Sayaka is having a hard time dealing with the revelation that she’s not technically human anymore. Kyoko approaches her and explains how she became a Puella Magi and Sayaka admits that her opinion of the other girl has changed but she still stands by her own way of doing things. Hitomi also approaches Sayaka and tells her that she has liked Kyousuke for a while but hasn’t confessed to him because she feels that Sayaka deserves that change first. So she gives Sayaka a deadline, after which she will confess to Kyousuke. Sayaka however feels that she cannot be with Kyousuke given her non-human state and continues with her Puella Magi duties…albeit in a more crazed way than before. Much to Kyoko and Madoka’s shock.

Sayaka is clearly tired from her fight but still exchanges harsh words with Madoka before running away. Homura and Kyoko have a strategy meeting at her house which is crashed by Kyubey. He simply warns them about Sayaka before leaving. Sayaka skips school but watches Hitomi and Kyousuke from afar and that just adds to her growing instability. Homura shows up and they palaver. Homura insists that shes there to help but Sayaka refuses to believe her, saying that Homura clearly has other plans. Homura relents, saying that she speaks the truth and is ready to kill Sayaka but Kyoko intervenes. On the way home, Sayaka overhears two guys talking bad about a woman and confronts them.

Madoka meets Kyubey in a park – asking if Kyubey would make her a Puella Magi in exchange for turning Sayaka back into a human. But before she can complete her request, Homura guns Kyubey down. She breaks down, tearfully begging Madoka to think more of the people who care about her and are trying to protect her. Madoka however leaves, resuming her search for Sayaka. Kyubey tells Homura that its useless trying to kill him as he has many bodies to jump back into. And his suspicions turn out correct, Homura is not from this time line. Homura says that she won’t let his plans succeed, she knows what he is and what he’s planning – referring to him as Incubator. Kyoko manages to find Sayaka and sits down next to her. Sayaka reveals her Soul Gem which has darkened/become corrupt. Kyoko can only watch in horror as Sayaka’s Soul Gem turns into a Grief Seed.

Score: A+/A+

Words cannot express my complete and utter SHOCK at the revelations of these two episodes. I mean, Jesus! Throw in Joseph and Mary in there for good measure! I lost count of how many times I went “My GOD!” and “Good GOD in Heaven!” during these eps! THIS show = THE BEST show of the season. No exceptions, no questions, NO DOUBT BOUT IT.

Sayaka. Oh Sayaka…there’s no one I feel as bad for as I do a bout Sayaka. I mean, talk about getting the short end of the thorny stick. She finds out that she gave away her humanity for the sake of a guy that she can now never have AND that she’ll have to watch her best friend hook up with him? Yeah, that’s a Pit o’ Despair alright. I really felt for the girl and I really…got where she was coming from.

Kyoko’s history was…surprising. I wasnt expecting anything like that to be totally honest. I was expecting her wish to be something way more selfish like…a wish for more power, plain and simple. Really didn’t think that she’d also have made a self-less wish. And ho nelly, that explains why she also went “Making wishes for someone else will come back to bite you in the ass”. Her story also very clearly highlighted what would happen if Sayaka were to stay with Kyousuke. And in a nut shell ladies and gents…FUCKING SUCKS. And her break down? Brilliant! It was BRILLIANTLY done man! Going from “Savior of Justice” to “”Oh my GOD, what have I become?!” to “I’m gonna deal with my issues by beating the HELL outta the enemy and not take care of myself” to “What the hell am I fighting for? Is this world worth saving? You know, Fuck you world”. Brilliant…and tragic. Oh so tragic. Then again, it was kinda obvious that it would happen no? One of those things that when you say playing out in front of you, you just shake your head and go “I’m not too surprised to hear that.”

Sayaka and Madoka’s conversation was just….sad to hear. I felt equal parts angry at Madoka for her naivety and angry at Sayaka for lashing out at Madoka. I mean, YES you have issues up the wazoo but that still doesnt give you the right to take it out on your best friend who is currently the only friend really on your side!  Seeing Sayaka self-destruct all in all, was just heart breaking. Not only because all of her story just wound up being more tragic than Romeo and Juliet but also how its gonna affect Madoka. Its just…..shit. *sighs*

Homura! Well well WELL. Looks like a lotta folks called it right – she is INDEED a time traveler. Now the question remains – what when is she from and who exactly is she. During her mini-break down in front of Madoka, its safe to say that its someone close to her. Her daughter from the future? Her mother? Her cat? IDEK *runs into a wall* If she’s a time traveler, does that mean that her wish was to come back in time in order to save Madoka? But save her from what? From becoming a Puella Magi? From some disaster that would occur if she becomes a Puella Magi? And that reminds me! WHAT THE HELL was up with her room? I found myself completely unable to FOCUS on the conversation given that creepy pendulum sword thing that was swinging between her and Kyoko. I was like “wtf is that?!?!?” And is Homura using her information from the future to aid her in the past? Like, when Kyoko asks how Homura knows where Walpurgis Night is gonna start, Homura knows of this cause shes from the future and its already happened? And she knew that Puella Magi turn into Witches because…it happened to someone she knew? idk *shrugs*

KYUBEY D: OH MY GOD RUN AWAY FROM THE CUTE GUY CAUSE HE’S EVIL INCARNATE AS WE ALL FEARED *jumps behind a sofa and puts on her army helmet* Incubator you say? FOR WHAT?! *scared as hell expression* Was it for that giant ass evil thing-a-ma-jiggy that we saw in episode 1? Or is it something worse? Holy shiznick this shit just got REAL. AND HOLY SHIT ON A STICK! HE ATE HIS OWN BODY?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! D: Nightmares! I’m gonna have nightmares about that!

And yet again, who ever called that Puella Magi turn into witches. You just won the lottery *tosses around confetti* and now lets all sing the Circle of Life cause THATS what its turned out to be. Witches kill humans, Puella Magi protect humans and kill witches, Puella Magi eventually turn into witches. orz *headdesks* Its one brick to the head after another. Homura clearly knew that THAT was gonna happen to Sayaka yet….she didn’t say a word. Thats interesting….also interesting that she would rather kill Sayaka instead of forcing her to cleanse her Soul Gem. Odd…very odd indeed. So she DOES have her own plan but does it go beyond just saying Madoka? I get the feeling that saving Madoka somehow is just a smaller step to her grander plan.

*curls up in her corner and rocks back and forth* He ate his own body….he ate his own body….oh god….

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