Summary Key Points:


  • The series opens up with Kiema/Kami-sama capturing one of the girls in one of his dating sim games
  • The scene flashes to a classroom, and Keima is hit by his teacher for not paying attention or caring for his class
  • Later in the day, Keima is given clean up duty by a girl and he remarks on how annoying real world girls
  • While checking his mail later, he is given a challenge to capture a certain girl, which he accepts
  • The sky turns dark, and a flash of lightening explodes near him, with a blast of pink smoke engulfing the building
  • The smoke clears to reveal a girl named Elci, who is actually from the Demon realm, Hell
  • It turns out that Keima has signed a contract with the Demons, and now has to capture real girls hearts in order to release the evil spirit that is hiding inside of them
  • Keima’s first conquest turns out to be Takahara Ayumi, a girl in the track team who is also in his class
  • Keima deduces that Takahara fakes an injury in order to not participate in the track meet that is a few days away
  • He helps her through her dilemma and encourages her on, eventually capturing her heart a night before the track meet.
  • He ends up being kissed by her and this releases the spirit trapped inside her heart.
  • The next day, Ayumi has won a gold medal at the meet, but has lost her memories of her interactions with Keima
  • Thus, Keima’s job as a capturing of Real girls hearts begins.


Opinions: (A+)

Amazing… simply amazing. Another great anime series that has successfully adapted its source material, and not only that, but it actually takes the whole thing a step further. Back when I read the manga ages ago, I really thought that the story was great, but that it would be much better as an anime.

My thoughts and initial impressions are only echoed by this episode. A great deal of praise to the animators of this show, Manglobe, for doing a stellar and amazing job with the animation and art for the show. This show, looks beautiful and even enhances on the rather simple art of the manga with some more detailed and impressive character designs and artwork. Nuff said, fans of the manga will be exceedingly pleased, as I am.

As the first episode of a show, TWGOK Episode 1 does a pretty good job of setting the tone, feel and the plot for the show. Keima is a genius at playing Dating sims, but its just interesting and hilarious to see him try and  apply his knowledge in real life. Yes it does work, and yes, there needs to be a suspension of disbelief for how somethings just “have” to fall into place, but then again, this is anime and fiction. Its allowed to be a bit silly if its entertaining enough right? These small little “conveniences” don’t really break the show at all.

I think the first girl story was kind of interesting, especially with how Keima slowly was able to break through the wall that Ayumi had up. Eventually we had the cliche moment of a fall and lunging for the guy, followed by a kiss that released the spirit. Elci using a jar to catch the spirit was pretty well animated and hilarious as well XD

I also have to comment on the great job for the voices. Hiro Shiromono is a great choice to play Keima (most people remember him as Yoshii, the main character of Baka to Test) and Kanae Itou (voice of Saten Ruiko from Railgun) as Elci is a very very good choice as well. I really like Elci’s voice, as it doesn’t paint her to be as much of an annoying girl as she is in the manga. Over here, her voice really soothes out her character and actually makes her kind of cute. The art also helps as she’s given a much older look than what she has in the manga.

All in all, this series definitely gets a recommendation for this season, and I’d say that anyone who’s interested in some laughs, romance and cliche funny dialogue, should take a look!


Doesn’t seem like there was a preview  for the series this week, or anything that made real sense. I believe that nagicakes will be covering this series from here on out, so I pass the torch over to her! XD

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