We’re shown Sayaka making her contract with Kyubey. Sayaka and Madoka talk a bit about the former becoming a Puella Magi. Sayaka visits Kyousuke who is shocked but happy at the miracle which has enabled him to play the violin again. Kyoko scopes out the competition and Kyubey warns her bout Homura. Madoke meets with Homura and asks her to get along with Sayaka however the dark haired girl is her usual self saying that she can’t really promise anything. Sayaka and Kyubey leave to patrol the city in search of witches and Madoka asks to accompany them. Sayaka gratefully accepts the offer saying that she’s sure to be more careful if Madoka is with her. During patrol, they come across a witch’s familiar and Sayaka starts to fight with it.

Only to be interrupted by Kyoko, who tells them to wait for the familiar to devour a few humans and become a witch (then harvest the Grief’s Seed). Kyoko’s cold and arrogant manner makes Sayaka angry, who basically questions the red haired girl’s attitude towards human life. Kyoko on the other hand is irritated by Sayaka’s ‘half assed’ reason for becoming a Puella Magi. The two begin to fight (Kyubey reveals that because Sayaka’s made a healing contract, she herself heals faster as well. HMMM!) and just when it seems that Sayaka’s gonna bite the dust – Homura jumps in between Kyoko and Sayaka. Not only halting the fight temporarily, but also stopping Madoka from making her wish to become a Puella Magi.

Score: A/A+

Yet again, this episode was what I was expecting and a bit of what I wasn’t expecting. I love it when a show makes me go “Ooooh i knew that was gonna happen BUT DAMN I didn’t expect THAT one!” Really keeps you on your toes. Lots of interesting little details and tit-bit’s of information was provided in this weeks episode and I GOTTA applaud the fact that 5 weeks in, the story is still going strong. This is one DAMN solid show. Awesome job Gen-san! (Though I’m still kinda scared/anxious to see how this all will pan out. I’m prepared for unexpected angst!)

There was some recycling of scenes here and there but nothing too glaring obvious I think. The few times they were I was like “Hey wait wasn’t that…huh…musta been I guess.” Though I kinda felt that at some points that the animation was a little….lacking. But that was mostly for the shots of the characters from a distance. Then again, screwy eyes from a far shot isn’t an irregularity in anime non? : And hey hey HEY XD WHAT is with all those “swoosh check my Sunsilk hair out!” shots for Homura? XD Visually, this weeks episode was just wow. The colors, the effects, the angles, the fight sequence in the end, the contrasts…fffff. Delish baby, DELISH. AND! The preview image! Yupon from nitro+ making the Puella girls?! EEEEEEEEI TOO CUTE XD (those swirly eyes nitro+ style deformed chibi’s DO take some getting used to but when you DO get used to em, they’re pretty gosh darn cute <3)

Right! SO much interesting information given in this weeks ep! Lets start with Sayaka. The contract – that was…interesting. Not what I had been expecting. It also unexpectedly made me get the thought that maybe the ‘price’ for forming a contract with Kyubey is perhaps a part of the girl’s souls. Come to think of…when a Puella Magi dies, what happens to her Soul Gem? Hmmmmmm.

Kyubey’s interesting information. So he IS one of a kind and every Puella Magi forms a contract with him. Craaaaaaaaaaap that kinda makes me think he’s like a minion of Lucifer who is collecting souls for some darker purpose *panicked look* Well that matter aside, its interesting that at points I think “No this…thing/guy/whatever DOES care about these girls” but at another point I think “Oh no, this guy is REALLY hiding something BAD.” Like that sudden shot we get of Kyubey during Sayaka’s contract. That kinda struck me as…a very dark shot. Kinda like when the good guy gets swindled by the evil witch who has disguised herself y’ know? Creeeeeeeepy.

While on the subject of Kyubey, it leads me to Homura. Kyubey said that he doesn’t know much about her. She’s an irregular. She did and didn’t make a wish with him. . . . buwah? *confused* Which is it bub? Did she or didn’t sh-….wait….It can’t be that someone else wished for Homura to become a Puella Magi in her place? That can’t be….right? And also, Kyubey says “Not even I can predict what she will do” OKAY THAT RINGS MY WARNING BELLS. Does that imply that to a certain level Kyubey can ‘see’ or guess what the girls are gonna do…which means that he can manipulate em into doing stuff which works to his favor?!  . . well that could explain a few things especially when it comes to the girls forming contracts with him. Would explain his very very timely appearance in front of Mami.

Homura Homura Homura. Your cruel to be kind approach is really….;A; I kinda hate the way she just lays the truth just like that on the table. But well…I suppose someone has to be the one who will lay the cold hard truths on the table in order to make sure that Madoka won’t be deluded or naively just walk into this deal. Isn’t it interesting that both Mami and Homura ‘gave up’ yet the way they dealt with it was totally different? Mami become jaded and Homura works to make sure no other girls become Puella Magi. Very interesting. Though talk about an anvil on the head that the ONLY way out of being a Puella Magi…is dying while fighting a witch. Like shit. THAT makes me wonder whats the average lifespan of a Puella Magi. I think that just might depress the fuck outta my soul.

I don’t like Kyoko. I really wanna slam a bat to her head. A bat with NAILS embedded into it. Sheesh seriously. How cold and arrogant and just…JERK ASS ALERT MAN! Are the other Puella Magi like that too? Crap man, then by comparison Homura is a saint and Mami is Jesus! For FRAKS SAKE. Her attitude was just..callous! Though it brought forward a point that was well…already implied. Witches feed of humans, Puella Magi feed of witch’s, ergo, Puella Magi are feeding off humans. Now that’s a creepy ‘whoa that’s cannibalism!’ point. Oh Crap moment anyone? 😛 And I REALLY don’t want Kyoko to be a regular. Just…someone defeat her and send her short ass packing please :B

Sayaka and Madoka. Gyah can I hug these two please? I found it so touching that Madoka wanted to come along to help and make sure that Sayaka wouldn’t do anything rash. Though there was still a good part of her naivety at place I guess. That she’s still going along with Sayaka….I mean, “I know I won’t be any help but I still want to go and help you any way I can.” I’m sorry baby girl but HOW can you? Time and time again Kyubey has stressed that the only way you can ‘help’ is IF yer a Puella Magi. Otherwise…yer just putting yerself in danger…recklessly. And we see that even though she was being beaten down, Sayaka’s determination to see this through is really strong. Guess Mami really left that deep of an impression on her which is just…heart warming at some levels.

I think the MOST interesting piece of information this week was that the contract you make effects the powers you get as a Puella Magi. Sayaka made a contract to heal someone, so her own injuries heal fast. Now THAT raises some interesting wish potentials! That means that if you make the right wish, you could wind up with some serious mojo! And daaaaaaaamn it, now I’m just too damn curious about what wishes the other girls had made *headdesking*

Next week I suppose we’ll see Homura kicking Kyoko’s butt all up and down the alley, Sayaka getting scolded for her choice and Madoka wondering if she’ll become a Puella Magi or not.

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