Omega Red has Logan captured in his tentacles but he manages to get out of em. Their fight moves into a nearby street but in the end, Logan manages to defeat Red completely. Logan and Yukio hurry to the estate but its too late (Shingen and company has flown the coop for Madripoor). At the scene of the crime where Red was, a mysterious craft and people show up (from ep 1) to take Red away. Logan arrives at the Shigen estate to find Kikyo waiting for him. The mysterious folks operate on Omega Red, planting a new synthesizer in him but its still a temporary measure. Logan asks if Kikyo was the one who killed Asano but the long haired man is not aware of who Logan is asking about.

The police shows up at the estate but Logan and Kikyo take their fight outside the estate. The results from Asano’s autopsy are in – yes he died from a wound to the chest but they found a strand of hair in his mouth which is from his culprit. Kikyo and Logan’s fight gets interrupted by Omega Red (who looks a lot like a worn out rusted toaster). Kikyo lets Omega Red fight it out with Logan and Logan busts Red up…again. And turns to Kikyo – who declines the fight saying that he doesnt want to fight a guy whose worn out.

O HAI ITS THE BLACKBIRD 8D I was expecting a cameo from the Xmen and its Scooter~ hai hai hai Cyke! He came on Logan’s request and takes Yukio and Logan to Madripoor. But they both are ambushed by some low level thugs. Logan leaves the rest to Yukio and heads off in search of Mariko. Then he’s ambushed again and he beats the crap outta the guys before hes attacked by another bunch of guys. Logan is not pleased. He snags a bike and is off but is unaware that he is being watched by someone via surveillance cameras.

Whilst running away from another bunch of thugs, a girl shows up to help him out. She hopes that he’ll help their cause as they arn’t working for Kurohagi. Logan demands that she tell him where the man is and she tells him. At Dragon Palace, Kurohagi’s pad, Shingen is showing off his sword skills to various people. Hideki is made aware that Logan is on the island. He sends out a giant samurai looking thing after Logan. Min and Logan are shocked to find a giant ass samurai blocking their path. Min identifies it as a Vadhaka statue come to life. The pair run through the streets avoiding the statue only to find more thugs coming after them. Some new guys show up to beat the crap outta the first thugs…only to run back into the statue.  Logan takes the brunt of the statue’s beating while protecting Min. Yukio shows up to save Min and reminds Logan of his goal. She watches Logan fight the statue before lending him a helping hand. But its no good – the statue is still up and running.

Turns out that Min is the one whotakes the thing down. She takes Logan down into the sewers where they meet her friends. But he gets stopped by an old man who seems to know who he is. While Vadhaka gets worked on, Kikyo also shows up on the island in search of Logan and Yukio gets captured. While showing Logan the way to the Dragon Palace, Koh tells Logan that the wedding will be happening quicker than anticipated. And he wants Logan to help in their fight – to get rid of Kurohagi.

Koh explains that a long time ago, he was in conflict with the elder Kurohagi over turf. Shingen showed up and in exchange for control over a certain part of Madripoor, Shingen would have Koh assassinated. Guess who the assassin was (Miyuki, Yukio’s mom).  Koh’s son was Koh’s bodyguard but he still fell in love with Miyuki. Even though Koh was against it at first, he tried to help the couple and tried to help them escape from Madripoor but Kurohagi found out. But in the end, Shingen showed up to put down Miyuki and Kai, Koh’s son. Koh barely manages to get away by jumping off the cliff. All channels suddenly show an unconscious Yukio being held hostage aaaaand Koh reveals that he is Yukio’s grandpere *ba-dum-tsch*

The factory where Yukio is being kept is heavily fortified with the bad guys planted inside a secure block of…i dunno what but they seem confident that Logan won’t be able to do any harm to it. Logan and Koh discuss how Logan can get to Dragon Palace using the “Hell Road” – there is no irony in its name. The plan is to use Logan as a distraction while Koh and his people can attack but before that Logan heads out to rescue Yuriko. The gal in question is already working to save herself. But before she can do any damage, Kurohagi shoots Yukio with the same drug that slowed Logan down (in a shorter dose). Kurohagi gives the goons a dart with the drug (with a concentrated amount of the drug) to use on Logan.

The wedding ceremony preps are beyond full swing but Mariko is hardly happy. Logan rides towards the factory and fights off one obstacle after another. Inside, Logan manages to find the entrance to the metal block and saves Yukio. Snagging the drug dart, the pair leave for the Dragon Palace.  Hideki is pissed that Logan has evaded his grasp yet again and Koh and his troops ready for battle.

Score: B+/A+

Wow. These four episodes had enough action packed in em to go up against a Jean Claude Van Dam movie! Like, holy smokes seriously. This series feels way more American cause of all this action. Its like ‘bang bang pow smack snickt slash raaaaaaaaaaaawr’ every few minutes. And toss some plot in between the open spaces and voila~ its one hell of an entertaining series.

Am I the only one who was disappointed at how QUICKLY Omega Red got turned into a burnt out toaster? I mean…seriously! Its Omega fucking Red. NOT some random thug or anything. The guy was a powerhouse and Logan just went ‘snickety snick yer sheesh kabaabs bub’. I was like “…THATS IT? NOT KOOL D:”

And also, am I the only one who is getting well…annoyed of Mariko? I mean she just sits there…with her “im so sad” look on her face and just…doing nothing. Please do..something. Anything. Speaking up would even work at this point. And MAD sword skills from Shingen :O Though now I’m gonna take back what I said before that Shingen might turn to the good side. I change that prediction to one that he will turn against Hideki.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand speakin of that lout, I wouldnt be surprised if he pumped himself fully of his weird drugs to fight Logan only to have his ass handed over to him on a plate. I’m expectin that now. And when Logan fights him off, Shingen is gonna face off Koh! But then those mysterious guys in white are gonna show up and take Hideki away and Logan will give chase!

Asano’s murderer wasnt Kikyo :O Well thats a slight shock!  I was totally thinkin that it was the long haired guy but…huh…who was it then? Was it Yukio herself? Or perhaps someone from the white covered guys side? IDK *scratches head*

Interesting that Kikyo would have the same powers as Logan. Healing powers AND an adamantium blade?And can i be amused and pissed that in the usual Marvel fashion, NOTHING is slowing Logan down? Instead hes all “RAWR EAT THIS BUB!” snickt, slash, hack, stab, maim, kill, blooooooooood. Yep…typical *bemused*

Question: Can you REALLY park the Blackbird on top of a building like that? Oo I mean…does physics allow it? I was like “asudbgaoshidsa DONT JUST LAND THE BLACKBIRD ON TOP OF A BUILDIN CYKE ARE YOU NUTS?! . . . . hey look at that, the building didnt fal. ACK THOSE JET THRUSTERS ARE TOta..lly…gonna make the…why didnt the building fall? what is this? Oo;;;; “And also that metal block room thing in which Yukio was being held…the HELL was that made outta :O

Would I get snickted if I said “oh just SAVE the damn woman already Logan. And get to who those mad scientists are PLEASE.”? XD I’m getting just a wee bit tired of all the “IMMA GUNNA SAVE MARIKO!”

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