In a remote region of the Runa Empire, Ryner and Ferris are lying on the edge of a cliff overlooking a peculiar shaped structure before them. An odd rock formation, a high circle of rocks, is being guarded by the Runa soldiers.  While Ferris muses quietly over the location – where the destruction of the surroundings would mean little – Ryner recalls what happened last time. Ferris tells him to keep his head down but Ryner catches sight of Runa’s magic knights followed by two guard who are carrying the boy from last week, Arua.

Back in Roland, word is going around that all nobility is getting a hefty promotion. But Sion promises that that doesn’t mean that the change has stopped – rather all those citizens who have the talent for official posts will be promoted to them. While the crowd seems pleased with the declaration, the nobels are discussing this latest move by Sion -calling it a stunt and a way to mock the nobles. At the same time, some soldiers are discussing that Claugh just got promoted a few ranks up to Field Marshal. Claugh however, isn’t happy at being promoted in this manner. Standing behind him, Nao and Calne look on worriedly before the former says that wouldn’t such measures come across as careless? Clane agrees, saying that wouldn’t it come across as “If you don’t like what I’m doing, then bring it!”

Sion amusedly asks that they don’t have a lot ambition do they, complaining about being promoted. The other officials firmly say that they aren’t helping Sion in the hopes of a successful career rather because they like the fact that Sion puts the country first and foremost. Sion smiles and says that if he said that this proclamation did put the country first…then would they accept the promotion? The officials still seem hesitant before Sion asks if they know about the country of Gastark and then Stohl. The first being a small country to the north while the latter is the most outstanding country on the continent, being 5 times stronger than Roland.

And yet, rumor has it that two thirds of their territory has been occupied by Gastark. (Eh?! You sure you got that right Sion?! D: ) Noa can’t believe the rumors but Sion tells her that a lot of smaller countries have been invaded by Gastark but  they don’t have a precise number because they’re so far away. The official from before says that though Gastark might be far away but even if there’s the smallest chance that Gastark may be a threat…they need to ensure that Gastark doenst get close to them. But there is a good chance that the countries who are afraid of Gastark will attempt to increase their power and start fighting in groups. Sion gravely states that they don’t time for infighting in their own country. And about that, Miran proposed to set a trap for the nobles.

As he enters the room, Sion explains the idea – get em all together and eliminate them all. Claugh however angrily asks if that means killing the women and children as well? If Sion were to do this, Claugh angrily yells at him, he’ll be no different than the previous king.  Sion however tells him that Miran is in the right (greatly shocking Claugh) as he admits that he’s taking Miran’s offer into consideration. But he is the king of everything in Roland – even the nobles who want him dead. That is why they have to be protected – even if he manages to save but just a few lives. Sion declares that his wish is to unite the country without losing any lives. Thus he chose this aggressive method.

If those nobles want to join him, he will accept them gladly. He wants to work with them to make Roland into a better country. But should they defy him, they will be eliminated. Sion quietly and firmly states that he won’t allow his country to be destroyed. He asks the help of those in the room to prevent that from happening. Claugh is the first to kneel and pledge his loyalty to Sion. As Miran is walking down the halls, he muses upon what Sion plans and while he expected Sion to pick up his plan but…he repeats what Sion said about saving as many lives as possible before saying that kings should be this way. Miran wonders if Sion has noticed (maybe he hasn’t as he is still trying to be righteous, Miran guesses)  but the path that he has chosen will lead to a lot more blood that he expects. And he’s worried. Miran decides that thus, it is his task to reduce those worries, even if by just a little.

At the Taboo-breaker’s Pursuit Squad Official Residence, our favorite drink..I mean person, is standing with a long expression in front of her superior officer. She wonders out loud in a low tone that may he’s got that dark expression on because they failed their mission. Her subordinates try to cheer her up saying that it couldn’t have been avoided given that their targets were just way too strong for them – he even summoned a dragon. Milk, completely distracted now, wonders what’s going on over there now. And they go totallllly OT which has the superior clear this throat to remind them of where they are. Milk worriedly wonders what they’ll do if they’re taken off the mission. Luke tells her that they’ll worry about that when the time comes.

Milk throws a mini tantrum that she wants to be the one to save Ryner (dream on and move on), her superior (Miller) is tapping her report and asking if the problem is that the taboo breaker way too strong for them? But Milk says that the mission is up to their level (much to the surprise of Luke) cue more stupid confidence winding up with Luke hesitantly agreeing with her. Millar tells her to continue her mission to pursue the taboo breaker. As he watches Milk and her company leave, he turns to Luke and they talk about Ryner – Luke admitting that he’s proving to be tougher than they thought. They turn to dicuss Sion and how he’s finally put his plan into motion. Luke admits that even if it’s a political purge, it needs to be done. Miller asks if his hatred for the nobility has grown.

Luke admits that when he thinks about the way House Callaud treated Milk, it does make him mad. Milk was adopted from an orphanage and to show off their influence over the army, she was made to go through severe training. Miller states that Milk cannot remain in the country for too long. Luke agrees quietly. And Milk, please get off your case of wanting to save Ryner – it’s like something soft and squishy trying to save a Spartan! You listen to it and can’t help but go “pft”. XD Back in Runa, Ryner and Ferris are peeking through the large rock/crystal formation – watching the magic knights as they are taunting the kid in an attempt to awaken his AS. This includes kicking the poor kid again and again as he lies tied on the ground.

Ryner’s ire is growing but Ferris tells him to keep his calm or else they won’t be able to save him. Though she stresses the importance of going in with a plan, Ryner is way past pissed and not paying attention to her words. They watch as the knights toss the dead and bloodied body of her mother in front of Arua. As he cries out for his mother, Ryner moves away and jumps up on the rock/crystals. The knights hold up his father – threatening to kill him if he doesn’t awaken his powers. While he cries that it was his fault that his mother died, his father brokenly tells him that it wasn’t his fault at all. It was the fault of these soldiers, so he shouldn’t listen to these kids. Before the guy can kill him, the cry goes out that an enemy has been sighted.

Ryner drops down, facing at least 8 soldiers and 3 magic knights. He activates the super speed magic and rushes past the soldiers meanwhile Ferris follows from the back – kicking ass and taking names. Ryner runs straight at the magic knights and strikes em with the shadow demons. The main guy in charge, like the pansy that he is, goes “hiiiiiii” in fear. Ryner suddenly notices that one of the magic knights is starting to cast a spell. Ryner jumps away and glares at the three Knights. They attack Ryner, trying to get the jump on it but Ferris manages to jump in to save Ryner. She tells at him to keep his cool before turning to fight two of the Knights. Ryner takes a calming breath before activiating his AS.

The main guy wonders with fear if maybe the kid called out to his fellow ‘demon’.  Ryner copies the magic of the Knight before punching the guy in the jaw. As they exchange blows, Ryner calls out to the kids dad, telling him to start by punching the idiot noble out before taking his kid and running away. The man stirs, slowly getting up and crawling towards his son. Ferris is still fighting with remaining soldiers as Ryner thinks that he can win this. Together with this one, he can definitely win.  With his eyes wide open and a semi-crazed smile, Ryner thinks this but then he catches sight of the father as he reaches out for his son only to be killed by the noble. Wrong move, in so many ways.

Arua’s AS activates and Ryner runs to the kid as Ferris holds back the magic knight. Ryner gives a dirty glare ath the noble, who runs away in fear. Ryner slowly walks up to the kid as a red light surrounds him. Ryner kneels and calls to Arua, saying that he must really be tired. As the kid raises his hand to Ryner’s throat but Ryner punches him in the stomach before closing his eyes. Arua falls into his arms before they start to make their way out. As they leave, one of the Knights tells them that the boy is their research sample, should they take him away God’s divine punishment will fall on them. Ryner angrily asks him why they should suffer punishment for such eyes when they have done far greater acts of depravity?

They run away before the reinforcements can come as Ryner is cursing people and his existence and why they punish them just for existing. By a small waterfall in the forest, Ryner is wiping the blood off Arua’s face as he asks God, “Why was I created? To play around with me, just to deliver divine punishment in the end? Stop bullshitting me. I’m not…We’re not here for your amusement.” Near tears, he finishes cleaning Arua’s face as he states that they are alive too, it’s not like they wanted to be born as monsters. It’s not like they wanted these eyes. Ferris stands behind him, watching his back as the rain begins to falls by Ryner continues as he darkly wonders if maybe it’s their own fault?

Ferris can only watch sadly as Ryner pleads to God to answer his question.

Score: B/A+


If there’s one thing that I’m liking about this series, its gotta be Ryner’s character. Almost every week, we find out just a bit more about him and what he’s like and it makes me like him more and more. He initially comes off as a lazy “its too troublesome!” kinda guy but then when you get to know his past and the burden that he bears AND all the hatred and baggage that comes with having such a power. He’s quite the character.

And yes, looks like Sion is finally ready to get his hands dirty in order to reah his final goal. Though I kinda got a little chill when Miran muses that the path that Sion’s chosen is gonna lead to more bloodshed than he expects. Muwahahahaha that will be so tasty and awesome to see! Sion trying to deal with the unexpected consequences of his actions will have him looking conflicted and “I shouldn’t have done that! I shouldn’t have” which usually equals a very good look on a bishie XD

Giving every one the promotions though…he wants to have his people in places of high power so that they can support him more? *fails on the political side of life* Someone mind helping me out here? ^^;; or maybe he hopes that with them being in higher posts, they can offer more help to Sion and the achievement of his goal? Idk :{

And is it just me or are these episodes getting shorter every week? Cause they seem to just fly by!  Though this weeks ep wasn’t as awesome as last weeks but I still found it to just zip by me!  And I loved the second half of the ep. Seeing Ryner losing his cool (hey what sane person wouldn’t with the way they were treating that poor kid!) and just totally ignoring Ferris and jumping in the fray to save the kid just cause he’s a kid who doesn’t deserve that shit…it was awesome. And just when he got his hopes up that the dad would save the kid, he gets killed too :[ I hope that noble gets run over by a herd of elephants or something cause he was a fucking pansy ass that NEEDS TO DIE NAO.

Hmmm so AS holders are born with those eyes. I wonder if its hereditary….but if that’s the case…what was up with the crystal thing? A power source that develops naturally? Or is it something like the lacrymia Laxus thing from Fairy Tail? That you can develop an artificial AS user by implanting a crystal into the person? Then again, who would WANT to develop an artificial AS user? I mean, it doesn’t look like you can control them once they go into berserker mode….so again I ask, what was up with Kuu and Sui talking about removing the crystal from Ryner.

Ufu fufu GIVE ME THE NEXT EPISODE ALREADY *shakes the producers by the collar* I NEEDS IT NAO! Someone with a similar ring like Miran?! And its golden and its powers seem to be like…golden/light demons! Oh this is gonna be good! Miran vs this pink haired guy with the golden ring during the ‘clean up’ banquet for the nobles? OH YES PLEASE DO WANT. And we’ll be…half way done with the show next week.

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