Summary Key Points:


  • Takashi and Marikawa-sensei attempt to put some medicine/lotion on Rei to heal her back and chest
  • The group is treated as children by the adults and it doesn’t sit well with them
  • Takagi’s father shows the remaining survivors that they must fight to live, and beheads a friend turned zombie infront of everyone
  • Takashi and the rest of the group meet in Rei’s room to discuss what they’re going to do and if they’re going to join Takagai’s parents group or go their own way
  • Hirano lands into a spot of trouble when he refuses to hand over the guns he has to the adults
  • When Takagai’s father questions him about what he thinks he can do, Takashi and the rest step in state that it was Hirano who protected them
  • Takagai adds in that Hirano was protecting her when her own parents weren’t
  • As the episode ends, a high school student from outside the school calls Shido and tells him that “they are about to escape” and that they will accept him now if he goes to them.


Opinions: (A)

The fanservice and the action took a back seat this week, as we dove more into the story and character side of things. This was a big character development episode for both Hirano and Takagi, who finally got some added depth to their own characters.

Takagi’s whole anguish was understandable, her parents had all but forgotten about her and left her for dead. Of course, this idea didn’t sit well with Takashi, who pointed out that she at least knew her parents were safe and alive. Takagi actually being sort of glad that he showed her some attention was kind of sad, especially since its pretty obvious by now that she has a thing for Takashi and the only one who can’t see it is perhaps Takashi himself.

Rei also seems oblivious to the fact that Takashi and Saeko had a rather intimate moment? Or did they? It seems like the developments from the last episode between Saeko and Takashi have been more or less ignored. You’d think they’d have gotten a lot closer than they are now? The only change is that now Saeko seems to be acting awkwardly around Takashi as well. While this was a more plot heavy episode than usual, it seems a few Rei fanservice scenes were shoved in anyway.

I was rather surprised by this episode and what it presented. The series has constantly shown how this zombie apocalypse brings out the worst in people, and Takagai’s parents were no different. In fact, I was rather disgusted with how they treated Hirano and how coldly they treated their daughter and even tried to use Takashi to manipulate said daughter into obedience.

It doesn’t need to be even said that it really is “Everyone for themselves” and all these teenagers can do is rely on the group and comrades they made as they started their descent into this hell. It was great to see, that despite how dark and gruesome reality has become, Takashi and his group continue to stick out for one another.

On that note, it was great to see the entire group come to Hirano’s defense, who was obviously better skilled than all the normal people. I did feel bad for Hirano though, especially since that his knowledge of guns and how to use them is what makes his existence mean something.  I disagree with that, as I’m sure many viewers do. Hirano is what keeps things going, keeps everyone cheery and keeps the mood up. He also doesn’t get angry and helps everyone through the tight spots. Hirano is essential to the group for a number of reasons, his knowledge of guns being only the tip of the iceburg.

Its pretty obvious that Takashi and the group are not going to join up with Takagi’s parents, as that bridge seems pretty burnt. It seems that Shido is still alive, and has apparently been waiting for a such an opportunity? He’s been creating his own sick version of hell it seems, and the female students seem to be nothing more than toys for him. That guy seriously seems like a sicko, and I dread what the next episode is going to show us when he finally makes his move.


Shido makes  his move it seems! The second last episode of High School of the Dead Next week!

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