Before I get down to the opinions, firstly, KYAAAAAAAAAAAA thank you thank you THANK YOU for season 02 of Kimi ni Todoke ;A; *grabs all the characters in a hug* I missed you guys~ . . . or well I missed seeing you animated. I’ve been reading the manga since before season 01 started and also know what’s coming up so I’ll try to keep all spoilers away from the reviews 🙂

Oh that OP <3 Just so very KnT! The gentle beat, the guitar which pulls your heart with a ‘twang’ and then the way it picks up just a bit. And the art accompanying the music – so whimsical and lovely. Oh and SUPER MARU~ *glomps* <3

So! A real quick recap of where we dropped things off. Kazehaya likes Sawako and Sawako eventually came to realize that she likes him too. But Kurumi also likes Kazehaya and was running interference between them for a while but then come the Sport’s Festival, due to various circumstances, she confessed to Kazehaya but was rejected. And Kazehaya and Sawako went on hatsumode together (yay~ date-o date-o~) and now its February which means…VALENTINES DAY~

Episode 01

Sawako’s reactions when she’s making the cards for everyone’s chocolates…when she comes onto Kazehaya’s card especially. KEEEEEEEEEE *hugs Sawako till she turns blue* YOU ADORABLE GIRL YOU~ MAJI JUNJOU~ <3 But her silly assumptions when she fails to hand his chocolate over. I SWEAR if she wasn’t so adorable, I’d totally hit her. I mean come on, that scenario where she imagines herself giving Kazehaya the chocolates like Chizuru. OH MY GAWD *pointing and laughing* XD Craaaacky~ And then when she realizes that shes unconsciously kinda ‘level-up-ed’ Kazehaya’s chocolates. Crowning moment of heartwarming or Crowning moment of funny? Or Funny heart warming? XD

Other amusing reactions – Kazehaya when he realizes that he ate Sawako’s chocolate. Why turning white there boya? XD But I really felt bad for Kazehaya in the end. He was so obviously expecting something from Sawako and yet didn’t get it. And course the salt to the wound that EVERYONE including PIN got chocolates and yet…he didn’t. Show of hands who wanted to hug the boy when he was leaving school….alone…in the cold….;A; Course I can also blame Kurumi for her (tasteless and unnecessary) meddling teasing. Y’ ain’t their Cupid or anything so just butt out woulda you *kicks her out of the room* AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH. Enough with your bullying/teasing ways!

AND HELLLLLLO KENT~ OOOOOOOH I hadn’t known that Miyano-san would be his seiyuu! Love love LOVE that choice <3 Though..oye *pops a vein* NANDA kono seirifu? That even a girl like her wants to give chocolate to someone? *is held back while she screams* SAY THAT AGAIN you you…Yankee! Blondie! . . . etc etc. Insert insults of choice 😛 Insert problem person number 2 into the Kazehaya Sawako problem *head falls on table* Mou :<

Score: A+/A+

Episode 02

HASIHDASDASDAS! SAWAKO IN A RED RAINCOAT WITH A LEAF OVER HER HEAD. ICON IT I MUST. Or use as a wallpaper I think. Its the start of a new school year and everyone from the gang is still together in the same class. Kurumi is another class but do we care? Nope, not a lot~ And there’s a new addition to the class. Sitting next to Sawako (much to a certain someone’s displeasure) is the blond from last week, Kent.

Yano-chin is not amused at the lack of progress in the Kazuya and Sawako department, much like how we are. Tell it how it is Yano-chin ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ Its awesome that Sawako’s realized that yes, her feelings towards Kazehaya are more than simply respect (KYOUKO, TAKE A LEAF OUTTA THIS GIRLS BOOK AND UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH REN ALREADY GYA!) Its progress indeed that Sawako is now thinking if Kazehaya has someone he likes – THAT. IS. PROGRESSSSSSSSS~ *tosses around confetti* But stop thinking/listening to what Kurumi told you ;A; Just listen to Yano-chin!

I wish this girl wouldn’t think so much (ノ_<。)うっうっうっ Sawakoooo you need to be more hands on! The game of love is about timing as Yano-chin rightly says and also about taking chances. Not just about thinking and rethinking AND THINKING SOME MORE *headdesks* Less thinking and more action Sawako-chan *pats her head* and avoid that Kent aite? Wouldn’t want Kazehaya to get jealous now woul-…..okay maybe we do want that. But calm down Kazehaya *pushes him back down in his seat* I swear, wouldn’t have ever thought that you were the possessive type.

I love the little moments in this show when someone else notices Sawako’s kindness and her nature. Like when Tomo nominates Sawako for the life rep position. Aaaaah, little moments of heart warming <3 Though OYE OYE OYE KENT *pushes him away* Stay AWAY from Sawako AITE? She’s totally taken! Now shoo shoo~ He’s way too my-pace and too-easy going.  *suspicious looks*

Awww Kazehaya *pats his head* Don’t worry bout Kent or the way he was around Sawako! She’s totally into you ;A; Darn that idiot….first it was Kurumi being the wrench in the works and now we have this fly in the ointment. *Banging head into the wall* WHY CAN’T THESE TWO CATCH A BREAK WAAAAAH 。・;´∧`;・。Speaking of idiots…Pin…*slaps his back* Don’t ever change you nut job XD And Kazehaya as well. You silly, adorable, huggable little idiot – just watching Sawako as shes planting those seeds…you ought to be down there helping her rather than just watching her from the class window.

Sneaky sneaky Yano~ but also kudos to Kazehaya for his determination to make sure that when he admits that he likes Sawako out loud, he wants Sawako herself to be the first person to hear it. That’s very sweet. As was that moment the two have in the classroom after school ends. Aaaah Sawako…if only you’d get how much the smallest of your actions affect him…and also vice versa I suppose. While I’m in that area, aaaah Sawako…if only you weren’t so adorably dense and could catch Kazehaya’s hints faster XD

At one level its kinda irritating that Sawako won’t take the initiative and say something which would properly show that Kazehaya does mean something special to her…I frankly don’t wholly get where she’s coming from. I mean, if you know that you like the guy then why not take the proper chance and tell him. Or if you don’t wanna tell him, start dropping hints like sakura petals in April! = 3=

Kent…don’t you DARE do something to come between these two *holds up a flaming baseball bat* OR ELSE

Score: A+/A+

Emm…if I say I kinda wanna marry the ED…would I be hauled off to the mental institute? Oh frak it, im gonna say it. THAT ED is one of the best one’s I’ve seen in AGES. The use of watercolors to paint the characters was BRILLIANT. And VERY in line with the show/manga’s theme as well. It gives such a nice warm, fuzzy and nostalgic type feel that I associate so deeply with this show. And the song…oh May’s, you out did yourself with this song. I was tearing up the first time I heard it. Nuff said.

Another season of heart warming…why wouldn’t I be less than ecstatic over this? AND now we’re getting to the real ‘relationship’ part of the story which is just AMAZING <3 I can’t wait for the rest of the story to unfold. SO MUCH to look forward to EEEEEIIIIII~~~~

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