In which an unknown boy washes ashore of a distant southern island and is saved by a couple who were taking a midnight stroll on the beach.  Upon waking up the next day, the red haired boy (Takuto) explains that he transferred to the island’s highschool after his grandfather praised it. He is in the same class as his saviors, Wako and Shindo (who are promised to each other, Shindo’s family tradition being to marry a Miko but he believes in marrying for love). Wako is a one of the island Maidens (there are four Miko’s on the island) and Takuto gets recruited for the boxing club during the New Student’s Reception by 2nd year Honda George. And it’s dangerous to go to the abandoned gold mine but there seems to be one hell of a hidden underground fortress type place there…where the dorm head, Honda and the crazy gravity defying hair guy meet up (wearing Arbitro-style masks).

Some experiments of a suspicious nature are being conducted in the underground facility involving the Maiden(‘s?) and a doll-like mecha structure. Ah tis a cult I would reckon…bent on bringing down the power of the Island Maiden’s I guess. Wako feels a disturbance in the force but can’t pinpoint it and gets jumped by one of the cult (Glittering Star) goons. Shindo is practicing in his home while Takuto attempts to sneaks into the abandoned gold mine.  He gets interrupted mid sneak and sees the GS goon bringing Wako in. He gets spotted and huh…boy’s got some skills for being able to dodge all those punches. But then he gets one right in the stomach and he’s out like a light.

Wako wakes up and is told to bring out her ‘Cybody’ and the sponsor of the event is told that Takuto tried to break into the mine. And the sponsor guy is keeping the Northern Maiden as a bird in a cage. Wako asks if they understand the severity of what they have done by breaking the second seal and Takuto runs to save Wako when suddenly, time stops for everyone…except Wako and the Glittering Star members. Somehow they open up a new space which is apparently a prison to seal active Cybodies. Before George can smash anything, Takuto suddenly bursts into that space as well, surprising EVERYONE involved except Takuto himself apparently. A light starts to glow on his chest….and I beg yer pardon? His ‘title’ is Galactic Pretty Boy? O lols~

A rather impressive Cybody comes up and Takuto’s new get up is fitting for his title. Just try to hold your giggles…it’ll be hard but you may be able to manage. George attacks and hey hey hey THAT background music is from Eureka 7 isn’t it?! The Seven Swell music! Anyways, Takuto kicks ass, saves the girl and has a super fluttery long coat. They return to normal space, George gets kicked out of the Star Driver class and Takuto and Wako manage to return safely as well.

Score: B+/A+


Well well WELL! THAT was way way WAY better than what I was expecting! The trailer for this show hardly did it any justice if you ask me! I think we are in for a seriously interesting ride! The first episode seriously baits your curiosity and you’ll be going in hook, line and sinker within the first 5 minutes. I mean, when someone tells you “Yeah the show starts off with a guy washing up ashore” you may think “er wait, what? Whats up with that? Whats the back story there?” is the thing that comes to mind. It just grabs your interest from the get go.

The characters come across as strong as well though at sometimes I kept thinking that Takuto seems a lot like a sibling of Tamaki Suoh XD But Shindo seems like the more interesting character to me. What yee be hiding there boy? I know you are hiding something the question remains, what. Links to the Glittering Star cult/following? Wako seems super interesting as well! Not the usual run of the mill type of girls but someone with a deeper strength…perhaps that comes with being a Miko? And speaking of Miko’s, anyone thought “Eureka!” when the Northern Maiden was shown in the cage? And do want more information on the Maiden’s yes please =3

I’d love more information on just what the hell happened regarding the Cybodies and the whole separate space that they all entered. And what the hell are Star Drivers then? What is the role of the Island Maidens? Something like Galactic Prison Guards for active Cybodies? What the hell is up with the Glittering Star thing? What’s their angle? Is it the typical crazy organization bent on screwing things up cause their leader wants more power? And their leader strikes me as the guy who is two sandwiches short a picnic…the best kind really~

DUDE…GALACTIC PRETTY BOY? XD Ginga Bishounen? *points and laughs at Takuto till she turns blue in the face* I would bury myself in a hole in the ground if I had such a title! Talk about your embarrassing titles from Hell! And that costume! Jeez! It’s so circa classic  shoujo style! All that was lacking was the bishounen bubbles and sparkles and flowers! And hey I have a question~ Takuto was INSIDE the Cybody right? SO HOW was his long coat FLUTTERING? XD Does he have a giant fan installed on the inside to give that dramatic effect?

The character designs are pretty damn sweet and a littttle different from the usual styles – its in the eyes. And I’m loving all the colors and the animation was pretty damn sweet. And the Cybodies? Especially Takuto’s – daaaaaaaaamn sweet! Has a very French nobility type thing going on that comes across as very elegant – which is different when you think about Mechas. It kinda reminds me of ole whats his name’s angle from Shaman King…Listerg or something. Bleh can’t recall his name..I can just remember his fairy Morphine/Chloe.

In summation:

This show is definitely worth watching and following. The first episode is a damn good start and comes off super strong. Good characters, makes you ask “wait wait I need more information here!”, interesting setting and a damn strong cast list! 😀 This is a officially on my “Weekly Watch” list 😀

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