Summary Key Points:


  • Kuroko takes on Musujime Awake, after she escapes from Misaka, and loses badly, and is shot.
  • Touma saves Kuroko from being trampled by the debris of the building she was fighting
  • Accelerator comes back into play, and beats Musujime to a bloodly pulp, also shatters the device of the remnant, bringing the issue to a close


Opinions: (B+)

This was definitely a huge improvement over last week. We got some great moments from our characters, as I suspected we would. The plot, or rather, the cleverness of the plot hasn’t increased that much though, and that is something that I continue to look at, compare to Season 1 and sigh at.

The arc consisted of someone finding the remnants of  of something from season 1, and trying to resurrect it. Her motivations for doing so were rather dumb too, and I totally agreed with Kuroko when she stated that Musujime was the problem, not her powers. All in all, I find that Musujime was just a messed up person who didn’t react to well to having powers. In all honesty, her powers aren’t even as bad as Touma’s, which constantly give him bad luck and problems XD

Gripes aside, it was great to see Touma come in and pretty much save Kuruko‘s skin .. Honestly… sometimes Touma is just too friggin amazing. He went into a falling building, that Misaka had already shot with her Railgun powers, and then saved Kuruko, while jumping across floating rocks, and then nullifying them and safely landing on a not broken part of the building.

Accelerator made his proper return this episode, and honestly, watching him work was amazing. I’m actually digging the whole “on a crutch” thing he has going on, it just makes him seem all the more cool when he starts fighting and destroying things. I’m sure people have discussed how Touma has no problem punching girls in the face, well Accelerator is a friggin monster in comparison. Not only did he punch Musujime in the face, but he broke her nose, probably used his vector powers to do it too.

In season 1 I was rather worried that Accelerator had pretty much lost his powers, and even his memories, but it seems like he’s doing fairly well. I’d even argue that he’s more powerful now, unless he barely used his powers with Touma. I mean… the guy can FLY, the guy can break the floor with just a foot stomp, shatter glass of an entire building. How is he even remotely weak? XD

There was a bit of fanservice in the end, at the expensive of Touma’s face. The poor guy gets no love honestly, I mean… he friggin saved Kuroko from a building caving in on her! Jeez!!! We also got to see the other Misaka in a tank, much to Touma’s dismay XD

All in all, this was a good episode, but I wouldn’t call it ZOMG awesome. By now, Index II has definitely nailed down the coolness of its characters, and their relationships, I want to see some interesting story and plot that feels fresh and interesting though!


Next week, its back to Touma dealing with magicians during Academy City events! XD

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