This week’s episode starts with Wako and Takuto on the beach, Wako singing. And we enter straight into a flashback of the previous day when Takuto’s being given a welcoming party by the Drama Club. Some talk about how the club’s pretty popular but mostly cause guys are after Wako and gals after Shindo. Takuto gets teased if he’s after Wako as well, the Pres says that with the pretty boy at their side this year’s show will be amazing – appeal point: the magnetism between the two pretty boys! Cue crazy BL fantasy from Wako. But…why is Shindo the seme?

And THAT little caption just reminded me so much of Ouran XD Wako’s dreams of being a singer and the Vice Pres attempts to catch a fly. Tiger-san smells something sweet when she gets lured into the lab by a bespectacled figure. Some talk about how smells trigger memories and the woman asks if Tiger-san remembers anything good and she gets a quick flashback of her and Shindo as kids reading a story together before she falls back…and is then feed some suspiciously purple chemical. She opens her eyes and…”pancakes with tiger’s butter”? Ah it was the story she read with Shindo…

Ah, even Tiger is crushing on Shindo but is stopping herself because he’s engaged to Wako. Then the lady offers the gentle (sneaky) suggestion that if Wako and Takuto were to hook up, then Shindo would be free. Shift to the Northern Maiden who is still narrating her tale to Head. EEEEEEEEEK CREEPY CHAINS MOVING ON THEIR OWN *jumps in her seat* semi-kinky yes but still frickkin creepy. The next morning, its an overcast day as Wako wakes up and goes around her house looking for her Grandma. But she can’t find her, even in the bakery.

She runs to catch the bus and its totalllly empty. No driver even. This is like an episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s like the whole town is empty. She takes out her cell but no one is picking up as she goes around town, not meeting a single person along the way. She walks along the beach, singing underneath her breath when she comes across Takuto. He tells here that there isn’t anyone else in town and that he’s glad that at least she’s here – it means that he’s not alone. He reminisces that their location is where she found and saved him, she blushes as she recalls the CPR. As they quietly stare at each other, it starts to rain.

Wako walks into this small, one room place (I guess it’s meant for any life guards and such) as Takuto tries to call someone again. She takes off a raincoat suggesting that they should change out of their wet clothes. As Takuto is changing, he asks if they should try going to the mainland. But Wako remains quiet before saying that she can’t leave. As long as her seal is intact, a Maiden is not supposed to leave the island. She can only leave once her seal is broken but if that happens, their Cybodies would ableleave as well and THAT is not an option.

Takuto asks how she came to know this. Wako explains that her Grandmother was supposed to tell her once she entered high school but she apprivoised on her own when she was in elementary school. When a Maiden apprivoises, she gets access to all the memories stored in that Cybody and learn a lot of things. That’s how she knew that she wouldn’t be able to achieve her dream of being a singer in Tokyo. As the clouds finally break, the couple make their way back out on the beach. Oh what a pretty rainbow. Takuto notices two figures running around the corner of the lighthouse and runs torwards it. But no one’s there, leaving his totally confused.

Wako runs over as well before she turns in a daze towards a totem pole, seems she put it up when she was a kid, with Shindo and some others. But some years back, it was buried under a landslide so Wako is confused as to its present before she realized that this isn’t reality. And that they’re in Zero Time. Takuto realizes something and attempts to apprivoise with his Tauburn but to no avail. While Takuto is confused why Tauburn isn’t showing, Wako laughs that he can still manage to be cheery in such situations. He gives a sheepish grin wondering if that’s weird.

Wako asks if he’s always been like that. Waiting underneath a bus stand, Takuto says that before he got the scar on his chest, he used to be a lot more ‘closed’. They share a drink and talk and have some nice bonding. Suddenly Wako realizes that there is a Cybody which can manifest illusions based on memories and desires of whoever is caught in its power. ACK, I thought so! Tiger is hooked up inside the Cybody casket, being watched by the crazy scientist lady. Head comments that she’s being lazy by passing the opportunity to kill Takuto at the moment. She in turns asks that Head would have this girl fight Takuto?

Head whispers to her that Takuto and Wako are standing between her and happiness. The weather turns bad as a loud thumping sound comes from afar. A Cybody lumbers across the beach and Wako wants to run but Takuto wonders if the Cybody they are seeing is real or an illusion. As a Maiden, Wako should be able to tell and she tells him to call her Wako. And she tells him that it’s a real Cybody. Which means that its Zero Time so, Tauburn should be somewhere as well. And if that Cybody can create the whole scene, it can also hide Tauburn from Takuto. BUT he’s still somewhere in the same place. Takuto keeps a tight grip on Wako’s hand and yells ‘Apprivoise!’

They turn into a flash of light that streaks across the sky, shattering it before Tauburn comes out. But before ANY punches can be thrown, the Cybody gets pulled out and its back to normal good weather. Takuto returns to his human form as Wako muses that perhaps the desires which shaped this world were…? Takuto wonders if this world was based on his desires? And on that last note, they both return to the normal time. Wako is sitting in bed before she stands up and checks in the next room – her grandma is sitting there quietly.

Inge-whatever-lady says that Tiger can’t fight with a Cybody but still, her plan worked. Tiger wakes up in the infirmary along with the scientist girl. She makes up the story that Tiger passed out while they were talking so she brought her to infirmary. Takuto is relaxing in his room and Wako making her way to school as the Northern Maiden keeps on telling her story about Sam and his journey – particularly how Sam ate the squid even though it was forbidden but still they partook in it. And their bond grew deeper. In school, Shindo comments that they attacked again last night. Wako muses if all of it was a dream and Takuto admits that he’s got her song stuck in his head. Wako…feels embarrassed (???) at that and Shindo notices it. Ruri comes over and Wako leaves with her. Shindo comments that he’s heard Wako sing now. Takuto replies that he’s made up his mind. He’s going to….destroy every one of their Cybodies. Err, when you say THEIR, you mean the Glittery Crux right? Cause for two ticks I thought you mighta meant the Maiden’s….

Score: B+/A+

Thank GAWD, something different from the last three episodes! Hallelujah, I thank you for this change in pace. And the lack of fights, talk about doing a total 180 degree change from the last 3 eps XD But still the animation was nice and shiny, bright and colorful and smoooooooooth~
Ho ho~ I love the implication that Takuto and Wako ‘deepening’ their bond actually has a whole forbidden ‘no no no way in hell is that alright!’ aspect to it. I lieks that very much~ I liked their interactions together very much – it had a nice ‘easy going’ feel to it. Kinda like old friends who meet up after a long time and they try to get back into their old pace. It was nice.

I dunno bout the rest of you, but AGAIN, the idea that all these villains are RIGHT UNDERNEATH THEIR NOSES just irritates me like an itch that I can’t reach. What is the story? Is every damn student part of the Glittering Crux?! And those who aren’t part of the anti-GC squad? *headsmack* It just doesn’t sit right with me somehow 😛

Still a lack of significant information. So Maiden’s are kinda like the guardians of a gate/holding pen where other Cybodies are being kept and if their seal is broken then their Cybodies get out too. Huh, if that how the GC got their Cybodies come to think off? By breaking the seal of the Northern Maiden? Come to think off, where are the other two Maidens? Can one Maiden tell who and where the other Maiden’s are? And would the Northern Maiden let that information out to the GC? And WHAT the sam blazes is up between her and Head eh?!WHY CAN’T THESE PEOPLE HAVE NORMAL NAMES?! Between this and Legendary, my head’s spinning in a tizzy trying to remember all the character names!

*clears her throat* even without the lack of information, this was still the more interesting episode after the first one. Definitely the start of the bigger story, especially with Takuto resolving to start kicking some serious ass. Though next week, its like a new transfer student comes in and I’m scared now that it’ll be BACK to the “first half of the episode is school related, second half will be Zero Time fight in which Tauburn kicks butt again” :

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