Summary Key Points:


  • Having learned of the real intentions of the Roman Catholic Church, Touma, Stiyl and Index, along with Tatemiya are walking around deciding on what to do
  • Stiyl cannot get involved with this issue, as its an internal matter in the Roman Catholic Church
  • Tatemiya decides to head over and save his Amakusa comrades, and then head to save Orsola, alone if he has to
  • Touma is told by Index and Stiyl to not get involved but he makes an excuse, separates from them and goes off to help Orsola
  • Touma punches Agnese, and prepares to take on the entire army of the Roman Catholic nuns himself
  • Stiyl, Tatemiya and Index show up to back him up and a fierce battle begins
  • Touma takes Orosola and tries to get her to safety, meanwhile, Tatemiya, the rest of the Amakusa and Stiyl and Index use their powers to try to take down the Roman Catholic nuns
  • It seems that they have the upper hand, thanks to one of Index’s attacks that has her recite contradictions in Christanity and induce fear into the nuns
  • As things seem to be going in favor of Touma and the rest, the nuns from Agnese’s personal unit arrive, and command the rest to focus on attack rather than defense
  • The nuns end up stabbing pens into their ears to go deaf and avoid the chant of Index’s attack
  • Things begin to look Grim again, as the episode ends


Opinions: (B)

A slightly better episode. Agnese turns out to be a decent little sadistic loli in this episode,  spurting out how she enjoyed tricking Touma and the others.

I have to say, I think the Louise esque voice that Agnese has makes her quite unlikeable as is, and I really do think it was a good idea to have her cast as a villain. This whole thing seems a lot stronger now that there is actually a detestable villain in the game. I really loved it when Touma punched her and sent her flying.

That said, the battle that Touma and the rest face is a much more difficult one, since there’s waaay more angry loli warrior nuns than there are heroes this time around. I can’t say I’m overly excited about for what comes next, I’d really like that this arc be finished and over with, but it seems that next episode will have the final battle, and hopefully signal the end of Agnese and her idiots.

I do want to say that it was interesting to see that Index has some powers and attacks as well. I was rather annoyed with the character, and her childlike ways in Season 1, where she was nothing more than a supporting female character that couldn’t do much. She’s been picking up her game and doing quite a bit recently in this arc, and I do say that my respect for the character is definitely improving.

On a side note, we catch a glimpse of Tsukimidomo and Kanzaki looking over the battle from afar in this episode. Seems like Kanzaki suspected that her own comrades had gone rouge as well. I wonder if she’ll be providing some backup to Touma and co in the next episode? Seems unlikely, as I’m sure Stiyl and the entire Amakusa should be able to handle the situation.

Either way, this hasn’t been the most interesting or strongest of arcs, and I really hope this concludes by the next episode!


The final battle is upon us! Loli nuns with magic and weapons versus Touma, Stiyl, Index and the Amakusa! Who will win?  Find out next week!

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