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So here’s what you missed on Glee. Rin’s challenge to fight Il-Re gets accepted and yeah, Shiki’s Il-Re. Akira crashes the party and the fight to save Rin from most likely being killed by Shiki. The war between CFC and Nikkoren has started – the Castle gets bombed by planes. Arbitro sends Kau, Gunji and Kiriwar after Rin and Akira. Rin has a mini break down at Akira’s kindness but they’re found by Kiriwar and Gunji. Keisuke falls flat on his face on the road while trying to go…somewhere (dont know dont care) and is found by Nano. Nightfall, Gunji is still chasing after Akira. Nano comes to Akira’s rescue and literally punches the blonde OFF the roof before he pulls a Tuxedo Mask style jump off the roof (complete with the full moon behind him. AGAIN THE FULL MOON. THE FUCKING HELL WUT A-1?! Did World War 3 SCREW UP the orbit of the earth or something that we have a full moon for 10 episodes in a ROW???)

Thanks to heyrey over at aarin forums for this complete win XD

Anyways….Nano saves Akira’s ass and hauls him to the Savage Lands his nursey-home. Akira has a flashback, remembering the first time he met Nano when he was a kid. And Nano being the kind, gentle, THOUGHTFUL soul that he is (im just joshing here people) gives the young Akira a knife – the same knife he carries with him. Note , do NOT let this man near children eh XD  They talk a bit and when they go out Emma and Gwen are there (DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN~). Akira is all “But I havent killed Il-Re!” Emmas all “TROLLED YA. We’re here for Nano and oh yeah, we set your whole case thing up so…nyaan nyaan. Now, I’mma gunna kill this guy and go.” Gwen reminds her that they’re here to take Nano alive but gets shot for his honesty. She’s ready to shoot Nano but winds up with his hands through her chest – new definition to the term heart ache huh? Shiki comes to fight Nano and Nano tells Akira to grab his friend (Keisuke, who is STILL conked out) and to go away.


Score: B-/A+

I hadn’t been looking forward to this weeks episode. I had the same level of enthusiasm as I have when I have to visit a dentist. Well…it wasn’t as bad as last week. It was…interesting. A bit like when yer bored outta yer skull and channel surfing and then there’s this documentary running on …. snakes (or something else you find remotely interesting). Its not really your thing but it looks interesting so you sit and watch the whole thing and in the end yer like “okay that wasnt half bad. I liked the part where the snake ate that bird whole. that was kinda cool. the rest…well i wouldnt rewatch it anytime SOON i think but hey, atleast the time passed right?”

I’d like to get the music part out the of the way first. More love for the OST in this episode. I fucking LOVED those guitar licks when Akira crashes into the Castle and is all ‘faster than a speeding bullet!’ can’t touch this “wham bam lights out!” to the guards. THAT MUSIC <3 And also when Rin and Akira talk. And then the ED. FUCK. YEAH. BITCH *headbangs* THATS the kinda shit I’m TALKIN bout. I want that full track right now now now NOW.

More animation fails that I wont go into cause…totally beating a dead horse XD Lets talk about the story. Holy bomb shells Batman.  . .. pun kinda intended XD Shiki is revealed to be Il-Re. Bleh at the reveal though – I liked this reveal better in the Shiki arc. Akira was super stunned in that one. I rather liked that one…but meh *throws up her hands* I’ve given up 😛 I came here with hope between none to microscopic and I’m just sitting through for Shiki-sama now. I loved the talk between Rin & Akira – someone needed to give Rin the verbal smack in the head. And yes, I’m sweet on Rin (cause he’s a shouta, he’s blonde, he’s got Jun Fukuyama as his seiyuu….). I think I’ve realized WHY Gunji always looks so weird…its the tattoo on his neck. But meh, poor guy gets pwned by Nano. I preferred the fight in the manga. Have you SEEN that fight? :O Holy. Fucking. SHIT. I was left gawping at it and i was hoping hoping HOPING that I may see it and I will STILL HOPE that we MAY get it yet! THAT was a beautifully bloody gorey fight! m/

Shiki saving Arbitro was slightly surprising but I wonder if he let Bitro get away after he got the information he wanted XD Knowing Shiki, he probably just coolly walked away. And dude that man is SO hardcore. The dome of the arena comes crashing down and Akira grabs Rin and runs away but what does Shiki do? HE REMAINS STANDING before he sheathes his katana XD Hardcore bitches, this man knows how to do it. That or he placed a barrier around himself using his sekret telekinesis powers to protect himself. Akira as a kid…oh gawd *giggling* okay so he looked UBER cute but DAMN he didnt SOUND young at all! It was such an amusing dissonance~! XD And Nano…VERY NICE. Give an eight year old kid (or whatever his age is) a sharp KNIFE to play with…WUT *sweating buckets of nervous sweat* Y’ know man….err…you … dont… *eyes his bloodied hand* THEN AGAIN WHO AM I TO COMMENT ON SUCH THINGS *runs away as fast her legs can carry her*

I think it was pretty nice of Akira to say that Keisuke is a precious friend of his. SEE Keisuke, HE DOES care. But NATURALLY the laws of drama state that the person who’d love to hear that IS OUT LIKE A WIND BLOWN CANDLE *facepalms* Bleh…seriously man…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH *points a trembling finger at Nano and yells* YOU STOLE SHIKI’S PRINCESS HOLD! D: aiusdlah;dhas;idghasdsa *rage!!!!* XD

Next week! Shiki vs Nano. This shit ought to be good. . . . wait…if those two fight in 11…whats that leave for 12? Oo This isn’t 12 episodes is it?! *runs to check* … what the …. myanime list says unknown while AniDB says 21…WUT? *blinks in confusion….expression changes into terror* OH WAIT…THEY ARNT GONNA PULL A YOSUGA NO SORA ON US ARE THEY?!?! *half scandalized* I wouldnt want that! I wouldnt want that at all! I dont want all the routes to be covered one after another! NO NO NO NO *tugs at her hair* Urgh does anyone have a proper credible source about how many episodes this show is?

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