Summary Key Points:


  • Gray takes on Racer in a high speed race on Magic powered Bikes
  • Natsu is contacted by Hibiki and a map is “uploaded” into his head
  • Lyon joins in and hops on behind Gray
  • Gray and Lyon take on Racer and defeat him by figuring out his power
  • Racer’s power is to slow time for those around him in a specific area
  • In a last bid to take his enemies with him, Racer activates a suicide bomb belt that he has strapped on
  • At the  last moment, Lyon tackles him, and they both fall off the cliff, with a huge explosion after
  • The episode ends with Brain stating that “Racer’s light” has gone out, back in the cave
  • Midnight is awoken, and ordered to kill all the Fairy Tail members.


Opinions: (A+)

Second of the three episodes I’ve missed. This is where things definitely kick into high gear (pun totally intended). We have Gray square off against Racer for most of this episode.

First things first, the fight between the “Ice-Make Duo” and Racer was epic. It was nice have an entire episode dedicated to the fight, and I really loved the Gray-Lyon combination. If there was a payoff for introducing Lyon, this was definitely it. In many ways, Lyon really did more than make up for what he did back in the Delliora arc. He really act, and felt like a senior and older brother to Gray.

Things hardly started out in their favor though, and both Gray and Lyon got severe beatings. It was only because of Lyon’s quick thinking and analyzation that they found that Racer’s power was actually to slow time for his opponents, rather than time in general. It’s an interesting power that makes him SEEM to be faster, when he really isn’t. I’m sure there’s a plot hole or two with this reveal though, because Racer was sent to get Jellal’s coffin and he did it fairly fast. It also goes against what it felt like this entire arc, but eh… I guess it makes SENSE, even if some things don’t add up as well.

I found it hilarious that Gray and Lyon had to “strip down” to concentrate. Racer was pretty surprised by how quickly they did it too, and then of course there was Sherry, quite happy at what she was getting to see XD

The ending, was a bit of a shock I admit. I’m not sure if Lyon is actually dead or not, and he probably isn’t. It was a really quick way to go, especially after he was JUST re-introduced as a good character. Still, the sacrifice he made for Gray, was very elder brother like and a really touching moment.

In the midst of this, we have Hibiki contacting Natsu telepathically through what seems to be like a magic computer. I have to admit, I love the thought that went into the whole “magic technology” thing with the bikes and the computer and everything this episode. Magic isn’t just a way of fighting in the world of Fairy Tail, its even somewhat of an alternate energy source. Considering they have trains, cars, and electricity, I definitely think the characters in the world of Fairy Tail have it all XD

All things considered though, at least we know Racer is dead for sure. Brain pretty much confirms it in the cave. He also sends out Midnight… who wakes up and calls him “father”. Hrm… I’m curious to know what their relationship is, because I doubt they’re actually father and son.

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