With a name like “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”, how can you not at least TRY this series out? Though the name of the first episode kinda has you wanting to do an IMMEDIATE 180 degree turn and walk out the door. I mean

Episode 01 – “Excretion without honor nor humanity”(?!!)

But still, I hung in there.

So this show is based on Daten city, based between Heaven and Hell. There’s always the threat that evil spirits may attack and darkness is slowly consuming the city. There are those who fight against this, they repel the growing darkness. And they just happen to have some really weird names and a God that reminds me of Gir. I love the little “inside the head” captions XD A very amusing idea! Plus the written out effects like “flash!” “sssss” “bam!”!

Oh I like Stocking already – any girl who hears the alarm clock, blinks and drops back on the bed to catch some more Z’s, is gonna be on my “I liek~” list. And I’m digging the art style – though it reminds me so much of the Cartoon Network esque shows so to hear Japanese instead of English is throwing me off just a bit. THAT and seeing that guy jump outta Panty’s bed XD Well hello there! That’s a nice way to keep reminding people that this isn’t a kids show!

Humans being eaten by toilets?  . . . . Oooookay. Just when you think that you’ve seen or heard or read of one of the worst ways to go…something like this is sprung on you. *turns a tad green* And helllllo Taiga~ weird to hear your voice coming from this sweet goth character…wait..she is sweet right? Any hows, seems that our reluctant heroines have to collect “Heavens Coins” by defeating the Ghosts and they have only 3 so far.  Oh the Gir lookalike is called Chuck.

Oh nice style ladies~though DAMN That’s dangerous driving. And FIGURES that the car’s name is “See Through” XD So the girls errr…literally drop onto a plumbing guy and shoot him in the head thinking he’s the Ghost they’re looking for but of course they have the wrong guy. He’s kinda cute (Panty’s words, not mine!) but still the wrong guy. One visit to the nearest motel later, Panty and Stocking are back but still without any progress. Garterbelt is not happy at all at the lack of progress.

Ignoring dessert, Panty goes to the bathroom (Stocking yelling that the toilet’s gonna eat her) but Panty doesn’t believe her. Mid-usage, some veeeeery weird noises start coming from the crapper and Panty gets pulled into the crapper while she yells from Stocking. But she ignores it and Panty gets dragged…down the crapper. Before being pushed out in a sea of brown…err..SUBSTANCE that I REALLY DON’T WANT TO NAME. Panty comes out muttering darkly that she gets it now.

All the gutters in the town explode and the brown..substance, collects into a giant..poo shaped monster. (A fucking huge scoop of chocolate ice cream? Are you kidding me you silly unnamed random person from the town?) The police shows up and they shoot at the monster but all THAT does is well…shit spatter and that makes everyone throw up. The police and their cars get washed away in the river of shit. Garterbelt shows up and explains to the police chief that a plumber died after being suffocated by the stench from a clogged up pipe. So he turned into an evil spirit hell bent on taking his revenge on the city.

Cue the entrance of Panty and Stocking to save the day! They turn from…the usual cutesy mode into…err..I don’t even know what to say that mode THAT is other than super ero? AND WHY ARE YOU TAKING OFF YER PANTSU?!  WUT? They turned into a pistol? And Stockings stocking turned into a sword!? D: Well THAT’S original…I’ll give you that.

Cue one dead shit monster and one more Heaven’s Coin. The church bell rings to signal the passing of the Ghost and everyone heads back home. But emm…the whole town is pretty much covered in shit. Literal shit.  Well snap. Can that constitute as a happy ending? XD

Episode 02 – Death Race 2010

Panty is arguing with a man in some motel that faster isn’t always better (and wow he came that many times huh? And she came only twice? Yeah that ain’t right…)  She turns on the news to catch the report that an empty sports car is racing through the city and Stocking is chasing after the car in See Through. Garterbelt calls her followed by Stocking and Panty goes to meet up Stocking. She borrows the man’s bike and heads off. Stocking is right at the heels of the Ghost car as they…race through the city and even through a mall. Yikes.

Panty crashes into the mall and jumps straight into the Ghost car. The Ghost yells that he just wants to go faster and faster (Panty: ‘Yeah I get your need to reach a climax’. YEP, TOTALLY NOT A KIDS SHOW THIS ONE) On the other side of the Ghost car, Stocking yells at Panty that’s way too late. Panty takes her pantsu off but before she can use her gun, the Ghost Car slams her against the wall … YOUR GUN IS CALLED BACKLESS *faceplant* Oh why not just call it Crotch-less and have at it eh?!?!?!?

Her Backless is perched on top of the Ghost Car’s head…yay Pantsu hat~ but the placement of the cloth plus the lack of hands means that the poor Ghost can’t see a thing now…Panty jumps into See through and steps on it. An AMAZING number of police cars overtake the girls and fire at the Ghost as though they’re impersonating the T-101 from Terminator 2. But it doesn’t do any good and the Ghost manages to beat the police cars. But they’ve got a barricade set up! Just as the Ghost is laughing at the idea, a police car comes from the side turn of the highway and WHAM! Slams RIGHT into the Ghost car. Other police cars slam into the car as well and can you say…Police car pile up? XD

The Ghost’s head lands at Panty and Stockings feet. Before Stocking can ram her sword through the guy, Panty tries to retrieves her pantsu only to see the Ghost head run away like a spider. It takes over the truck and the race is on again! Panty runs from the front, guns a blazing and she manages to jump onto the truck. Shes using all kinds of guns on the truck but it doesn’t seem to be doing any damage. The truck makes a turn and Panty stops firing. Just as the Ghost is wondering whats going on, we see See Through coming from the front with Stocking standing on the bonnet!

It’s a dangerous game of chicken this but Stocking just calmly gets into position and JUST before they can slam into each other head on, Chuck turns the wheel and Stocking cuts the truck into half! Oh crap, that stupid Ghost STILL isn’t dead. It took over the damn train that it crashed into…Panty is hanging onto the news helicopter and you DO REALIZE that you’re giving them QUITE the free show right? No? Alright…Stocking gets See Through on top of the train and aha! Backless is top of the front antenna of the train but JUST before Panty can get it…Ghost speeds up like to a factor of 10.

So while he’s spazzing over the speed and how fast the ride is. Panty is hanging into Chuck..who is holding onto the antenna..which has Backless on it. Using Chuck as a rubber band, Panty manages to grab Backless and shoots Ghost straight in the face…repeatedly. And they get 3 Heavens out of the whole deal and the lesson that technique is more important than speed.

Score: B/A+


Well THAT was all sorts of crazy. But I knew it was gonna be crazy but God DAMN I HADN’T EXPECTED THAT MUCH CRAZY! I mean, sure when you see a show named “Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt” you think “yeah this will have some innuendos here and there” but SO MANY? Its total whiplash for me personally cause I’m not used to seeing such an art style with SUCH a storyline. But the art’s really sharp and snazzy and very…cartoon-esque. Makes me think “American children cartoons” like Samurai Jack or PPG or Dexter or Foster’s and all the bright colors~ so much love~ It just doesn’t look an anime from the art style. It only seemed anime-anime during the transformation sequence…and then they looked so damn good~

And dude? First story/part and its about EXCREMENT? Only the Japanese…ONLY the Japanese can do something like that..AND kinda pull it off. Though the thought of a Poop Monster does has me wanting to throw up. Oh that reminds me! The throwing up animation? That was kinda cute XDDD And I think I’m gonna like Stocking A LOT. Partly cause shes got nice style and cause she uses her stockings and not something else more risque. Panties as guns? THAT is the CRAZIEST idea EVER.

JUST when you think that you’ve heard the craziest and weirdest idea EVER, you get hit with something like this. I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall when this show got pitched for approval by the creators. “Yeah it’s a show about two girls and they’re called Panty and Stocking. They get their special weapons by taking off their underwear and their stocking…the underwear turns into a gun and the stocking into a sword. Oh and the gun’s called Backless. And the guy in-charge of them? Is a black guy called Garterbelt. So what you say? Can we start production on this?”

At least I know that I’m gonna watch this show but I don’t think that I’ll be doing weekly blogs for this. Or if I do, it’ll be a super short summary followed by opinions. Cause this strikes me a bit of a PPG style show except more R rated references XD So every week we get two episodes in one and I don’t think that there’ll be like a more overarching story line so…in that case, I’ll definitely be doing short summaries.

Strap in folks, its gonna be one HELL of a bumpy and possibly squicky ride here XD

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