Summary Key Points:


  • Locke uses his new, stronger powers to help Lucy defeat Bicslow
  • Freed traps Juvia and Cana in a Rune feild, but Juvia sacrifices herself to let Cana take on Freed
  • Freed defeats Cana, and Elfman and Mirajane show up
  • Freed begins torturing the already weak Elfman with his devastating rune attacks
  • As Freed is about to take Elfman out, Mirajane awakens her powers
  • She transforms into a demon, via a take over
  • Freed also transforms into a demon and the two demons battle
  • Mirajne emerges victorious but doesn’t finish Freed off because he is a comrade
  • Gajeel and Natsu are able to join the battle with Levi’s help
  • Gajeel is seen communicating with another Master, and it is revealed that is actually a spy/traitor
  • Natsu and Gajeel prepare to take on a very pissed off Laxus


Opinions: (A+)

This was quite an episode! Both of the major battles in this episode did not disappoint! Not only that, there were quite a few touching moments as well.

Locke and Lucy taking down Bicslow was pretty sweet. It does seem that Lucy is a much stronger spirit mage than any of the rest, as Locke gets a serious power up, coupled with new moves that make quick work of Bicslow. Its also interesting to see that Locke has the hots for Lucy, and I like how Happy continues to tease Lucy about it. It hasn’t really gotten old yet XD

The Juvia and Cana scene was very touching. Juvia is definitely turning out to be a very likeable character, especially since she was the only one to really refuse to fight and play by Laxus’s rules. Its ironic how the newest member of Fairy Tail keeps the spirit of the guild alive.

Speaking of new members, it seems like Gajeel is nothing more than a spy for another master. It doesn’t seem like Phantom’s master, so whoever it is, its probably bad news for Fairy Tail. Its worth noting that Laxus could be kind of right, in the fact that Makarov as a guild master, is too soft. Letting Gajeel in is going to spell serious trouble down the road.

The real high light of the episode was the battle between Mirajane and Freed, which oozed of a Dragon Ball Z styled fight (except much faster). I wonder if this was intended as a parody? Because it had all the classic elements of a  DBZ battle, yet it moved much faster. We had the speed punches, the power level raise, the falling into water and rising  out, and even a Kamehameha styled attack! XD

It was also nice that Mirajane decided not to finish of Freed and the memory of Lisanna kept her in control of herself. I’m curious as to why Mirajane doesn’t use her powers more often, or what price she had to pay to use it now. That said, it seems with Freed down, Laxus is friggin pissed off and Gajeel and Natsu are itching to take him on.


Seems like the strongest of Fairy Tail are going to go at it next episode. Mystogan and Erza and laxus? Its definitely going to get interesting!

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