10 years of wasted effort! Merry is told that she has no way of going back and, not only that, she has not been sending the Dream Demons back to their world… she has been eliminating them completely.

Merry just started to get use to life with Yumeji and began to even enjoy the days, after a whole 10 years. It’s a pity that things turn around suddenly at the end. Before I get into anything else, Merry and Yumeji’s relationship has definitely improved! Merry openly talks about her feelings and doesn’t try to hide her joy like a tsundere would because of embarrassment (</3 tsunderes). She even sheds a few tears and tells Yumeji, “You made me into someone.” Very nice~ very nice, indeed.

Yui, Engi’s vessel, is quite odd. She has some weird fascination with strange toys. It’s too bad that her encounter with Yumeji and Merry was misunderstood by Nao. Just like in the second episode, Yui accepted the Dream Demon Engi peacefully. Engi surprised me with how she asked Yui to become her vessel. I wasn’t even expecting for Engi to ask, she seemed the type to just take by force. Also, seeing as Engi is searching for her sister makes her less of a bad person. I’m not sure if I’d call her a good person though.

Finding out that all of Merry’s work and effort won’t get her back was a big shock for not only Merry and Yumeji but also for us! Her shock is so great that she ends up caught by Engi’s swords even after Yumeji tried to protect her from them. He then does something completely heroic and awesome: he takes the brunt of Engi’s attack in order to shield Merry. (Reminded me of Soul Eater)

Score: A- / A+

I don’t know how Yumeji was able to pretend that his wound was not a big deal! For Merry it was more than a big deal. Merry was so shocked (again but even more so than before) that she actually showed her true powers which was hinted in the OP. She almost destroyed Engi!

After the Daydream I thought that Yumeji would still have his wound bleeding a lake but apparently it wasn’t. It was definitely obvious that he was lying about being alright. At least he was able to hold out until he got home I guess. But I think it wasn’t really his injury that caused him to pass out but it was more of Chaser’s doing. I honestly couldn’t understand the whole event between Yumeji and the Chaser. All that I could get out of it is that Heracles is super strong and he is the cause for many Dream Demons crossing over. Also that Merry somehow got involved and ended up on this side. Heracles may be the way back for Merry. If anyone can please explain it to me I would be eternally grateful :). I think I’ve been doing too much schoolwork to actually understand simple stuff XD.

Merry’s reaction when Yumeji finally woke up would have been the same reaction I would have had if my boyfriend lied about being fine. It was such an adorable scene! She really cares for him especially to stay by his side the entire time. Kyaaaaa~ screenshot above~

Score: A- / A+

Btw, Isana’s hairstyle is similar to Alicia’s from Valkyria Chronicles. And I am worrying about this beach episode. -_-

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