We pick up again from Takeru, who is running away after stabbing a guy in the gut and stealing his tags. The man yells that he’s a coward (attacking a guy when he’s sleeping, damn that’s low Takeru!) and that the Punishers will have his ass on a silver platter! Takeru jumps out the window, lands on his feet like a cat and runs away into the night, unaware that he is being watched by Nano.

Takeru stops running and rests, pulling out the tags that he has just yoinked from the guy. To his misfortune and bad luck, they’re all pig tags. A sudden clattering sound from the side has his attention shifting to that direction and then he ears slow footsteps. Nano slowly and steadily approaches Takeru, standing before him quietly before offering him a vial of Line. Takeru just keeps staring at him before Nano tosses the vial at him. Takeru catches it out of reflex and stares down at the drug. He looks up but…Nano has already left.

Elsewhere in Toshima, Rin has just finished fighting some guys and he peevishly mutters something about how long it took to fight the guys Rin clicks his tongue peevishly as he stares at some dead bodies on the road, muttering that that guy just doesn’t sit still  or waste his time. (I’m not sure, I suck at trying to understand Rin and Nano T^T…ESPECIALLY Nano. Whats with all the keigo D: ) But then some more guys come from behind, itching for a fight. Whoa nice afro there man, I wonder how good it is at soaking up blo-WHAT THE HELL. WHY is Rin’s knife THAT long?! *facepalm to the nth degree!*

The guys are amused that a girly kid like Rin is trying to fight them but Rin coldly tells them that he’ll spare enough time to play with them, which has the guys getting angry. Camera pans to the sky and all we hear are the guy’s screams and a splatter of blood. Back at the hotel rooftop, Keisuke is still asleep and dreaming of the time when him and Akira used to be back at the orphanage. Err…s’ just me ooor did Keisuke’s face like NOT CHANGE at ALL over the years? *bemused* I’ve heard of being baby faced but that’s the first time I’ve actually seen it in anime…and with a guy to top it all.

Akira is sitting alone when Keisuke approaches him and offers him a band aid for his wounds. Akira (sounds surprisingly like he does at his current age. Which is totally weird cause then that puts em down as teenagers and then THAT TOTALLY tosses the game canon out the window with fanfare and confetti…) Keisuke says that he got hurt fighting for his sake so…Akira stands up saying that he didn’t like those guys anyways. Keisuke apologizes, saying that this is pretty much all he can do… and sounds very much like a girl or at least a girly uke WHICH makes me wonder how he wound up being the seme. Oh oh try this, try listening to Keisuke with the speed one level up/faster, he sounds WAY too much like a girl XD Oh wait, it’s the wanko-nyanko seme-uke relationship type! . . . but is Akira really the nyanko type? HMMMMMMMM *ponders*

Akira walks away and Keisuke is left calling out to Akira and then he wakes up….only to find himself alone on the roof that Akira isn’t there. He runs back downstairs. Half way across town, Akira eyes suddenly pop open REALLY wide in an expression that is more fit to be a horror anime than anything but hey, it still look good…go figure. Yeah I’m weird. He clenches his fist tightly, recalling his skirmish with Shiki and how he got his ass beat. Ah…footsteps~ Akira hears them and resumes walking but the footsteps pick up the pace. Letting out an irritated tch, Akira makes a run for it.

Just as he is about to pass an alley, a guy lunges out with a knife. Akira quickly grabs the guy’s arm, twisting it behind his back! The knife falls out of his hands and Akira quickly kicks it away before engaging in hand to hand combat. OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *whistles low and long* NICE punch there! RESPECT! 10 more points to Akira! Two more guys come from behind but guess who isn’t in a good mood at all. And guess who isn’t totally out by that wicked punch. The fallen guy grabs a fist full of dust and stands up. Just as Akira turns around, he gets an eyeful of dust that completely disorients him. He stumbles back into one of the guys, who quickly takes hold of his arm. The first guy picks up his knife and grabs Akira by the hair, tapping his face with his knife and threatening him to “have some fun”.

These guys are clearly Liner’s and they wonder how to have their fun and where to start from. The man slides the knife into Akira’s right arm, pulling the blood covered blade out and holding it out before Akira before licking it. Eigh *turns a tad green* He holds his knife up again, wondering what/where he should cut next when he suddenly starts spluttering. The knife falls to the ground as the man falls to his knees, his body twisting in painful convulsions. His friends are confused and Akira takes advantage of it, kicking the man holding him before punching the drooling guy in front of him and pushing him down to his back. He yanks his tag off before running away.

At the Castle….y’ know…I think I like this creepy track that they use for the Castle and Arbitro scenes. It kinda does remind me of the game. So that’s one kinda good track. Kau is snuggling against Arbitro’s lap when a black briefcase is tossed on the table before them. Kau is startled but Arbitro strokes his head and tells him to leave them for a while. Kau obediently leaves his place as Arbitro stands up to examine the contents of the briefcase. It’s filled with vials of blood and Arbitro that as always, he’ll leave the rest of the procedure up to Shiki.

Shiki~ HI HI HI HI~ God damn it…I’m tempted to cling to his leg whenever he shows up but then I’d get killed or maybe toss rose petals around but then it wouldn’t suit him AND I’d get killed…*pouts* whats a fangirl to do! *cries* Shiki haughtily asks … about some sword? about the progress of some previously discussed matter. Arbitro says that there’s been some issues  but nothing extraordinary stands out either so he’ll have to keep on waiting for a bit longer. Shiki tells him to get a move on it already. Before leaving, he catches sight of Kau quietly sitting in the corner and Arbitro notices this and asks if he has any business with his greatest/best work? Shiki brushes that off, saying that every time he sees Kau, he feels completely disgusted.  Arbitro tells him that if he’s done, he should go back to doing whatever he does. Its almost time for him to sleep with Kau anyways….*blinks* ‘kaaaaaaay.  Shiki asks that isn’t he mistaking that with torture? And he leaves, his coat flapping behind him as always.

Arbitro sits back down in his seat tiredly and Kau quickly returns to his place, resting his head against Arbitro as the man muses that from time to time, it would do Shiki some good to relieve himself in some other way (Agreed on that one, someone call Akira over QUICK!) But if Shiki wants to turn away, then even thats fine but still he is quite the strange man. MAN Arbitro, your side sweeps looks so fucking ridiculous at that length XD And pot, kettle hello, you’re WAY stranger than Shiki. Arbitro gets up. With Kau leading the way (come to think of…he’s blinded, how can he get around so quickly? He’s that used to the place? Just…curious mind wondering out loud and DAMN that is one HUGE doorway…) into the next room.

Naked men are … well pretty much located much in the same manner discarded clothes are in a room. And whoa *eyebrows shoot up* Don’t tell me…’training’ time for the pets? Geeeh, I didn’t remember THAT part in the game Oo;;; 30 creepy points to Arbitro! Cause the way his coat falls and then he pulls off his tie with that creepy smile…geeeeeh *shivers* Aribtro comments that he’ll never understand strange people or the way they think, not even one bit.

Akira is running through the streets, panting hard as he makes his way back to the hotel. How’d you end up THAT far away anyways Akira? He pauses, resting against a wall as he catches his breath and looks at the tag he just won. Augh, it’s a 4 of diamonds = 3= He justifies the fight, the man’s back hit the ground plus there were witnesses….He recalls the man’s expressions as his body started convulsing before pushing the thought away and standing back upright. He looks at his wounded arm and … hears the sound of…something heavy being dragged on the ground. Punishers are at work perhaps? Akira dodges into the nearby alley, watching from around the corner as Gunji and Kiriwar walk by…dragging the same guy that Akira just beat. Akira takes a step back and his foot hits a plank. Bad for him that Gunji managers to hear the sound.

There is silence in the street as Gunji stares down the street and Akira holds his breath. Gunji wonders if something’s down there…perhaps a kitty cat~? They make their way dow…HOLY SHIT WHY did you animate Gunji walking like THAT?! HE LOOKS LIKE A FRICKKING GORILLA *groans and face palms repeatedly* Akira waits when a hand comes from behind and covers his mouth. Twisting and turning, he pulls his knife out when he hears Motomi-san whisper to stay quiet and still, or else THEY’LL find them. Gunji turns the corner and finds Motomi, much to his disappointment. Motomi apologizes for the let down and Gunji looks around searching for his kitty cat (who is hiding behind the container/trashcan/whatever) and Kiriwar whacks him on the head to shut up. He asks Motomi what he’s doing out in the middle of the night and in such a place. Motomi casually replies that he’s just for a walk. And shouldn’t they get back to their work? Kiriwar tells him to not get too sneaky, it makes him want to he’ll kill him. Motomi asks that wouldn’t that be boring? After all, don’t they like the chase?

They agree and Motomi clicks his tongue, calling them beasts before waves them off, telling them to go back home. Boy, Gunji and Kiriwar get along about as well are fire and wood man, seriously. *shakes head ruefully* Akira remembers the man licking his blood and thinks back that it was his fault that the man died? Back at the hotel, Keisuke is out in the lobby and wondering if Akira’s alright or not. He takes a hold of his tag and thinks that he’ll leave this place with Akira *coughs* and leaves the hotel.

Motomi meanwhile is half scolding Akira that he needs to move with greater caution when the Punishers are around. Akira is quiet, even as Motomi comes to stand next to him. He tells Akira that those guys will chase him down till he’s dead and probably wont stop at that either.  Akira asks him what he’s doing here and Motomi says that he’s here to get information, he heard that Shiki was in the area so… He catches sight of Akira’s wound and asks if he’s alone as well?Akira covers the wound saying that he is.

Motomi sighs and says that they should get back to the hotel. Keisuke is waiting outside the hotel and looks up when Rin comes back. Rin however is surprised to see Keisuke there alone. Before Keisuke can respond to where Akira is, they see Akira walking down the sidewalk with Motomi. Pffft, can I just say? That I LOVE the way Rin’s head keeps popping up in front of Keisuke? It’s like “cockblock! Muwahahaha!” XD Rin runs up to Akira and is taken aback to see Motomi there too. The older man replies that he found Akira and just escorted him back.

Akira is … well lets just say that he’s not in the best of moods. Rattled by the thought that he mighta killed someone, his face color is not good. Keisuke points that out and notices that he’s hurt as well. He yells that he needs some medical help and runs into the hotel (to exchange some tags for some disinfectant and bandages), ignoring Motomi even as he tells him to calm down as its not that major a wound. At the counter, Keisuke accidentally drops a tag on the floor and leans down to pick it up…to come face to face with Rin.

Rin gives him a cheeky smile before standing up and asking for emergency kit and some water. And whoa that’s a damn lotta tags O_O *counts* eighteen…quite the haul there Rin. Keisuke stares at the small pile in surprise before looking at his own four tags. He is taken aback when Rin slides the box underneath his nose and waves him off with a gentle “Go on you.” Keisuke takes the box and goes back to Akira and Motomi. Motomi asking Akira is the wound hurting but Akira replies that its not. Keisuke overhears this as he runs over saying that even though it doesn’t hurt, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t not treat it quickly.

Akira narrows his eyes slightly and tells him not to exaggerate over nothing. Motomi starts to wrap the wound up as Rin comes to sit down with the others. Keisuke quietly says that given Akira’s recent moodiness, he’s really worried about Akira. Akira clenches his teeth tightly before angrily telling Keisuke to get off his case/leave him alone. Keisuke stands up, yelling that Akira never seems to take care of himself. (…who was the one who came into Toshima without any weapons again? Yer just as guilty on that Keisuke) Akira is looking the other way, his hand clenched in a fist as he angrily asks Keisuke if he really understands the situation that he’s in? Keisuke is quiet at this question. Akira pulls out the tag he retrieved from the guy before and holds it out before Keisuke.

Keisuke stares at it for a moment before he understands. And with an extremely bad pallor, congratulates Akira for his win. With an extremely forced smile, he says that Akira really is great. Akira gets even more irritated by this reaction and mutters for him to stop it already. Keisuke apologizes and Akira tells him that if he’s got something to say then why doesn’t he just say it clearly for once (or maybe asks him that why doesn’t he ask if he hurt the other party or not…) Keisuke replies, while looking the other way that he’s just glad that Akira came back safe. Plus, without the tags they won’t be able to go home together… and that’s not all. They won’t be able to live together any more. *twitching* I’m having trouble holding myself back from punching this girly girl..someone hold me back…

He sadly continues that still, Akira was able to get a tag, unlike him. Akira coldly asks him if he’s gonna tell him that he doesn’t know how to get the tags? Or how he managed to get back? Would Keisuke like to hear that perhaps? GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOVE THAT SHOT OF AKIRA! SO COLD *arm flailing* Keisuke falters, saying that he’s just relieved that Akira’s back but Akira pushes forward. Saying that Keisuke wants to ask it, doesn’t he? Whether he killed the man or not? Angrily Akira glares at Keisuke, asking if he’s aware of how different the life of a damned and worthless murderer is? He needs to stop trying to distort that fact and then laugh it off. Rin and Motomi are quiet as Keisuke denies it, saying that that he just thought that that’s what Akira wanted (I might be stretching on this but is it REMOTELY possible for you to have an independent thought which ISN’T related to Akira, eh Keisuke? *snorts*)

Akira yells that it has nothing to do with whether he wanted that or not. And whats the matter with him anyways? Ever since before, he’s been the same and that nothing has changed at all since then and he doesn’t understand anything either. Akira slams his hand down on the table, tag and all as he yells whether Keisuke thinks that killing someone would be a lot of fun or something? And that Akira would actually feel better if Keisuke were to make light of the situation? Keisuke apologizes weakly but when he meets Akira’s cold and angry glare, he stops. Akira tells him to just cut that shit out and turns his eyes away, saying that just looking at him gets him irritated.

Keisuke stands quietly before apologizing again and he runs out. No I kid you not. He runs out of the hotel like a shoujo manga heroine would after being yelled at by the guy she likes. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. All that Keisuke is missing is the sparkly tear drops from the corner of his eyes. Rin yells at Keisuke as he runs out and Motomi quietly puts the stuff back into the first aid box. Akira falls back into his seat and closes his eyes, still feeling irritated.

Oooooh this ED *sways* I’m in love. I can’t wait for this one’s full version. So soft and sad~Why no, I didn’t listen to it five times in a row *sweats*

Score: B+/A+

BUWAHAHAHAHA! Call me an evil bitch but DAMN! I LOVED the last part. Keisuke getting a solid ass dose of the hard bitter truth reality and straight from a pissed-off/irritated Akira. LOVE it. . . . yes I’m a mean bitch when it comes to this weak Keisuke. *evil grin* And it was a well animated scene in a few ways. I LOVED the way they showed Keisuke’s discomforting expression. He was supposed to have JUST that kinda expression – the one that clearly said that he’s not telling the way he’s really feeling. And the angle and the shadows played up to that very well. And the music was good too – very tense. And all in all, Ive noticed that I’m liking a LOT of the angles in this show. They’re using that for good dramatic effect i think. And nice to see the use of shadows for added dramatic effect.

But I gotta say that I liked the game’s confrontation more. Akira telling Keisuke to cut out the congratulations and that it isn’t a laughing matter. If he wants to say something then he should just say it instead of saying shit like “congratulations”. He mocks Keisuke, asking him if he wants to know who killed who? Keisuke blubbers much in the same way like he does here and then Akira mutters that he hasn’t changed since before. Rin tries to stop him but Akira plows on, telling him to stop it and when he looks at him, he gets irritated. And he runs out.

Ahem, that fangirling out of the way….so Takeru meets Nano who mysteriously gives him some Line, Akira gets into a fight but the man mysteriously dies during the fight. The reason? Perhaps Line related? There is the fact that if you take the wrong dosage or the wrong density of the drug then it could lead to death. Or perhaps there’s another reason behind the death? Hmmmmm~ And then Akira alienating/pushing Keisuke away because of his own irritation. If there’s one down point to that scene its that Akira’s feeling we’re divulged like in the game. Akira was feeling conflicted over the fact that he may have killed someone and that was just irritating him and he lashes out at Keisuke…some inner monologue woulda been nice here.

Not to many animation gaffs…or not more than usual in any event XD Other than poor Gunji walking like a fucking mountain gorilla. Dude seriously, not kool. Gunji, why don’t you pay the animators a little ‘visit’ and ‘persuade’ them to animate you better? XD Kiriwar looked better than before in this ep though Aribtro’s side swept hair looks ready to take off his head at any minute XDDD And aoishdpoahsdsa WHYYYYYY no details on the Pet’s?! WHYYYYYY? THAT was one of the more creepier aspects on the game! D: Maybe onwards in the anime? *sniffs*

*facepalm* my brain…it amused me so at times…or should I say, my subconscious amuses me so? I caught myself typing “Shkira” instead of Akira. Ah yes…my fangirl side, it’s too strong at times XD More Shiki yes please~~~ No such thing as enough Shiki in my books and alas, us Shiki fans still have a while to go till we get some more Shiki action – LE SIGH *shoulders slump* BUT WE SHALL BE PATIENT! *determined pose*

NEXT WEEK! More Line, Takeru’s past and FINALLY, KEISUKE SNAPS! MUWAHAHAHAHA! Now THIS is what I’ve been waiting for! *rubbing hands in delight* the plot is well underway now muwahahahaha~ and things are gonna start picking up~. Ooooh so much to look forward too *bouncing from foot to foot*

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