Our protagonists are reunited! Merry can’t believe she spent so much time searching when Yumeji had such a convenient ability. That should teach her to run away from a potential lover!

Yumeji accomplishes quite a lot this episode. He has begun a notebook documenting the events surrounding Merry including coming up with the conclusion that there is a parallel world, he found Merry, he showcases his ability to Merry, and he even gets Merry to let him help her… eh~ maybe not that last part. Yumeji has developed the feelings of wanting to help out Merry and, dare I say, protect her. Yumeji and Merry meet up again just like their first encounter and it went according to the SuperHero Fortune-Teller. The SuperHero said Yumeji was supposed to have the worst of luck, but having Merry dropping in isn’t really the worst, right? And that warning of “Be especially careful of what’s over your head” also helped out in that Daydream. So not really bad luck after all, huh? I’m pretty sure he was quite happy seeing as he wouldn’t stop smiling while he was with Merry. And I found it hilarious how calm he was while in the Daydream!

Merry feels that she is all alone and she also wants to work that way since she rejected Yumeji’s help. But since she looked to the sky and saw those half-donut-shaped clouds, she’ll probably cave in to Yumeji. Her stomach was making the rumblies that only donuts could satisfy.
The victim to this week’s Daydream was a small, young girl named Minato. Ichima was more of a manipulator and she didn’t seem to have much strength or physical power like Chaser John Doe. She must have been successful in getting to Minato only because she was a small girl who is still easy to influence. Ichima reminded me of someone who was mentally ill with a big issue of isolation. Although she was so close to achieving her goal, it was as if she also didn’t want to let go of Minato because she was her only friend.

We got to see some butt from Kawanami in bloomers and it is now definite that  she is coexisting with a Dream Demon. Her eyes also had an odd symbol (if you want to call it that) in them that is similar to Merry’s further proving the fact. I can’t understand why she went and said “Bang!” though. As for the last bad guy who made her appearance, it happens to be another woman, also a Dream Demon, with short silver hair and wings. She is searching for someone and kills another of her kind for not providing her with the information.

Next week’s episode delves into the story of Yumeji’s club’s president Hoshino. Expect some character development and another visit to a daydream! Merry wasn’t shown in the preview… I hope she didn’t wander off by herself some more.

Score: A / A+

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