Kyoko backs down after coming face to face with Homura and Homura scolds Madoka for being an idiot and always sticking her nose into the Puella Magi business. Homura wants Kyoko to take over the town but after she (Homura) deals with Sayaka. Madoka shows her extremely naive and “I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVE AND GOOD!” which gets shot by Sayaka’s realism and “open your eyes and see things for the way they are!” with a good dose of “I fight to protect those I love, even if it means going against my own people.” Madoka and her mom talk, the highlight of the talk being ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’ and that at times you gotta do a wrong thing for things to turn out right.

Sayaka finds out that Kamijou got sent home but Kyoko follows her and they decide to fight it out. Kyubey brings Madoka to where the pair is gonna start but before Sayaka can transform, Madoka grabs Sayaka’s Soul Gem and tosses it off the bridge (onto a moving truck). Turns out that a Puella Magi’s soul and self resides inside her Soul Gem and her body is basically ‘hardware’ – if the Soul Gem gets over 100 meters away from the body, the Puella Magi ‘dies’. Kyoko is pissed as hell at Kyubey, who is merely puzzled at why they are so bent outta shape over this trivial matter but Homura manages to retrieve the Soul Gem and Sayaka wakes up.

Score: A/A+

Oh snap! So many lessons from this weeks episode from which I think the biggest was “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” . . . and also maybe that Sayaka (while she may have noble intentions) IS gonna get her ass handed to her soon. Because come on, shes clearly on the weak side of the power scale especially against Homura and Kyoko.

Kyubey suspects something from Homura. WHAT WAS IT? D: What he referring to the Walpurgis Night thing? And while talking of the little guy… so he can ‘eat’ the Grief Seed’s? Ooookay that’s… strange. Not in the good way. Plus that thing that he said that bout how the Puella Magi needs to make sure that her Soul Gem is clear and bright…that makes me think that those speculations bout witches being ex-Pulla Magi MIGHT BE RIGHT. That if your Soul Gem goes dark…the Puella Magi turns into a witch. Whew, scary thought that one.

Kyoko saying that the point of magic is make your own wish come true and not to use it for someone else’s sake…and also “didn’t Mami tell you about that?”…did anyone else think that maybe thats hinting that Mami got the wrong side of that deal? Speaking of the wrong side of the deal, Kyubey is practically like near BEGGING for Madoka to become a Peulla Magi ain’t he? And OH. MY. GAWD. I wanted to slap that little ferret around when he was acting all confused and shit over the soul part. HEY BITCH, SHUT UP! D:  And atleast I got my question answered that clearly Kyubey does NOT have a good idea about how human emotions work – damn you you little ferret. And hey when you said that ‘eating’ Grief Seeds is one of your jobs….what OTHER jobs do you have? Oo;;;;;

Ooooooh so Homura’s powers are super speed! That explains her “now you see me, now you dont!” thing during fights. Though hurm hurm *taps her chin* How’d she know about Kyoko? And MAN that is one confusing chick. She’s willing to hand over the town to a ruthless girl like Kyoko? What’s her end goal (keeping Madoka out of the equation)? Then again….she’s pretty ruthless as well if she was willing and ready to get rid of Sayaka (in her sweet time).Gyah she’s a scary as hell chick T_T and oooh Walpurgis Night eh? Was THAT what we saw in the opening sequence of the show?

And oh Jesus CHRIST on a cracker, Madoka you are SO damn naive. Kinda makes me wanna bang my head into a wall. I mean, you are a REGULAR girl sticking your nose where it seriously don’t belong and you WILL get killed at this damn rate! Fine yer worried about yer friend but JEEZ why pull shit like THAT when you don’t even know what the consequences will be?!?!? D: The better option mighta been to just grab Sayaka and to just run! Or maybe knock her out and drag her away….

On Sayaka. She strikes me as…you know…the guy in a shounen manga who will be like “Aniki! I’ll follow you anywhere! I’ll fight by your side and protect you in any way i can!” and then when they come against a bad guy, that guy runs forward to protect the hero and then winds up getting horribly killed….Her intentions are very noble and all but I get the feeling that they arn’t really gonna get her far in her Puella Magi life. Though whoa at the major reactions when she thinks that Homura’s the reason behind Mamis death O_O Did….no one tell her Mami tied Homura up when they were coming in? Oh crap = =

But thank you Sayaka for trying to talk some damn sense into Madoka – she needs a major reality check so that she stops sticking her nose into highly dangerous situations. Though her utopian view on the whole situation would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. I mean…’talk with Kyoko’…seriously? SERIOUSLY? ARE YOU FLIPPIN NUTS? THAT wouldn’t work at ALL because Kyoko and Sayaka’s reasons for fighting/philosophies are so DRASTICALLY different! They would never ever EVER get along in the way that Madoka wants them too : Why doesn’t Madoka get that being a Puella Magi ISN’T as sparkly and awesome as she thinks it is?

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