This week, Keima’s attention is turned to – no, not another real girl, but a digital girl.  A girl named Sora to be exact.  Yes, Keima has once again become sucked into yet another dating sim, but hey!  He’s the self-proclaimed god of dating sims, isn’t he?  At first glance, it seems to be like any other dating sim he’s played in the past: cute girl who is artistic, he gains her trust and she shows him a portrait she drew of him.  Of course, Keima is completely engrossed in the game starting the moment he wakes up and despite Elsie and his mother’s greetings, he ignores them.  His mother then asks Elsie to make sure that he doesn’t get hit by a car or anything else on his way to school.  As usual, Elsie is completely devoted to keeping “Kami-sama” safe, but this is at the cost of her own safety: she almost gets run over by a bicycle and then completely misses her chair once they arrive in class.  Although I have to admit, the expression on her face when she’s concentrating?  Adorable!

Classes resume and Keima continues playing, although as each class period passes, he seems to go increasing frustrated with the game.  At the end of the day – and after much abuse by his teachers – Elsie finds Keima collapsed on his PFP, moaning about some sort of glitch in the game.  Keima then shows Elsie that no matter what option he picks, the game simply loops back into the girl’s question.  Of course, this is extremely upsetting to Keima but he goes into detail about how anticipated this game was for every dating sim fanboy, but no one was ever able to beat it so everyone eventually shelved the game.  After some encouragement from Elsie, Keima seems to have regained his determination and declares that Elsie is going to help him with cracking the code in order to beat the game.

After grabbing a notebook (and threatening Elsie) the duo sits down to prepare going through every single scenario in the game in the hope of beating the glitch.  Elsie notices that when Keima first starts up his system, the game flickers and doesn’t load, causing Keima to note that two out of three times the game doesn’t start up.  As we watch Keima go through the motions, we get to see quite a few other glitches: Sora appears upside down, her speech is choppy (apparently the developers said it gave the game more ambiance) and she even appears as an old lady!  Someone definitely didn’t do their job while designing this game.

Many, many hours later – and watching the same cut scene over and over again – Elsie disappears to the vending machine, most likely to take a break from Keima’s determination.  Upon returning, she notices how focused he is and comments that she wished he would be this focused when conquering real girls.  Hearing this, Keima tells her that he feels bad for Sora because it wasn’t her fault that she was programmed into such a crappy game.  Coming from him, this is a super sweet sentiment.  Good for you Keima!

After many more play-throughs, we finally get a nice little montage of moments where Sora and Keima interact.  Finally, finally Keima gets to the long awaited moment of getting to see Sora’s drawing, thus beating the wretched game.  Once he does so, the game goes berserk and displays nothing but coding and gibberish.  As expected, Keima is devastated that there were more bugs, but happy that he finally beat the game.  We then see some online postings about the game (on Wikipedia, if I’m not mistaken) stating that there was a rumor on the internet that someone had beaten the game, but since no one believed them, the rumor quickly died.  Poor Keima.  Maybe next time.

Opinions: Even though we were taking a break from the actual conquest, this was such an adorable episode and a nice insight to Keima’s inner-thinkings too.  Plus, the whole episode was hilarious.  Keima being determined to beat that game has brought back so many memories from my own gaming experiences, but I have to say he’s much more determined than I ever was.  I can’t remember how many games I’ve shelved for lack of being able to beat.  So hats off to you, Keima!

Score: A+/A+

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