Summary Key Points:


  • Natsu defeats Gray in the fight, but is tricked and captured
  • Erza and Lucy arrive to help, but run into some mimick beasts
  • The episode ends with daphine releasing her artificial Dragon with natsu’ as its core, calling it a Draganoid


Opinions: (D)

I never thought I’d see Fairy Tail reach its 70th episode with its weakest episode ever. As far as fillers go, this entire arc is an insult to the wonderful world and characters of Fairy Tail, and leaves a rather bitter taste.

This episode was by far the worst. For one thing, Daphine went from being funny to just friggin annoying as hell. I wanted to just wring her neck throughout the episode, as she continued to be cryptic and annoying. Daphine isn’t one of those villains that you hate, she’s one of those characters that you just can’t stand and wish never existed.

I seriously don’t appreciate the position Gray is in. He better have a damned good reason for doing what he is, and it could just be Daphine lying and saying that he’s doing this of his free will. If he is, however, doing this of his own free will, then Damn… did they just piss over his character. Gray isn’t an absolute jerk, nor does he rely on stupid trickery to win.

I can see that the guys over at A1 Pictures are trying to make the filler arc interesting by having Gray suddenly become the villain, but this whole thing just seems like its in poor taste.

The battles between Erza/Lucy and the weird Lizard things were pretty lame too. The only upside was that we got to see Locke and Virgo again, but the whole thing was a bit too short to justify this. I would’ve rather we had had an arc like the Love potion arc where everything had been mostly focused on comedy rather than this absolute crap of a plot and trampling of characters.

All in all, I hated this episode. Its dissapointing and a huge mockery to both the characters and everything that’s been done so far. I only hope that this is the lowest Fairy Tail will ever go, because honestly… if it goes any lower, I’ll be afraid…. very afraid. There’s still a few more episodes in this arc left I reckon, so God help us.


Gray takes on Natsu, next week!

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