Sayaka and Madoka are still unsure of what wish to make but they still accompany Mami on the witch hunts. Sayaka visits Kamijou-kun (her brother perhaps? That seems unlikely given how Sayaka seems so taken with him. Childhood friend turned crush?) in the hospital and it seems that he was a violinist but he had a pretty bad accident and can now longer play his beloved violin. Sayaka asks if its alright to make a wish for someone else but Mami warns her that such a wish will have dire consequences. We learn that Mami’s wish wasn’t…exactly her own wish in the sense that she didn’t really have time to deliberate what she wanted. She had been in a horrible car accident and she wished to live. She urges the two to more carefully consider what they would like to wish for.Homura meets Mami and are their usual buddy buddy selves. Homura has also noticed the amazing potential that Madoka holds and reprimands Mami for bringing them into their world. Mami politely tells Homura to frak off and to stop seeking her out. At home, Kyubey reveals that Madoka’s potential as a Puella Magi is really extraordinary and that she could easily be more powerful than Mami. Madoka is taken aback by this reveal.

Sayaka, accompanied by Madoka, goes to the hospital to see Kamijou but is unable to meet him. When they go outside, they find a Grief Seed ready to hatch. Sayaka and Kyubey stay behind to keep an eye on the Seed while Madoka runs to find Mami. Sayaka and Kyubey are sucked inside the witches maze and they wander inside, waiting for Mami and Madoka to show up. Not only do Mami and Madoka enter the maze but Homura also enters. However, Mami ties her up using her powers and tells her to wait like a good girl while she finishes the witch off (Disregarding the dark haired girls warning that this witch is different than the previous ones). On the way to Kyubey and Sayaka, Madoka reveals that she may have decided on a wish. She’s always been a normal girl, not really excelling in any particular area but after meeting Mami and seeing her fight and protecting people, she was really amazed. And if Madoka was capable of doing that, that would be enough to make her dreams come true. So she would wish to live proudly as herself.

Mami however tells her not to look up to her so much because she is not that amazing of a person. She tells Madoka that in the end, shes just pushing herself too hard and is alone at the end of the day. Madoka reminds her that shes not alone anymore. Mami cries in happiness that she is no longer alone but that is when Kyubey warns that the Grief Seed has started moving. Mami and Madoka fight their way through the minions as they make their way to Kyubey and Sayaka. They reach just as the witch comes out. Mami goes all “wham bam bam bang Tiro Finale!” on it but…the witch morphs from its innoent doll form into a grotesque (but kinda cute?) worm/caterpillar/long ass thing and chomps down on Mami.

Madoka and Sayaka are shocked to see their friend killed off in front of them and Kyubey urges them to quickly make their wishes and become Puella Magi. However, Homura has been released from her bonds and shows up to make quick work of the pesky witch. As she passes the pair of shocked girls, she tells them to take a good look at the sight before them. This is what they’ll get for becoming Puella Magi. As the maze disappears, Sayaka tearfully demands Homura to hand the Grief Seed over as it rightfully belongs to Mami. Homura coldly tells them that it belongs to Puella Magi and ordinary humans have no right to hold it. She walks away, leaving Sayaka and Madoka crying at the sudden death of their mentor and friend.

Score: A+/A+

This episode just proved that this show is NOT a moe show. You’re looking for some moe-moe goodness? Look elsewhere pal. You want some good dark stuff? STEP RIGHT IN. *frantic pointing of fingers and arm windmilling* WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WHY!? I never saw that one coming! I wasn’t expecting THAT to happen AT ALL. I sat up like a shot in my seat when the witch came like THIS close to Mami’s face and went “No. No. NO NO NO This isn’t..OH FRAK NOOOOOOOOOO!” That was so sad and shocking! ;A; HOW was that fair?! The poor girl just had realized that she wasn’t alone her her Puella Magi world and then she goes and gets killed like that! ・゜・(つД`)・゜・

The ED! *pounces on it and hugs it tightly* Kalafina – Magia just might be the BEST ED this season. To me atleast. Its so dark and melodic! It has such a nice evil rock feel to it <3 And that sad, dramatic violin near the end? And the last guitar riff? Then there’s the opening chanting? GYAAAAH. Crowning Music of Awesome man!More love for the BGM this week. When is its OST coming out? I wanna know already so I can stalk a few places to get my hands on it *impatient foot tapping*

Homura…by GOD you are confusing the hell outta me. What the hell is your agenda? What do you REALLY want? Okay so you’ve noticed that Madoka’s got some wicked potential to be an Puella Magi (to the point that Kyubey admits that he can’t even guess how big her Soul Gem is gonna be) but really…WHAT is your deal? Is it like Mami pointed out that she just doesn’t wanna get upstaged by a more powerful player on the field? Does she have some insight that Mami didn’t? And like I said last week, this girl REALLY needs to work on her social skills cause otherwise, shes a total Ice Queen and toeing the line of Jerk Ass.

It was interesting to see that during Mami and Madoka’s heart to heart within the maze, when Mami realized that she wasn’t alone anymore, the … environment changed. It went from raining capsules to warm glowing lights rising around them. Could this be an important point where your emotions allow you to manipulate the area within the maze? Hmmmm!

Coming over to Madoka and Sayaka. I think it’s pretty much definite that Sayaka is gonna wish for Kamijou to be able to play the violin again but the real question is, how is that gonna warp things up? Mami warns her not to make such a wish but I’m more interested in knowing in more concrete terms what the side effect is of making a wish for someone else (as opposed to the contract holder making a wish for herself). Could Sayaka making that wish be one of the triggers that made the world go all post-apocalypse like we saw in the start of episode 1? Probably too soon to make that guess. Coming over to Madoka, I think her wish was…interested and it showed what kinda girl Madoka was. Yes it was naive but at the same time it was so sweet that Madoka thinks that just by becoming a Puella Magi, her dreams can come true. And while she had been explaining her thoughts, I DID get the thought “Is she saying that she just wants to live as herself and not change or something?” I was close XD I personally don’t think its that its THAT bad of a wish to live proudly as yourself…but Mami also had a point that Madoka should consider how she can benefit from the wish. Anything means anything and the sky is the limit. Then again I don’t think that that approach will work with Madoka because she doesn’t seem like a selfish girl at heart.

*sits up* WAIT A MINUTE. If the sky is the limit, can Sayaka or Madoka wish for Mami to come back? Is that possible? Kyubey had said that any manner of miracle was possible but does that extend to bringing the dead back to life? And yeah yeah I can hear some of you going “But they never showed her dead body!” But come on…that witch BIT ON Mami’s head. And the ribbons holding Homura up dissolved and there was Homura’s reaction to that as well…But yeah back to the first point…can Kyubey pull that off? Will the girls wish for that? . . . God I hope not. I don’t want them to pull something that selfish off.

THAT reminds me…can Kyubey expressions…change? Or does he just have one face? BECAUSE SEEING THAT NEKO SMILE WHEN MADOKA AND SAYAKA ARE CRYING LIKE THAT WAS FUCKING CREEPY. I seriously wanted to smack that smile off or just back away from my screen. It seriously frakking FREAKED ME OUT. And also his reaction after Mami’s death. It wasn’t to tell Sayaka and Madoka to run but it was “Quick make a wish and become a Puella Magi!” Does that…thing, whatever Kyubey is, have emotions? GOD DAMN I don’t think he does. Because I dunno anyone but a sick twisted individual who would smile/have that expression after a character death. *shudders* FREAKY AS HELL. Speaking of creepy as hell, anyone note the Faust references in episode 2? Foreshadowing? Oh God this just gets creepier and creepier ever episode. DON’T TRUST THE CUDDLE WORTHY BUNNY RABBIT THING GIRLS!

Is this the last that we’ve seen of Mami? I really wonder about that…something in me is going that she’ll be back and as the bad guy but hey I’ve been plenty wrong before. I don’t wanna see Mami as the bad guy but it would make for some incredible angst to see Madoka and Sayaka fight against the very person they so looked up to. Very Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker XD

Now I’m gonna go, listen to Magi till its deeply etched into my brain. Cause this song KICKS ASS.

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