Summary Key Points:


  • Accelerator and MISAKA MISAKA/Last Order are walking on a rainy afternoon when MISAKA MISAKA trips herself
  • Hurt, MISAKA MISAKA asks for a bandage, resistive at first, Accelerator ends up going to the nearest store to get some
  • As he is coming back, he is attacked by men in military gear
  • It turns out that a scientist named Kirihara is behind the attack
  • Kirihara is after MISAKA MISAKA, but before she can be taken away, accelerator uses his powers to wisk her away
  • As Kirihara is about to kill Accelerator, Index interrupts
  • Elsewhere, Touma is looking for Index where he runs into a ton of Anti skills who suddenly all fall unconscious before his very eyes
  • A Nearby receiver states that an intruder has just waltzed through the front gate of Academy city
  • Touma runs into MISAKA MISAKA, who begs him to save Accelerator
  • Meanwhile, near the city gate, the Intrudor grabs a receiver and talks to Alestair
  • The woman proclaims that she will destroy him, Academy city, the Imagine breaker and Index
  • The episode ends as Alestair commands Kirihara to go with the plan and bring one of the Misaka’s to the established point.
  • He remarks that the real big showtime has now begun.


Opinions: (A+)

Wow… Just… Wow!!! I was expecting something good, but It seems like Index II is bringing the big guns for the last two episodes. It seems like this is going to be the big expansive arc that encompasses all characters in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe as both Science and Magic come into direct collision.

First… we have Accelerator and his whole thing with Kirihara. Not only is Accelerator extremely badass, but he gets his own badass villain/enemy named Kirihara. Kirihara is pretty epic. He pretty much owned a character that seemed pretty overpowered to begin with. Dissecting his power and then going as far as to take him down.

The evolution of Accelerator’s character from the brute he used to be to the guy who’s only concern is protecting MISAKA MISAKA/The Last Order, its pretty nice to see. As I heard him go on about lady luck and what not, I expected he was asking for some help for himself. But no, even after he had pushed MISAKA MISAKA out of harm’s way, he still was worried about her.

I think the contrast wouldn’t have been as evident if not for the intense and very well animated action scene where he used his vector powers to take down those armed men like the monster he is.

Now, here I was thinking we’d get a decently big arc focused on Acclerator and MISAKA MISAKA, but boy were things even bigger than I thought. We get that dudette from a few episodes ago waltz into Academy City and proclaim to Alastair that she’s going destroy everything. We already expected her to take a stab at Touma sooner or later, but it happening at the same time as the Accelerator thing is just made of win.

Added to that, it seems Alastair was the one who is behind Kirihara’s actions, although Kirihara’s decision to kill Accelerator is probably of his own violation. It seems like there was a deeper purpose behind having all those Misaka clones, and it seems like Alastair has a pretty interesting plan to deal with the Roman Catholic Church’s latest attack. Of course, we know Touma isn’t going to stand for it, especially after this:

We Know Touma is Fucking Pissed now!

With Index paired up with Accelerator, and Touma paired up with MISAKA MISAKA/Last Order, we knows those two teams are definitely going to be working in tandem. Added to that, I’m sure the real Misaka Mikoto, Kokoro, Uihara and everyone else will be dragged into this.

It seems like the series is going to end on a really high note, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Finally! The wait is for, Index II is bringing in the awesome!


Things get more intense as Kirihara, Accelerator and Touma make their moves!

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