Well due to popular demand I’m writing again! A word of warning to all of those who are unfamiliar with my style of reviewershipness …  lot’s of crude humor, foul language and  incorrect use of the English language ahead! You have been warned! NOW CLUCK LIKE A CHICKEN!

I mean seriously, this is a SERIOUS review about a show that tips the scales of a forbidden love that should never be … you can’t just DECIDE to write up a page on i- oh, wait!

Onii Chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki JaNai Dakara ne!! … quite a mouthful! NE?

This show is oddly similar to the previous season’s “Ore no Imouto”, as it tip toes into wincest territory and the FO’BIDDEN ROVE . As you silly Japanese babbling otaku may have realized, the show is about a young girl who is probably infatuated with her older brother , you following any of this yet? It gets better!

As I compared earlier, Onii Chan no Koto was perhaps just a rehash of Ore no Imouto, but instead of a young female protagonist that’s interested in other younger-sister archetypes, we have a female protagonist who is interested in her older brother … what’s the word I was looking for, ah yes! Bro-Con!

Enter “Nao”, a happy go lucky high schooler who  enjoys the perks of being the younger sister. Right off the bat we are informed of that fact that Nao here likes her brother, a tad, much. Okay that’s an understatement, she sleeps in his fucking bed for pete’s sake!

The poor sap that has to endure his carnal urges not to pork his younger sister is Shuusuke. All of you must be going all moral-fag on me like “OMG! Iz liek how can you be thinking about yer sister like that!?”, let me explain something to you … Japan have this obsession with skinship … and well, you get the idea because I ain’t here to fucking explain the fetishes of the Japanese public. So now we have Shuusuke and Nao, perfectly ordinary brother and sister relationship, well apart from the younger sister trying very hard to seduce her older brother into having a “FO’BIDDEN ROVE” relationship with her … yes people this is Bro-Con, very much like Sis-Con but the opposite! Duhrr!

Of course like any sis-con/bro-con anime going around like Ore No Imouto (which was pretty good actually) and the Urk-worthy, Kiss x Sis … Onii Chan No Kotowhateverthefuckthefullnamewas is mostly about the madcap adventures of a sibling trying to get into the pants of the other and will most probably turn into a love triangle rom-com with social commentary towards the end and of course we’ll find out the siblings are blood related after all and can get it on like Peach x Mario provided that Luigi is out of the house and peach is actually IN IT and not fucking some other Italian plumber in a sequel!


Didn’t see that one coming did ya?

On to the serious bit, this is my serious-bit-reviewing-face =_=, see?

Onii chan No Whoevergivesafuck is VERY very eye-candilicous , that too not following the norm of MOEMOEMOEMOEMOEMOEMOE! BIG EYES AND SHINY HAIR! MOEMOEMOEMOEMOE! … (stop laughing! I love my moe!) but this show has a very retro-esque feel to it … like early 90s anime … and probably something like Slayers or Those Who Hunt Elves. It’s got that certain classic edge to it but what impressed me the most were the warm colors and the way the characters are drawn out … more scrawny than usual even more so than CLAMP’s designs that are usually there to get fangirls wet. The character designs seem very minimal, but minimal with a cause which means that, even though you can tell this aint no big-budget-production  it still has a certain charm to it. The hard cell shading really brings out the warm colors and the great use of comic gestures and expressions help the overall warm hearted feel of the show. Remember kids … its meant to be funny! Like you know … Ha Ha?

Apart from the loveable characters, the show really is pretty good in the writing … WRITING? IN MY WINCEST FO’BIDDEN ROVE ANIME!? NOOOOOOOOOOO– but seriously, the writing is decent for a borderline ecchi show … I mean afterall, no one’s gonna watch this and go “I Say, perhaps this is a witty satirical play on the Oedipus Complex, what what!” … NO! It’s fucking COMEDY! … or Japan’s fucked up vision of one. Don’t get me wrong! I love fucked up humor! Blazing Saddles, Airplane, HotShots, The Jay And Silent Bob movies and of course ANYTHING that GAINAX MAKES (apart from Eva! FUCK YOU EVA!). Back to the writing, as I said, it has its moments and you really don’t expect much from it, so it really aint going to win no awards apart from the individual characters. Like I Said, laugh it off and on to the next thing that pops up.

I really don’t need to go on about this show because it has the ingredients for your everyday rom-com with a hint of ecch here and there, what I like about the show is that UNLIKE that Thai-Hooker of a show Kiss x Sis, this is a bit more on the conservative side and focuses primarily its use of sibling-seduction as a comical gimic rather than a selling point of the show itself.  The plot isn’t quite well … deep … well it is if you consider Nao’s vagi- OKAY! OKAY! JUST CENSOR THAT BIT OUT! … NO I AINT RE-WRITING SHIT! I’m sorry, my boss says I have a bad mouth, well so does his girlfriend since my balls have been itching since last TUESDAY!

Onii-Chan No Kotogimmeafuckingbreak (yes this joke’s getting old SUE ME!) is not really a hardcore ecchi show like Kiss x Sis or Kanokon and it really isn’t a heart warming comedy like School Rumble, but it does deserve some praise on  the basis of its unique nostalgia driven art-style and the fact that it had the balls to come out with a farcical play on such a touchy topic. Ore No Imouto was cute and all but hardly ever covered the taboo topic as such, perhaps this will help educate the insolent who just like to point fingers and label? Perhaps a witty comical satire that has deeper social meaning? Time will tell … this was just the first episode.

Oh and did anyone else notice the blonde twin-tailed chick to be a COMPLETE character design knockoff from the twins in Nyan-Koi?

Score: A/A+

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