Miran informs Sion that he’s retrieved Ryner. Ryner is tossed back into the office to complete the paper work and has been working non-stop for 4 days. Ferris and him do a role play where they pretend that Ryner is dying which ends when Ferris starts slapping his face HARD to ‘wake’ him up. Sion comes in with more work for Ryner who is NOT pleased. Sion’s birthday is coming up and preparations are in full swing by everyone, even Miran. But… a quiz contest about tortures and punishments in Roland? That’s..aaaah….yeah….Calne is scolding Claugh for overdoing his training and threatens to tell Noa. Claugh retaliates that he’ll tell Eslina bout Calne’s escapades. Their argument gets put side when Miran comes in saying that he wants their help for something. Course the way he asks has Claugh wanting to kill him.

In the office, Sion is chasing Ryner around his work table with a pile of paper in his hands. Ryner turns the tables around by yelling that Sion needs to rest as well but they wind up crashing into a table (2 man 6 piles of paper pile up in aisle 5!) which was holding Ferris’s dango boxes…one of which gets crushed. She gets PISSED and beats them up XD Ryner manages to sneak out but meets Milk halfway his escape. They walk together for a while where Ryner apologizes for ditching her birthday party. Milk says that his apology isn’t necessary, shes just happy that he remembered.  But she has to leave…which leaves Ryner with Luke and the blue haired guy who yell that they want to atone for having Ryner miss Milk’s party.

After many holes in the ground, Miran manages to convince Calne and Claugh that they have to do a grand celebration for Sion’s birthday. Nothing dull like last years. Wow Claugh is surprisingly simple minded = =;;;;; Lucile is watching all through his palantir through the window and thinks it’s a good idea. Torture and Assassination Festival. OYE OYE XD Sitting with Noa and Eslina, the guys decide that they’ll have fireworks and it’ll be festival style. Ryner and Ferris are chillaxing at a dango place and going through their usual routine. Ryner praises the dango that he’s eating which turns out to be made by Ferris (recipe is hers too). She wants to run her own dango shop and Ryner’s like “well you’re always serious about dango so you could do it.”

Calne and Claugh show up to the Wynnit dango place and drag Ryner off as they have a job for him. Ferris just sits calmly and sips her tea and wishes him luck. Several days later. Sion is in a speeding carriage that suddenly gets attacked. The carriage falls off the road and Ryner opens the door saying ominously that there’s no escape for Sion. Complete with a big ass grin on his face. He grabs Sion and drags him out saying that the day has finally come. He shakes Sion as he yells at Sion that whats the big idea with him running away while he’s been working day and night since Claugh caught him?! Ferris comes up and yells “Come on men! Grab him!”

And Sion gets carried off (while he yells that he had area inspections to do) as Claugh yells to take him to the castle! Sion walks out to a balcony and is surprised to hear loud cheers coming from below. A lot of the subjects are gathered and they cheer for Sion as Claugh asks him to light the fireworks. Sion isn’t sure if something this big was in the budget but Claugh tells him to look at his people who are cheering him on and celebrating for him. He laughs and thanks everyone. Calne and Eslina tell him to turn to the mountains and to fire an Izuchi towards a twinkling light. He does so, which lets off a huge fireworks display. Elsewhere, Milk’s birthday party is finally happening with Ferris wheeling out a birthday cake. And awww there’s even a firework which says “happy birthday”. Ah! Its actually Ryner who is doing the magical fireworks! What kinda magic is that? ^^

Alright already, when is the shit gonna hit the fan already? XD Sion walks out of a party, which catches Calne’s attention. He meets Lucile on the way but ignores his question of “Are you going?” He walks down to the stables and asks the guy there to get the carriage ready as he has to go somewhere alone, he needs to pick someone up. So he leaves to get Ryner as the storm clouds gather and it starts to rain. Ryner is making his way out of the tree line when he sees a light. Sion is standing outside the carriage waiting for Ryner. With Sion driving the carriage, Ryner changes into dry shirt and thanks Sion. Sion thanks him for the fireworks and asks if they could stop at this place on the way…if Ryner doesn’t mind.

Alright! Here we go here we go here we go! Sion takes them to the place where he first held out his hand towards Ryner and asked him to join him in his quest to become king. Sion thanks Ryner again who brushes it off and gets ready for another nap. But Sion says that there’s still a lotta  work that needs to be done quickly. Ryner pleads for some rest lest he really dies. Sion chuckles and admits that working non-stop for 10 days like that would be hard on him. Ryner asks him to have realized that on the second or third day. Sion says that they should go back and get some sleep. Ryner says that he’ll go to the inn for some sleep but Sion’s like “I’ll send a carriage in 3 hours.” Ryner’s not pleased. I like understating some stuff.

Ryner tells Sion to get some sleep as well just drag him to bed Ryner JUST DRAG HIM TO BED! Ryner grumbles Sion’s workaholic tendencies as the sun begins to rise and he apologizes to Sion. Before he thought that Sion’s words were just an empty dream but it wasn’t so. Sion has changed the country, a world where everyone can live with a smile. Sion looks at with a sad look on his face as he says that it was an empty dream. Ryner is startled by this as Sion asks how many of their friends have died for that dream. How many people died for the sake of his ideal? How much was sacrificed for the world as it is at present?

Ryner argues that without him, the country would have remained in the dark forever. Its enough. Sion’s been working plenty hard and he knows that. So he needn’t work himself to the bone to punish himself. The country has changed enough to the point that even if Sion takes it a little easy now, things won’t revert to their previous state. Sion needn’t be afraid that what he’s doing is wrong. He has lots of people on his side now doesn’t he? Like Claugh and Clane and Ferris and himself. Sion doesn’t have to bear everything on his own, the country is changing in a good way. Sion asks if it really is and Ryner quietly replies that it is.

Sion muses that it would be nice if that were the case but in the end it’s all an empty dream.

Black out and suddenly Sion is swinging his sword at Ryner who jumps out of the way. Those dead masked soldiers rise up around Ryner and attack him with Izuchi but Ryner blocks the attack. Sion slashes at Ryner again, who dodges and starts using Izuchi. Sion deflects the attack before him and Ryner meet halfway, sword and spell circle clashing against each other.

Score: A/A+

The calm before the storm episode. Or actually, the really nice and fluffy part of the story before the shit well and truly hits the fan and leaves the people below going “aaaaaaaawwww my new shirt just got ruined! D8” But that was really apparent from the very start. I mean come on, even Miran was in a shockingly good mood XD

It was really nice to see everyone working together in order to make Sion’s birthday a grand celebration. Though seeing Miran being in such a jovial and happy mood was…disturbing. Its like finding Hannibal Lector in a good mood. You sit there fidgeting in your seat, nervous as hell and waiting for the anvil to drop on your head or something like that. Though Miran, a Torture and Punishment themed event?  . . . .*whispers in his eat* Moshkashita…anta wa M desu? *runs away screaming as she is chased by shadow demons* I’M SORRY I’M SORRY!!!!!!!

There really wasn’t much in the episode in terms of plot which warrants discussion this week cause was supposed to be a quiet relaxing ‘down time’ episode. The new things we learnt were that Ferris wants to open her own dango shop and Claugh is surprisingly simple minded XD And he comes up with good ideas on occasion….and that the language used in Roland is very strange where the number 2 is used as an alphabet….and dango can be used to make cakes.

That reminds me….HOW is it that this show has more shounen-ai overtones than Togainu no chi has ‘shounen-ai’ in its genre XDDDD Ryner, just take Sion already PLEASE! RynerxSion yes please~ XDDDD The whole Ryner and Sion conversation was just so….amazing. It was like in the past yet their positions completely reversed. Ryner as the hopeful guy and Sion as the completely dark and gloomy outlook guy.

Next week, Sion vs Ryner. Give it to me now now now D: And I LOVED that insert song when the fireworks were going off <3 Amazing, simply amazing.

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