We pick up straight from where we left off last week, with Ryner’s power’s going totally out of control while Sui and Kuu beat a hasty retreat upon their inability to steal Ryner’s Alpha Stigma. Ferris managed to make it through the last blast and she asks who he is. ‘Ryner’ responds that he is God, Devil, Hero, Monster – call him whatever she likes, she’ll die soon enough so it doesn’t matter either ways.  Ferris dodges a blast and calmly muses out loud that Ryner being an irregular holder of the AS isn’t all that surprising to her (cause he was already a legendary pervert etc etc).

Ferris doesn’t flinch or blink as more explosions occur behind her as she admits to reading the report that he wrote and she remembers a certain paragraph from it. “People hate dying, and they hate killing. They hate making others cry, and crying themselves. How does it feel to be unable to choose someone’s life? What about when family dies or loved ones?” She says that she thought that whoever wrote that must have been a total idiot. Because people die and if someone lives that means that someone has to die.

And him being the timid and lazy bum that he is, there is no way that he is capable of killing her. As she lands on the ground after dodging various attacks, she asks Ryner to remember that he wanted to move forward – not liking people calling him a monster or him having to kill people. She says that she’s already avoided the previous five attacks but she won’t dodge the next one. Cue red thunderbolt falling from the sky but it falls a few feet to the right as Ferris says that she doesn’t consider him a monster. She repeats the line before saying that he is her partner, her manservant and her friend. But it’s all falling on deaf ears as Ferris yells in anger if Ryner can hear her.

That seems to sink into Ryner as he begins to struggle against his power and tries to push down his AS alter-personality. Ferris dashes forever, her hand pressed against the other side of his AS circle before she pushes through it and grab Ryner’s hand. Ryner apologizes to Ferris and tells her to close his eyes. She smiles a bit and raises her hand to do so when Ryner grabs her by the throat with a wicked grin. Even as the hand closes around her throat, Ferris repeats that he’s not a monster. With a tear falling out of her eye, she screams that he’s not a monster.

Driven to tears himself, Ryner is stunned speechless as Ferris gently covers his eyes and they fall to their knees. In a dull voice Ryner admits that this is who he is – loathed by all, a monster who only knows how to kill. But he doesn’t want to kill the people he knows. As Ferris holds his head against her shoulder, Ryner tells her that she can go back to Roland, this journey is already over. Ferris cuts him off by saying in her usual tone and manner that if he had wanted to, she’d have been dead long ago. A wimp who can’t even a single woman doesn’t qualify as a monster.

Ferris strokes his head and tells him that they’ll find a nice place to get some r&r and they’ll have some tea too. Ryner can only close his eyes and cry as Ferris says that she’s got some dango left over too. She continues to hold him as Ryner weeps. Back in Roland, Sion is going over Ryner’s letter in which he explains about Sui and Kuu and how they used the hero relic’s to attack them. And also that they are looking for hero relics as well. Sion reads the letter with a dark expression before a knock on the door has him looking up.

Oh crap, huge déjà vu. Eslina came in and scolds him much like Fiole that he’s working himself too hard and that he hasn’t even touched his food. Sion sheepishly smiles and says that he’ll eat right after he’s done with this huge pile of paper work. Calne and Claugh come in and comment that he’s at it again, like always. Doing everything on his own like always and saying that no one need worry about him. Calne tells Eslina that at such times, she needs to be more forceful when stopping him, or he’ll work himself till he passes out.

Sion is not amused at all. Calne tells him that if he keeps this pace up, even Fiole in heaven would worry enough to come back down. Eslina scolds him to not make her brother sad. Noa enters the room, commenting that to have such concerned assistants must be a blessing for Sion. Sion greets her and asks her if she’s gotten used to living in Roland yet. She says ….pffft Claugh! *giggling* WHAT is up with that horribly cute face? Dawwwww someone’s got a crush~ someone’s got a crush~~ ahem. She says that she’s setting in fine and Claugh has been very kind to her as well. I bet he has hur hur hur~

Sion gives a droll look at the blushing Claugh as Calne snickers into his fist. No able to resist teasing the red head, Calne voices the sentiment that it was a good idea to have Claugh act as guide to Noa. Sion smirks and admits that it sure was. Grumbling at the guys, he asks if Noa has any business with Sion. She surprised and asks if he forgot their promise to have dinner that night. *gives Claugh a big ass grin* OHOOOOO~~~~~~

As Claugh can only splutter, Calne ‘innocently’ asks that didn’t he have to attend a dinner party tonight? Claugh gets completely flustered as he stammers that that’s the next night while Noa can only look on in cute confusion. Sweating and looking like he’s having trouble digesting some food, Claugh apologizes saying that certain things came up so…Nao smiles and says that she understands, he is a busy man after all. Now looking even more worried and constipated, Claugh asks if Clane’s been telling any unnecessary things to Noa. Noa immediately pipes up, “What unnecessary stuff?” Claugh attempts to smooth THAT gaff up by back kicking Clane. She gives him a bright smile and asks him to explain that over dinner tonight. Well someone’s a dead man.

Noa asks if she can borrow Klom for a while and Sion smilingly agrees, watching a flustered Claugh leave the room behind Noa. As Claugh closes the door, with a huff I might add (how cuuuuteeee~~ I wanna pull his cheeks~) Clane muses at this new couple development. Sion says that Noa’s situation is much like a hostage situation so he hopes that by assigned Claugh to her, she should be more at ease. Miran comes at the doorway and knocks to get the room occupants attention.

Miran asks if Sion’s gone over his written opinion. Sion admits that the situation up north is finally getting to be nasty. The northern empire with the strongest forces would be Stohl and already invasion forces are advancing there as they speak – being led by the royal Gastark family. Gastark has been adding to its own territory by adding the small countries around them. Wow..this guy kinda reminds me of Gilgamesh from FSN…but with longer hair…So, the balance of power is already shifting and a war now seems inevitable.

Miran advises Sion that first he should unify Roland – suppress the powers of the nobles or see the country collapse in war. And for that, a political purge needs to be done. It’s the fastest way to maintain the current balance of power in Roland. Sion is hesitant but Miran pushes on saying that while he may be a brilliant king who wants to bring change, what if the time comes when the kingdom itself has been destroyed? Nice manipulation there Miran. I hate it when you talk logical. Makes me kinda admire your evil- logical-relentless ways. In the Roland castle grounds, Duke Stearead is taking a stroll with Miran. That might be your last….just saying…

The Duke says that he had wanted to talk with him for quite some time as he has heard of his achievements. Miran replies that he also had been hoping to talk with the Duke. The Duke asks if working under Sion has made him think a little? Miran admits that his opinions never quite seem to reach Sion, he is quite naïve all in all. The simple fact that he doesn’t take advantages in his actions makes things awkward for Miran himself. The Duke turns to look at Miran and says that if that is the case then he should resign from his post and come to the side with the true advantage. He could be the Duke’s right hand and receive any reward that he wishes.

Miran smirks as he asks that like the other nobles, his head doesn’t work that fast does it? The Duke is surprised at this line. Miran says that to give him any reward that he wished for would be impossible for a man like him because only Sion-Astal can make that into reality. Only Sion can do that, as a true king, allowing the weak and the strong to co-exist together. Miran muses that his king is too kind, wanting to even save the tiny insect that passes him by. Which is precisely why, he has to act to rid Roland of every last incest. With a cold smile, Miran asks the Duke, “With whom would you side?” The Duke backs away frightened as Miran continues, “The lingering old forces of his country, or my king?”

That night at the Reception Hall, Claugh hesitantly asks if she’s mad that he broke their promise? Noa turns to look at him and asks, a tad hurt perhaps?,  if she looks like the kind  of woman who would get angry over such trivial matters? Stupid question, COURSE YOU AREN’T~! *glomps Noa* Claugh rubs the back of his head as he says that she doesn’t but…women are complicated. Boy ain’t that the truth….Noa looks surprisingly chipper as she leans in and says that he seems to be well educated about females! GEH. Did he just dig his own grave there? XD

Claugh tells her to please stop calling him by his title, he’s told her before to just call him Claugh. She laughs behind her hand before saying that she’s not really angry. It’s just been a long time since she’s been out at this late hour and underneath such a pretty night sky. Claugh gives her a slightly baffled look before he looks at the full moon and asks if it’s any different than looking at the sky in Estabul. Noa says that though it’s the same sky, depending on who you’re watching it with, the feeling changes. Oh crap…*sways unsteadily* that was too sweet…my fluff quota just went over the maximum limit.

And Claugh doesn’t seem to get it as he mutters if that’s the way it is. Noa quietly comments that she is really relieved that Roland has someone like him. But she says it too softly so Claugh doesn’t catch it and she shrugs it off before thanking him and calling him by his name. Noa pushes a door open, apologizing for being late. And finds dead bodies strewn across the room. Oh crap, tis not Miran again is it?! Ah…a robed figure drops down behind Noa and holds a knife up to her face ah shit, it’s a whole gang!

One of the guys tells her that she’s a smart little lady to not yell her head off upon such a scene. Two maids are being held behind the man, each with a knife to their throat. Noa says that if she screams, then the remaining people die right? The man is amused that she gets that fact so quickly. And orders her to remove her clothes. SAY WUT?! D: EEEEEEEEEEK! DON’T BLACK OUT AFTER SHOWING THREE GUYS GRABBING HER CHEST PLATE! *grabs the animators/producers/WHOEVER by the collar and shakes them till their teeth rattle in their heads* YOU BASTARDS!

Claugh is on his way back and mutters that he reallllly doesn’t get women. As he rests his head back, eyes closed. Noa’s worried voice suddenly resounds in his head and he sits up, yelling at the driver to stop. He starts to run back to the manor and kicks the door open, asking if Noa’s alright. Knives/daggers come at him from the dark, one of them sinking into his shoulder. Claugh pulls it out before tossing it back in the direction from where they came. As the guy drops to the ground, the ‘darkness’ magic fades away and Claugh seems all the dead bodies in the moonlight. At the far end of the room, Claugh makes out two robed figures and they move away to reveal a nude Noa kneeling on the ground, trying to cover herself with her hands. Claugh asks in a low tone what they’ve done with her. The robed figure amusedly says nothing yet.

Claugh asks if that were so then why is she crying. The figure ignores the question, saying that Claugh is unable to do anything with that shoulder wound. *pause* okay I’ve got a question here…where do these idiot villains get their confidence from? I mean, you realllllly honestly truly think that THAT little shoulder injury is gonna stop Claugh from busting your ASS six ways to Sunday? I mean come ON~! Stupid much?  Claugh’s expression darkens further as he asks again why Noa is crying. As he finishes his sentence, his sleeve bursts as he releases his magic.The robed figure starts to chant as well and Claugh sends a huge blast at the robed figure.

At the Nelpha border, Ferris is checking the map and they are just a little away from their destination, Regit village. There’s supposed to be a demon in that village, so the chance of them getting a hint on a hero’s relic seems good right? Ryner is quietly thinking, which for some reason pisses Ferris off cause she smacks him in the back of his head with her sword sheath. As they make their way through the forest, Ferris reminds him that they are on a very important mission – to protect the freedom of all dango from the insolent king Astal. As they’re making their way, a shrill scream gets their attention.

They look up at the ridge to see a young girl being chased by two other guys. Before they can start to beat on the girl, Ryner grabs the guy’s hand from behind and tells him to not beat on kids. Before the other guy can hit Ryner, Ferris knocks em both out with her sword. As Ryner asks if she’s alright, the kid pleads with them to say Arua. Arua is just a little different, he’s not a monster. The girl bows her head as Ryner exchanges a look with Ferris as the girl begs them to save Arua. Back at Roland, Sion just got word that Noa got assaulted. Miran explains that because Claugh was nearby, the whole thing ended without getting blown into a larger incident.

Claugh is getting treatment for his shoulder injury while Miran says that Roland and Estabul are on the path of reconciliation based on Noa’s existence. Should she be killed, a second rebellion would be unavoidable. Eslina is with Noa, comforting her as they sit just a curtain away from Claugh. Miran continues that in that case, all ire would be focused on Sion as he is acting as Noa’s guardian. Sion angrily slams his hand on the table as he mutters that it’s just like them to do something so stupid where they don’t think about the benefits to their country. All they want is to bring him down and they’ll do anything to do that.

Miran calmly asks what Sion has decided to do. He asks for Miran’s opinion. Miran says that he’s already told him – attract the nobles and don’t press them. Accept them as they are, get em feeling comfy and lower their guard. And then…slaughter them all if that is what it comes down to. Sion starts to comment that the people…that in a short time, a large number of people would be oppressed and many would die from starvation. Miran coldly says what about that? Sion is startled at that comment and Miran calmly holds his gaze before saying that all he requires is Sion’s order. Sion asks if he was one who arranged for Noa to be assaulted. Miran is surprised at the accusation before smiling with amusement and commenting that THAT would be an interesting tactic indeed. But he hasn’t had any part in this matter. Sion instructs him to leave. He walks up to the window and stares out at the night sky.

Back with Ryner and Ferris have managed to calm the girl down. While wiping away the last of her tears, she explains that she and Arua are childhood friends, living together. But then the local lord raised the taxes quite a bit and then a group of soldiers came to the village. They killed her parents and then tried to kill her but then Arua used magic. Ryner starts slightly as this as the girl explains that Arua has never used magic before and his eyes…in his eyes…She cries out that everyone is calling Arua a monster. The soldiers and the Lord took Arua away to investigate the matter.

Ferris tells Ryner to get moving. He gives her a blank look before Ferris explains that they can’t leave an AS as it is – it could go berserk at any time. Ryner starts to speak when Ferris asks if he’s got any problems with this matter. He looks down quietly as Ferris turns to the girl and asks if she knows where Arua would be taken. The girl turns her gaze to a far away house in the middle of town and Ferris mutters “So it’s that place huh?”

Score: A/ A+


Now here was an episode where we pretty much covered it all. Action, romance, friendship, hurt, threats, assault. Give me more I say! From start to finish this was one awesome episode. Ferris stopping Ryner was exactly the way that I thought it would be…except the part when Ferris actually shows some serious emotions. Didn’t expect her to cry a bit while trying to reach out to Ryner. But incredibly touching scene when Ferris holds him and Ryner tells her to leave but Ferris tells him that it’s alright and they’ll get back to their mission.

Noa and Claugh, oh dear God those two are just awesome together XD Both of em are seriously crushing on each other and poor Claugh getting to be the butt of everyone’s teasing just takes the cake. And it was so nice to see even Sion taking part in the teasing. Sorry Claugh but some of us have a weakness for blushing red headed guys. *taps his head* And getting all flustered in front of Noa and…shes seriously so cute and innocent and sweet. Do like her very much <3

I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but..Sion, I think you should listen to Miran. I mean, you really are being way too naïve. If you truly want peace then you need to get your hands dirty when dealing with these nobles. I mean, see how far they are willing to go in order to throw Sion off the throne! They’re self absorbed to the point of … well…stupidity. Caught in their greed, they want to keep their power and wealth and won’t stop at nothing to keep that with them. It’s time to show them your resolve and your dark side. Show them that they’re dealing with a bad ass. That there’s a darker side to you than just a brilliant strategist.

Oooh to top that sweet Claugh and Noa moment with THAT? Made me ill and angry. Made me wish that Sion would order Miran to find out the person responsible and to take their damn heads off! And damn it, i wanted more details on Claugh kicking those robed bastards butts! I wanted to see the look on that ass’s face when Claugh bust it in! Guess now Claugh’s gonna be keeping an even closer eye on her. Perhaps remaining within the same manor? It would be the safest way to be…though that would interfere with his military duties…but I reckon Sion would allow him that much leave. I mean, Noa is just as important…

And could it be that this assault against Noa would be the straw that broke Sion’s back? That enough is enough and its time to take action. What Miran says makes sense. Lull the noble’s into a false sense of security and then *slashing motion* get rid of them if need be. I admit that a part of me was expecting that maybe Miran had a part to play in Noa’s assault but his reaction was amusing to see – he wasn’t part of it after all.

And we’re getting to more information about the AS then huh? Would we be told as to how the child, Arua got to use the AS? Something to do with the stone or crystal or whatever? Its kinda clear why Ryner was reluctant to head to the village to help the kid before Ferris has to force him into it. He’s gonna hafta deal with his own childhood memories and trauma perhaps while helping this kid. It should be interesting for sure.

A plus point for this episode would be that for once, we both equal amounts of progress on both sides of the story front. I’d like to see more of this from future episodes. It makes the over all pace of the episode seem nice and crisp – at least to me =3 Though all the shifting between was a tad headachy in a way….but still, in a good way!

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