*throws arms up in the air in glee* Aw right FINALLY! SNAP CRACKLE POP! But no screwdrivers please, I’ve developed a bit of allergy towards em to be honest >_>. Right with that prayer, LETS GET IT ON!

We start off from Meal of Honor, the neutral ground bar. A lotta guys are just hanging when…a figure walks into the bar, getting everyone’s attention. This person walks up to the bar and then…grabs a random guy by the face and slams him against the far wall. A feral grin from Keisuke before he turns the whole bar into a bloody murder scene. Men with their limbs torn off and bleeding to death on the dirtied floor.

Elsewhere, Takeru is staring down at the vial of Line in his hand before he cracks it open and downs it. He screams in pain as the drug makes its way through his system. After a few moments, he staggers away from the wall and walks away in a drunken walk. Akira is walking through the town, remembering what he said to Keisuke/ the fight he had with him/ the way he blew up in his face. He recalls Keisuke running away and Rin sighing, saying “aaah ah, he ran away.” He himself sitting back on the couch saying to leave him be, Keisuke’ll be back soon enough.

Akira angrily slams his fist into a glass pane (uwaaaaah he looks SO hot with that angry look on his face. I think I understand now why Shiki doesn’t placate him so much ^^;; he’s so much more hotter when he’s angry….) In the hotel, Rin is trying to catch some z’s on the sofa when he overhears someone saying something like there’s a shortage of sorts or that he doesn’t have enough in stock, he only has this one vial of Line. The other man says that he doesnt want that diluted crap. Rin quietly watches as the fighter says that he knows there are dealers who have 50% mixtures. Counter guy says that Vischio has only makes 30% density, there’s no other Line except that.

The fighter guy insists that it isn’t rumors at all and that they are still available in the market. Akira meanwhile has made his way to the bar, Meal of Honor. He walks downstairs into the basement, pushing the slightly ajar entrance door open to come across the scene of the bloody killing. Akira covers his mouth, wondering what the hell is this? He looks around, eyeing a familiar figure fallen in the corner. He runs over to the body, yelling out Keisuke’s name. He turns the body over but it’s someone else. Akira lets out a small breath when a sound from the sound has him jumping up to his feet.

An overturned table is shaking because the man hiding behind it, is having a bad case of the fear shivers. Akira walks over to him and asks him what happened. The man screams and pushes back against the wall saying that he doesn’t have any more Line. Begging for his life, the man runs out of the bar screaming in terror. Akira calls out to the man but too late. He eyes the indentation on the wall, the bloody bodies hanging over the bar and dripping down on the floor and clearly feels sick. He walks back out onto the street, trying to not to throw up.

He wonders that wasn’t this a neutral zone? So who would commit such an act? Sometime later, Akira has recovered and is back on the task of searching for Keisuke. He comes across a bunch of guys sleeping in an alley and one of them notices Akira, eying him with hostility. Akira returns him look before walking away. By evening, Akira still hasn’t had any progress on his Keisuke hunt but then, a familiar figure cuts into his path. Takeru casually greets him and Akira clearly gets that something is off about the man. Takeru asks him what is he doing at a place like this? Akira recognizes him and Takeru comments that Akira remembers him? That makes him happy.

Akira’s hand goes back to his knife, unaware that another man is watching the two of them from a big hole in the wall behind Akira. I don’t think even Takeru is aware of this man’s presence but anyways, he comments that he’s different from that time before. This time he’ll kill Akira. OH NICE SLASH TAKERU! Nice block Akira! Akira is holding back Takeru’s knife with all his effort and the blue haired man taunts him, asking if he’s scared yet? What happened to all that aggression huh Lost? He should offer more fun than this! He yells for him to die when Akira manages to grab Takeru’s knife out of his hands and toss it away.

Takeru however doesn’t go out of stride, quickly kicking Akira in the ribs before he can defend himself. Akira slams against the wall and then against the ground as Takeru scorns him and his fighting skills. Akira staggers back up and asks if he’s used Line. Takeru smirks and asks, “So what are you gonna do about it?” Akira takes in a sharp breath and asks, “So the one who did that at the club was you?” Takeru tells him to stop blabbering and kicks Akira’s feet out from under him (OH WHAT A NICE HIGH KICK TAKERU~ QUICK! Someone make a fanart of Takeru in a can-can girl’s outfit! ^o^) Akira hits the ground and just managers to blow Takeru’s kick.

Takeru’s putting all his weight on that leg as he says that it’s a good feeling, looking down at people like this. He used to think it was pointless to even think about it. With such amazing strength at his disposal now…(he repeatedly kicks Akira’s arm he blocks the kicks) even the invincible Lost can’t fight back! Hadn’t he told him before? That Igura and Bl@ster are totally different. Akira sees a chance and tries to kick Takeru down as well but the other man sees it coming and slams his foot down on Akira’s leg.

Takeru tells him that his moves are as slow as a turtle. Akira asks if he is aware of the consequences of using Line. THAT is the wrong thing to say cause Takeru gets pissed off and asks him to KINDLY repeat that last line (before he cuts him open or something >>;;;;; ) He presses his boot harder into Akira’s shoulder as he yells that OF COURSE he knows! He’s gonna wind up just like his mother. Akira is shocked to hear this. Takeru comes down and stands whaling on Akira as he yells that she went insane because of the drugs. She just let her body rot till she died. And he’s gonna be just like that. But before that, he’s gonna kill Akira. And then go till Il-Re as well.

With this strength, he’ll kill anyone standing his way and everyone who made him suffer. Okay stop stop STOP! Enough with the punching to the face please D: This is just painful to watch ;A; AKIRA *whimpers* Takeru laughs saying that he just defeated the Lost. Takeru pulls Akira up and against the wall, holding both of his hands above his head with one hand. He grabs Akira’s chin with the other hand, asking whats he gonna do now?  Should he show him a good time before he kills Akira? He leans forward to lick the blood dribbling from the corner of Akira’s mouth.

AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY *disinfects Akira’s lips/skin with hot water* Takeru says that its been fun but now he’s gotta die. His hand tightens around Akira’s throat, increasing the pressure with every second and Akira grimaces painfully. Takeru smirks, saying that that’s a good look he’s got there, it makes killing him all the more worthwhile. There’s still strength in his fingers though and he tightens his grip, saying that he still hasn’t broken any of the bones in his neck yet (imagines that…Oh Dear God *runs for the toilet*) . But then…Takeru suddenly stumbles backwards, his grip on Akira faltering. He falls back on the ground, his hand thrown over his face as he chokes and coughs. He clutches at his throat painfully as Akira watches in shock from his position.

Takeru looks up and pushes out, “You bastard…what…did you …do…” Akira can only watch as the man lets out a long painful yell. After a short time, Takeru pushes himself, stumbling up to his feet before he staggers into the wall. Akira is standing in his place, limply sliding down to the ground as Takeru slowly walks away. The hidden man watches Takeru walk away before sneaking away, clearly creeped as HELL over what he just witnessed. Akira holds his bruised side and watches Takeru leave.

Come sunset, Motomi is at the hotel when Rin comes up to him, greeting him and saying, “It’s unusual to see you here.” Motomi asks if he’s heard about what happened at the club. Rin sighs and says that he heard it was pretty bad. And with that place gone, the hotel is the only neutral place left to go to. Rin leans back on the sofa and asks Motomi, “Don’t you think that things are a bit strange around here?” Motomi answers with a confused, “Huh?” Rin explains that though Toshima might be a worthless place, it did have some semblance of order to it. Rin asks if he feels it too. Motomi quietly agrees, saying that something is different about Toshima these days.

Rin excitedly comes up like THIS close to Motomi’s face and asks him to share the new information already. Motomi grins and says THAT would require money. Rin says that they could do an exchange of information and Motomi agrees and asks what Rin knows. Rin starts by saying that he knows about the 50% density Line right? Motomi says that he knows and Rin lets out an irritated “Che, you already knew?” Motomi brags that he IS a pro after all. But still, it seems to Motomi that, at the rate with which its being marketed, it shows that Vischio is at its limit. Rin looks away and mutters that things have gotten complicated too suddenly. Motomi puts out his cigarette, saying that there are also rumors of an impending civil war but that one is not too unheard of because Toshima is smack in the middle of it all.

Rin suddenly asks that this all started to happen when Akira and Keisuke came over right? Motomi doesn’t say anything but it looks like he shares Rin’s opinion. Rin gravely states that something is moving/making the moves. Motomi says that a civil warm and the crumbling of Vischio…if it comes down to that, Toshima will be no more. Rin stands up, saying that they’re out of time. Motomi quietly comments that Rin shouldn’t do anything reckless.

At the scene of the Akira and Takeru fight, GUESS WHO JUST PULLED TAKERU’S KNIFE OUTA THE WALL…TIS KEISUKE~ And he be a hunting a blue haired, dying former Bl@ster player. Takeru is stumbling along an alley when he falls to the ground. He convulses on the ground, looking up at the sky when he pulls his cross up and looks at it. He yanks at the chain, pushing himself back up so that he’s sitting against the wall and he tightly grips the cross as another bolt of pain runs through him. Breathing painfully, he goes back to the time when he used to live with his sister and family.

He has just returned home and his little sister, Yukari comes up to greet him. She runs back saying to her parents that “Onii-chan has come back”. He pauses in surprise when he sees her standing with his parents. Yukari walks up to him saying that from now on, their family will be together. He pants her head saying that he’ll defeat Il-Rei soon, get rich and come back. Yukari tilts her head slightly and asks, “What are you talking about onii-chan? Didn’t you already defeat Il-Re?” He is surprised, to the point he falls back on his butt. Yukari holds up her hands, filled with vials of Line that drop down to the ground. Takeru says, “Is that so? I’m sorry you’ve had to experience so many bad things. I tried my best for you (Yukari).” Yukari’s eyes fill with tears as she says that she didn’t anything else except her older brother, that’s all that he wanted. He takes Yukari into his arms, apologizing as he cries as well.

She calls out to him again and again she rubs the tears that start flowing down her cheeks. Takeru’s dream turns into a nightmare as she suddenly is far away from him and he himself is covered in blood. Then he comes back, his hands trembling as he mutters that he already knew that from the start…and what the hell is he doing. He tries to stand up again, slowly pushing himself onto his feet but he isn’t able to keep his balance and hits the wall on the side. He stumbles back down when…he hears footsteps. Keisuke slowly walks up to him, cool as you please with a grin on his lips.

Takeru recognizes him and yells in pain as Keisuke grabs him by the face. He yells for him to stop but Keisuke is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY GONE BABY and he crushes Takeru’s face. Foaming from the mouth and body twitching in agony, Takeru’s last thoughts are of his little sister before his head gets crushed in. The cross pendant falls from his dead fingers, the soft clinking sound getting Keisuke’s attention. Negligently he tosses Takeru’s body away, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MAN *turns green…runs out the room towards the nearest toilet and chucks up her dinner….stumbles back into her chair* geh…okay now THAT was more like the VN, thank you A-1!

Then again the visual novel pretty much kept me in a state of constant anxiety and panic and then at some scenes just made my stomach not only crawl but do the meringue upside! Ahem back to the scene. Takeru’s bloody body slides down against the wall as Keisuke picks up the cross with bloodied fingers before calmly walking away from the dead body. Rest in Peace Takeru, we knew you well. *takes her hat off* You were a cool cat in the game and you were just as cool in the anime. You were…an awesome addition to the show. *salutes*

Night falls on Toshima and Akira is slowly walking down an abandoned street while holding his bruised right hand. …wait… RIGHT HAND??? *goes to double check* Oh wait my bad, go on~ Akira stares at the bloodied mess and recalls Takeru’s reaction after he licked his blood. He recalls the time from before when that Liner licked his blood off the knife and pretty much had the same reaction. A tad freaked out, Akira mutters that it was the same…his blood is…but then the sound of footsteps from behind have him stopping and turning around. Allo allo allo~ LOOKIE WHO FOUND AKIRA~

With a wide (SLIGHTLY crazed. JUST SLIGHTLY *holds two fingers up with an centimeter space between em* JUST A TEEEEENY BIT) grin on his lips, Keisuke asks if he’s looking for someone. Akira turns around fully at the voice and walks up to the man…who’s coveralls have blood on them! *tries to hold Akira back* STAY AWAY FROM HIM! YOU DON’T WANT THE SCREWDRIVERS DO YAH?! I DON’T! Akira is relieved that Keisuke is safe but as he gets closer, he catches sight of the blood on Keisuke’s clothes and hesitantly asks, “You…you are Keisuke right?”

Oh yes he is baby boy~ The improved 100% whacked on Line version~ WOOHOO! SNAPPED KEISUKE! The ONLY way I liked Keisuke! Keisuke taunts Akira, asking if he has forgotten his face already? Akira eyes the blood on Keisuke’s body and asks him about the blood. Keisuke calmly brushes it off, saying that its nothing to worry about, it’s not his blood anyways. But leaving that matter aside…Keisuke looks at Akira…in a slightly intense yet demented manner and says that he REALLY wanted to see Akira. He holds his hand out, Yukari’s bloodied pendant handing from his fingers. Akira jumps back slightly at the sudden movement and Keisuke responds in the same easy, half taunting tone that he needn’t back away from him, wasn’t Akira looking for him in the first place? Or does he really not care about him~? That’s not the case though…ne~ Akira~?

Akira recognizes the cross and Keisuke again reassures him that everything’s alright. He just cleaned up a little mess but he shouldn’t focus on the details really~. Keisuke walks up to him, leaning down slightly before he comes up in Akira’s face before punching Akira in the gut. Akira is caught completely off guard by the attack and falls forward. Keisuke grins before picking Akira up….like a sack of potatoes. *sniffs* see, Shiki treats him more gently. Princess hold >>> sack of potatoes y’ know~ With a conked out Akira hauled over his shoulder, Keisuke merrily walks away into the Toshima night.

This weeks ED – its Takeru’s song innit? Last weeks was Keisuke’s I think. I think I like it that every weeks ED can almost be a character song or at least a reflection of a certain character. That makes me look SO MUCH forward to Rin, Motomi’s, Nano’s, Shiki’s and Akira’s 😀 … and maybe Gunji and Arbitro’s…those two should be super interesting.

Score: A/A+

And the lesson learnt from this week’s episode. Never tick off a Yandere. Don’t do drugs! Okay with that over, can I just say how GOD DAMNED HAPPY I AM?! =D This was a damn good episode! I admit, cause its gotten to the point in the story which I am very fond off, I am more willing to over look some animation errors but I didn’t even catch ONE in this episode. Have I finally gotten used to this style? :O Oh who cares~ This was the MOST enjoyable episode so far!

Takeru vs Akira was VERY nice. When playing the visual novel, I really hadn’t thought that that fight was done justice but this? TOTAL JUSTICE. It was awesome. Then again, I think Takeru’s character was done plenty justice. Though I don’t recall that third guy witnesses the fight between Akira and Takeru hmmmm! Some slight change in the original story? Or is this from another route?

Takeru’s death…hot DAMN. THAT WAS AMAZING. I felt sick to my stomach. I felt nauseous and did feel like wanting to chuck my dinner when Takeru’s dead body slides down the wall. That was just…*shudders* bleh, I feel a tad ill thinking about that again. But still, it was DAMN GOOD. I think that that death scene was particularly awesome cause of that awesome guitar in the background. It was very…tragic.

But the best bit…that A LOT OF US, have been waiting for. KEISUKE GOES SNAP! He’s lost his marbles! He has gone to the dark side! He’s Benedict Arnold! . . . okay maybe not that one but he has gone COO-COO! And THAT is the way that he is kooler than the prissy, whimpy guy he was before. More aggressive, more bloody thirsty and more “neee Akira~~ hows about I cut yer arm off eh? First I’ll slice yer skin off and then pull the meat off~ Wouldn’t that be painful huh…A~ki~raaaa?” MUWAHAAHAHAHA *evil laughter*

*clears throat* I also adore that they added in that bar room massacre. When that guy gets slammed into the wall? I cringed. That was like “WHAM! EAT THAT!” kinda shock O_O SUPER KOOL. But….*eyes the story people* Why did you change the scene of the fight from the bar to that alley/place? I was ready to cry “AH YOU CHANGED IT YOU CHANGED IT! MISTAKE MISTAKE MISTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE~” but then I was like “Oh shut up and wait, of COURSE Takeru and Akira are gonna fight just hold yer damn horses you impatient idjit.”

Speaking of impatient idjits…on the subject of Keisuke. I think that…in one way, he wasn’t ‘dealt’ with rightly in this ep. I mean, if it were me, I’d have kept the people guessing more on who is the guy killing all these innocent people? But THEN AGAIN *taps chin* to know that its Keisuke and if you don’t know the story and are watching it the first time, they were going for the feel of “Oh my GOD is THAT KEISUKE?! It can’t be! WHY is he doing this?! What the hell is going on!” Which one you think it is dear readers? :O

OH OH THAT reminds me~ A little funny Togainu no Chi related joke. The previous episode right? Episode 05. I want you to go watch that, especially the Akira-Keisuke argument…BUT watch that in high speed like 1.5x alright? And then I DARE YOU, to not laugh at how girly Keisuke sounds. I SWEAR he sounds like a girl D: And then try that out for the others too. Gunji sounds…err…well…*turns pink trying to hold her giggles back* But SHIKI! D: HE STILL SOUNDS ERO! AN ERO CHIPMUNK! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW?!

YESSSSSSS! NEXT WEEK MOAR SHIKI WOOHOO! *begs* but no screwdrivers please? Pretty please? With sugar and spice and everything nice and sprinkles and bows and sparkles and ribbons on top? *puppy dog eyes* And to be clear, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE DRINK. Actually…if there will be actual screwdrivers, I’d like the drink…and keep em coming…

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