This was a show that I had been eagerly looking forward too and I mean seriously looking forward too! I’d read the manga and I adored the stories/files and the whole plot and when I found out that it was being adapted into an anime, I was a seriously happy fangirl. But then I watched the episode. And now I feel utterly bleh!

The story starts with Ozawa Haruka approaching Saitou Yakumo for some help of the supernatural variety. Rumor around campus is  that Yakumo is a psychic and very informed on spirits and ghosts and such. Haruka explains that a fortnight ago, she along with some other friends entered the old abandoned school building on campus. Ten days later, her friend Miki seemingly gets taken over by spirits and is hospitalized in critical condition and another friend of her commits suicide days after that event. With some initial reluctance, Yakumo agrees to help her out – for a fee of ¥25,000 and a ¥10,000 advance payment. Though Yakumo points out that he can only see and communicate with the spirits if they wish, he can’t really exorcise them or anything.

They visit Miki and Yakumo confirms that she is indeed possessed by evil spirits – the spirits of murdered girls. Yakumo concludes that those girls were killed in that old school house or their bodies rest there. Haruka returns to campus is told by one of her teachers that another one of her friends has committed suicide. Yakumo walks Haruka back to her home and tells her that the culprit in this case is a human and not a spirit. The next day, they try to get into the old school house but the grounds keeper tell them to contact Takaoka-san, the same teacher who had told Haruka that her friend had committed suicide. On their way back, Yakumo stops to observe some suspicious looking tracks that veer off into the dense trees. Following it, he comes across a buried pile of items that clearly used to belong to some girls.

While they observe Takaoka in the university, Yakumo admits that he thinks the teacher is the culprit because when he was telling Haruka about her friend’s suicide, he slipped up in the information he gave her. Six of them had gone to the school house but the teacher says that four of them entered. To have known that particular bit of information, the teacher would had to been in the same room as the four kids inside. But they still need proof and Yakumo quickly retrieves the paper cup that the teacher drops into the trash can. He contacts someone he knows in the police department and hands over the cup along with the items recovered from near the old school building.

While the couple is waiting for the results from the police station, they wait it out in the paranormal club room. But Haruka has to the toilet but she gets ambushed as she leaves. The results from the tests come back a positive – the prints on the cup match those found on the items (and the remaining prints belong to various missing persons). Police guy is calling Yakumo, who left to find Haruka only to find her fallen purse. Haruka wakes up in the old school building bound and gagged to a chair with Takaoka in front of her. Yakumo rushes to the building and runs in. Being tied up and gagged, Haruka is unable to warn Yakumo that Takaoka is skulking in the shadows before he comes forward and knocks him in the head with a plank.

Yakumo’s contact is knocked out of his eye and as he stands up, his crimson left eye is revealed for the others to see. That along with some of Yakumo’s dialogue has Takaoka running out of the building screaming – to grab the nearest can of gasoline and setting tee place on fire. But before he can run away, Yakumo’s police guy friend shows up to arrest Takaoka. Yakumo and Haruka are stuck inside the burning building and manage to make their way to the roof. While they wait for help (on the roof of a building that is burning underneath them, does anyone ELSE want to scream at these two idiots that this is hardly the time or place to have a calm heart to heart?!) Cliff notes of the heart to heart: Haruka blames herself for her sisters accident but Yakumo tells her that her older sister doesnt resent her at all. And she gets to meet her older sister at some other plane where she tells Haruka that she can make it on her own.

And the episode ends showing two shady looking characters who are working on some day, reassuring him that if he listens to them, he’ll be able to bring his daughter back to life. And creepy guy takes off his shades to reveal that both his eyes are crimson. I am enthralled *deadpan tone*

Score: D/A+


Oy with the vey. Where do I start with my peeves….lets start with the character designs. While I found Yakumo to be very much bearable, I really didn’t like Haruka. Pink hair? PINK hair? WHYYYYYY D: And if they were going for the cutesy look, they didn’t get it. She just doesn’t look as though a lot of thought and effort was put into her. Kinda like “oh lets just put this thing together and yeah it looks good enough to work.” 😐 I had desperately hoped that the character designs would be similar to the manga but…so much for that hope *tosses papers up in the air*

I really didn’t like that whole roof top scene. I was way too preoccupied thinking “If I was in YOUR place and stuck on the roof of an old WOODEN building that is ON FIRE and I’m waiting for help? I would NOT be calmly sitting against the wall and discussing the circumstances of my older sisters death k? I’d be too busy panicking till I’m blue in the face from screaming. Or at the very least, I wouldn’t be able to sit THAT calmly and talk about that stuff.” And I did not like that flame animation. I kept thinking that I was watching the scene at double speed…but the audio kept reminding me that I’m watching at normal speed.

The OP and ED weren’t anything memorable or rememberable. Over all, I thought the animation really wasn’t all that amazing and I REALLY don’t like Haruka’s boots. Oh hell I don’t particularly like her whole outfit all together…or her hair but I’ve said that part already. But if you compare this with the other new shows of the season, this really doesn’t stand out AT ALL. Which is a damn shame cause its manga was really good. It feels almost like the effort part is lacking…It just came across so BLAND.

In conclusion, I’m not gonna be blogging this weekly (T3T) Or at all actually. I’ll begrudgingly watch this cause I want to see if they’ll do that story about that ghost that haunted the killer curve on the highway. Or the story about her best friend, that one was good.

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