Merry goes further into detail this week as to why she rejects Yumeji’s offer to help. At first she didn’t want him to help because she thought he was pitying her but then she said that she did not want Yumeji to get caught in the middle. If he were to become a vessel in the midst of things there would be nothing Merry can do to save him. So Merry actually cares (even if it is just a little) for Yumeji. But she is stubborn, so when she comes to save him and declares the enemy as her enemy, she tells Yumeji that the exchange between them (Merry saves Yumeji’s butt and kicks the enemy’s butt and Yumeji helps Merry find her way home) is more like a contract than anything else. And so sheadopts the title “Yumekui Merry”!

The central person of this episode was the novel club’s president Hoshino Mei. Her character was shown quite nicely during the first half and it really demonstrated how level-headed she is. Not only that, but she is kind and knows just what to say to praise Yumeji’s work.

But gray skies are always ominous and this episode does not prove that wrong. The person on the receiving end of President Mei’s texts seemed suspicious from the get-go. Even the look Mei had before she was questioned seemed odd. And so it ended up that Mei got stood up and went to Yumeji’s house afterward.  Merry’s mention of becoming a vessel occured with the President as it turns out and Yumeji saw what it is like when a person is a vessel.  Gladly, the whole event disproves that if Yumeji become a vessel it will be too late. All one must do is activate a Daydream and destroy the Nightmare inside. I was surprised that Yumeji did not mention that to Merry or if it was even thought of.

Elsewhere, Isana has decided to become friends with the enemy. This can go two ways: either it is sure to involve complications in the future or maybe smooth things out. But amazing Dad gave some advice that will most likely help out in some way. Dad is so awesome that he even put Merry to work in a uniform! She could do without the socks but she looks adorable nonetheless! Yumeji’s face was hilarious in response to her attire.

By the way, did anyone else notice that the President has really cute book hair clips? 🙂

And, I apologize for such a late post. You are gladly welcome to throw tomatoes at my teachers.

Score: A- / A+

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