Konishi and TAKASHI KONDO ASHDIAJSDAPSDA YOU MADE RITSU INTO SUCH A LOVABLE ADORABLE SMART LITTLE STALKING DORK <3), the BGM was also very nice (The orgel/music box track in the start, the soft guitar strumming when Ritsu’s debating to jump on Takano’s bed, the soft piano as they do it for the first time, the silly music when Ritsu’s being all flustered and of course the library scene music <3) and the character designs – it was everything I had hoped for.

*VERY VERY amused* Whats with all those sakura petals in the library? That was like just the right level of cheese I like in my stories. I was giggling at that and going “awww thats kinda sweet! Unrealistic…but sweeeeeet~” But I think that was my favorite bit of the whole OAD. I mean oh GAWD it was just TOO GODDAMNED SWEET AND ADORABLE AND CUTE AND AND AND *arm flailing* The music, the voices, the colors…it all came together so so perfectly. I kinda teared up when Ritsu was being all flustered and apologizing again and again while holding onto Saga.

Oh oh another part that I LOVED was they showed Ritsu’s explanation of when a person confesses. I admit that THAT part has always been one of my more favorite parts! Ritsu’s thoughts on that whole thing was just so very cute~ and I REALLY like that idea XD that there’s a cup of love and its filled with a liquid and it keeps filling up and up until one day it over flows and thats when you confess. Don’t shoot me for this Ritsu but thats such a CUTE girly notion *hands on her face as she squees* TOO ADORABLE <3 and Stalker! Ritsu you are SO FUCKING CUTE XD AND FLUSTERED! RITSU OMG *giggling behind her hand* TOO TOO CUTE! Made me wish I could grab the boy and twirl around ala Tamaki style going “GOOD GOOD! VERY GOOD!”

and I LOVE that they mixed flashbacks with the present. I think for a first time watcher it’ll raise some interesting questions. Like “How’d they go from being a sweet couple to a pair of arguing idiots where Ritsu is clearly NOT happy working with Takano (or his flirting)” and “What happened with Ritsu that he went from being a sweet innocent boy to a cantankerous adult” XD Aaaaand “Takano? Saga? What happened there??”

To be totally honest, I was slightly scared that the animated quality would be lower than what I was hoping for. I mean, the trailer seemed a tad….off in terms of animation. Color me very very happy to be completely wrong on that account. The animation was smooth. Or wait, lemme say that again. It was smoooooooooooo~th. XD When Takano pulls the curtains closed – fffffffffffff <3 So smooth~ like silk <3  And also when Takano unbuttons Ritsu’s gakuran. FFFF SO NICELY DONE *thumbs up* Oh oh oh oh and I LOVE the little change that they did in that bedroom scene. When Takano takes Ritsu’s hand and pulls it to his cheek and tells him “You touch me too” oooooo *melts* that was so much more sweeter than the scene in the manga~ for once, thank you for adjusting the BL content XD I am completely at peace with the fact that there was a big lack of bodily fluids. The whole thing carries a more sweeter air without it. Nanka…*scratches head* its got a real feel of a first love story non? “It was simple, it was sweet, it was amazing” kinda feeling…

Though it was pretty much clear that this OAD was targeted towards the present fans. Though I do question the timing of it..wouldn’t it have been better to have released this perhaps a week or two after the first eps? I mean, they give away a lot of points before hand for the story. Then again, perhaps they did that so that it’ll make understanding some points of the story easier when they start the anime? . . . yeah that one kinda makes sense. That way the reader is in the know bout it and going “AAAAAAAAH WHEN is the character gonna find out about this?! kuuuuuu *hair ruffling*”

Can I now dare to hope that this will be even better than Junjou Romantica?! *sparkly eyes of hope* I already think that SiH is a better story than Junjou Romantica (though I very very VERY fond of Egoist <3) and that SiH’s artwork is better. Dare a fangirl dream? 8D  8th April, HURRY THE FUCK UP! :’D There’s so so so many scenes that I am now looking forward too!

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